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Viktoriam 10:51 AM April 2nd, 2013
Sir, please provide me the MBA Business Communication Notes as I am preparing for the exam.

Rahul Pratik 10:54 AM April 4th, 2013
Here I am providing the Some part of the MBA Business Communication Notes .

Importance Of Communication

(a) “The world of business is a world of action. All business actions need communication. Products are designed, made and sold. People are hired services are rendered, policies are devised and implemented,. Jobs are learned and performed. Yet there is no practical way in which any of these event can take place without communication”.
(b) Stronger the communication , more successful business you will have
(c) Effective communication gives good business results
(d) Communication helps in clarifying the concepts and ideas and in understanding persuading and working with other people.
(e) According to surveys business people spend from 60 to 90 percent of their time at work communicating.
(f) The higher you move in your organization the more you need to learn the art of communicating, speaking writing and otherwise

Here I am providing a docs file attachment for the MBA Business Communication Notes , So You Can download the PDF from here free of cost.

MBA Business Communication Notes
Attached: MBA Business Communication Notes.doc (223.0 KB) 
Vinodt 04:50 PM February 19th, 2014
As you required for the MBA Business Communication Notes, here I am uploading a document file having the same. You can use this in your studies. If you need notes of any other subject, then please let me know and I will provide you the same. Following is the content of attachment:


The barriers to communication can be grouped into following :-

(a) Psychological Barriers
(b) Physical Barriers
(c) Semantic Barriers

1. Psychological Barriers Pertain to what is going on in you audience mind as a result of their psychological state. These barriers can be classified into three categories:-
(a) Emotional Blocks include;-
(i) Likes / dislikes of audience
(ii) Likes / dislikes of audience towards message.
(b) Perceptual Blocks
(i) Every one perceives differently
(ii) Their perception depends upon their own experiences
(c) Selectivity
(i) Competition for people’s time and attention
(ii) Context

2. Physical Barriers

(a) Physical appearance.
(b) Way of speaking .
(c) Misprint , Typing error.
(d) Faulty sound system

3. Semantic Barriers These blocks deal with what goes on in your audience mind as a result of what words you uttered.
The study of words choice is called Semantic and blocks arising from words choice are called as Semantic blocks.


1. Analyze your organization
How people work together
What goals people work toward
2. Analyze Changes in the Business Environment
Electronic Communication
International Communication
Nondiscriminatory Communication
3. Analyze the Channels of Communication
Directional flow
Communication Channels

Complete notes are in the attachment, please click on it………………
Attached: MBA Business Communication Notes.doc (219.5 KB) 
kokusima 03:50 PM February 3rd, 2015
define effective communucation
Allaudin 08:30 AM April 24th, 2015
sand me MBA business communication 1sf sem nots
prakashchokkamreddy@gmail 11:29 PM August 24th, 2015
I Need managerial communication notes
Unregistered 12:19 PM February 15th, 2016
Dear Sir / Madam

Please provide whole notes of Business Communication as soon as possible as I may preparation for my Final Exams.

Muhammad Awais
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