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zuhaib ds 12:57 PM March 31st, 2013
From where I can download MCA Entrance Exam Question Papers

Sumit Bhardwaj 05:13 PM April 4th, 2013
There are most of the MCA university ask Muliple choice questions in their papers which includes


I Computer Sec.
II Mathematics
III Physics
IV English
V Verbal reasoning
VI General Knowledge

Here I have attached image for question paper

For more paper visit here:
Unregistered 09:21 AM December 21st, 2013
Hello buddy I want to do MCA from Mumbai university by distance learning mode, so tell me about its MCA entrance exam and give me also sample paper of this exam?
Aakashd 09:25 AM December 21st, 2013
Mumbai university conducts MCA entrance exam for its institute of distance learning month of june and in 2013 this exam was conducted on 16.june 2013, as you also want to do it so here I am providing an pdf which having complete info about this exam along with sample paper for which you are looking here:

1. Remote computing services involve the use of timesharing and ______________
a) Multiprocessing
b) Interactive processing
c) Batch processing
d) Real time processing
2. Which of the following is not a part of the operating system
a) Supervisor
b) Job-control program
c) Performance monitor
d) Input/ output program
3. Which of the following will determine your choice of systems software for your
a) Is the applications software you want to use compatible with it?
b) Is it expensive?
c) Is it compatible with your hardware?
d) (a) and (c)
4. A six faced die is so biased that it is twice as likely to show an even number as
an odd number when thrown. It is thrown twice. what is the probability that the
sum of the two numbers thrown is even
a) 5/9
b) 9/5
c) 14/9
d) 4/9
5. A bag contains 6 white and 4 black balls one of the bag is chosen as random and
a draw of 2 balls is made from it. find the probability that one is white and the
other is black
a) 84/165
b) 165/84
c) 42/ 75
d) none of the above

Contact detail:
Institute Of Distance Education Ide -Mumbai
Vidyanagari Campus, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai Maharashtra 400098 ‎
022 2652 3048 ‎

Attached: Mumbai university IDOL MCA entrance exam paper.pdf (235.8 KB) 
lakshalal 11:15 AM October 20th, 2014
I am preparing for Annamalai university mba (human resource management), ( academic year 2014 – 2015). i need the previous year(2013-2014 year question papers for all the following subjects.
utsah saraswat 02:02 AM October 26th, 2014
dear sir
i am going to appear for meg 1st year exam in december. i am really weak in understanding the books. i need your help in sending me solved assignments and some solved previous years question papers. thank you so much. meg- 01, 02, 03 and 04

trutiya 09:13 PM January 22nd, 2015
Mca entrance model question papers
rajput pawan 12:43 PM February 9th, 2015
I want to previous year question of MCA entrance
archananair633 05:16 PM February 23rd, 2015
Now a day there are many website which offer you previous year exam paper that too with solution you can get in online.
swara1234 11:07 PM June 16th, 2015
Quesion paper for mca enterence exam of last year
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