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shamkant N.mut 01:44 AM December 8th, 2011
I have submitted application form for FMGE 2012 so I want old question papers of this exam for preparation. If there is any website from where I can download the old question papers with solution free of cost then please provide me the link?

Madhusudan. 02:51 PM September 14th, 2012
I have applied for the FMGE examination so for exam preparation I need the FMGE exam syllabus, so will you please provide me or tell me from where I can get the FMGE question papers.
AdityaV 03:15 PM January 29th, 2015
The FMGE-Screening Test has been introduced through the Screening Test Regulations 2002. As per the regulations.
The Medical Council of India MCI organize screening test which is known as foreign medical graduate examination which is conducted by national board of examination NBE.

This is mandatory exam for the candidates who have done their Medical degree from outside India and want to practice in India.

You are asking for the FMGE question papers. Here I am provide you the MCI Screening Test ( FMGE) Question Papers. This is as follows:


1.Muscle which helps to open E.tube while opening mouth(Tensor tympani, Tensor palate, _, All)

2. The order of vessels in the Intercostal space from above to below(VAN, AVN, ANV)

3. Branches of Int iliac artery except (Ovarian a., sup vesical, med rectal, inf rectal)

4. Bipolar neuron is seen in ( parasympathetic ganglion, sympa ganglion, cochlear ganglion)

5. Inversion & eversion of foot joints at- Subtalor joints

6. No of lobes in liver as per COUINAUD’s classification- (3,4,6,

7. Umbilical cord contains – 2 arteries & 1 vein

8. Lig Arteriosum is derived from- Ductus arteriosus

9. MI ligament preventing uterine prolapse-(cardinal, teres uteri, broad lig)


10. Water soluble form of vit K(phyllaquinone, menaquinione, menadione, )

11. Single oral dose for vit D prophylaxis(50000,100000,200000 U)

12. Test for RNA detection-Northern blotting

13 .SSA-Glutamate in 6th posn in B chain by valine

14. Chitin is a polymer of-N acetyl glucosamine

15. Watson’s DNA model is –Right handed anti parallel

16. Wheat lacking in(lysine, leucine, threonine)

17. No of ATP produced by complete metabolism of pyruvate(12,15,18,30)

18. Final product of purine metabolism(uric acid, NH3+CO2)

19. T4 is formed from- Tyrosine

20. Daily required dose of Fe in an adult man(5,10,20,30)

21. Nieman pick dise due to def of-Sphingomyelinase

22. Saturated fatty acids max in(coconut oil, ground nut oil, palm oil)

23. MI indicator of protein efficacy(biol value, net protein utln, chemical score, protein efficacy ratio)

24. Dietary fibres rich in(polysaccharides, monosaccharides, non starch polysaccharides)

25. Dietary % of energy from fat should be less than(10,20,30,40)

26. Unconj bilirubinemia seen in all except(Dubin Johnson, Criggler najjar, Gilbert’s, Hemolytic anemia)

27. Source of NH3 in brain- Glutamine

28. BMR depends mainly on- body surface area

(MCI Screening Test ( FMGE) Question Papers.)

29. Normal PH of blood- 7.36-7.44

30. Longest life span for(lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes)

31. Normal glomerular capillary pressure(15,25,35,45 mm Hg)

32. Ion which is not interfered at loop of Henle(Na, K, Cl, urea)

33. MC Hb in adult(Hb A1, HbA2, Hb F)

34. Feacal mass mainly derived from(indigested food, undigested food, intestinal flora, intestinal secretions)

35. Nicotinic receptors are seen in all except(adrenal medulla, NMJ, bronchial smooth muscle)

36. Anterior Pituitary secretes (ADH, oxytocin, FSH, GnRH)

37. Mucin acini cells characteristic all except(peripherally placed nucleus,distinct lumen,zymogen granules,transparent)

38. In synaptic cleft max concn of( Na, K, Ca, protein anions)

39. Charecteristic for smooth muscle cells(don’t require Ca, cant do recurrent contraction, cant do sustained contraction)

40. All or none law is obeyed by (spike potential, post synaptic potential, )

41. All carried through lat spino thalamic tract except(crude touch, pressure, pain, Temperature)
more FMGE question papers detail atteched a word file...................
Attached: FMGE question papers.doc (46.0 KB) 
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