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moresumedh5 12:36 PM November 19th, 2011
What are the free health facilities offered by Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh? What is the NIDDCP in the reference of the department? What is the structure of NIDDCP?

mair khan 07:39 PM November 26th, 2011
What is the official address of Health and Family Welfare Department of Chhattisgarh? What are the main functions of this department?
Dr pushpinder 08:31 PM November 26th, 2011
Give me the list of all training programs conducted by Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department at Uttar Pradesh?
Sumit Bhardwaj 12:55 PM November 30th, 2011
Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh was 1921 and it is playing a full of life role in bettering the health status & quality of living of the People of Uttar Pradesh. The Department initially offered its services under the call of “Provincial Subordinate Medical and Provincial Medical Services”. The target of offering health services in Urban and Remote fields, the department offers three tier medical services in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

List of Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh 2011 Traning programs
National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Program
Male Worker
Female Supervisor
Public Health Nurse
National AIDS Contrpl Program
Birth & Death Control Program
School Health Program
List of Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh 2011 Member
Sri Nasimuddin Siddiqui
Km. Nita Chaudhary
Sri M.K. Narayan
Sri Mani Prasad Mishra
Sri R. K. Yadav
Dr. S. P. Ram
Dr. Ram Ji Lal
Dr. Ramesh Chandra
Dr. Uttam Kumar
Sri S. P. Goel

Contact Address
Dr. S. P. Ram
Director General, Medical Health
Medical, Health and Family Welfare Department
Uttar Pradesh
shabnams 04:18 PM March 8th, 2013
Following is information about National AIDS Control Program:

Surveillance & Clinical Management:-
5 Surveillance established and working

Total 105933 high risk patient are examine over here, in which 1237 are HIV positive and total 185 AIDS patients are marked.

Two rounds of the selection of 10 senital surveillance centres have been completed for high risk group and low risk group pregnant mothers.

Blood Security:-
The test of the H.I.V. malaria, syphilis and hepatitis "B" is necessary before donating the blood to governmental/private blood canter.

Latest "Cold Chain" equipment's are being imported

Prohibition on taking blood by the professional blood donors was implemented from 1st Jan. 1998.

There are 111 Governmental & non-governmental affiliated blood shells are working (73 Governmental & 38 non-governmental)

H.I.V. positive blood units are marked by the testing of 458,894 blood units in the arial and state level blood test centres.

The facility of H.I.V. test is available in whole district level blood cells.

6 Blood division centres established and working, different type of blood samples are available here.

13 Blood test centres are going on.

STD ( )Control:-

Training of medical officers for the surveillance of sexual diseases.

STD clinics are working in 6 Medical college & 40 district hospitals, where the facilities are going to be provide for instant treatment for thwart patients.

LT and staff nurses are also in under training for surveillance work.

Notice, Education & Communication:-
Ads are performing through different communication mediums.

Preparation of World Aids Day on 1st December.

Cooperation of local public representative,different colleges, non-governmental institutes in the publicity.

Special publicity through medium of Amousi airport's "Trans lights"(2) & "Tele Councelling"(2).
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