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nitin gupta3 04:01 PM January 31st, 2013
From where can I get B.Tech Civil Engineering course syllabus of Kerala University?

Rahul Pratik 11:52 AM February 2nd, 2013
You want B.Tech Civil Engineering course syllabus of Kerala University so here is its syllabus:

Elective-I (Vth semester)
08.506.1 Modern Construction Materials
08.506.2 Geomatics
08.506.3 Free Surface Flow
08.506.4 Environmental Science and Management
08.506.5 Advanced concrete technology

Elective-II (VIth Semester )
08 606.1 Soil Exploration
08 606.2 Solid Waste Management
08 606.3 Wave Hydro dynamics
08 606.4 Advanced Computational Methods
08 606.5 Traffic Engineering
08 606.6 Valuation of Real Properties
08 606.7 Sustainable Development
08.606.8 Hydrology & Water Resources
08.606.9. Nano Science & Nano Technology
08 606 10 Natural Disaster Management
08.606.11Communicative English and Technical Writing

For complete syllabus feel free to download attached pdf file.
Attached: Keranataka University BTech Civil Engineering Syllabus.pdf (1.84 MB) 
Unregistered 02:06 PM June 18th, 2013
May I get the syllabus of the kerala university?
Aakashd 11:14 PM June 18th, 2013
As per your request I am providing you the desired information.

Module 1
Nature of language -human and animal languages -flux in language – language families – Indo-European family – Germanic group -broad characteristics

Module 2
Periods in the history of English language – Old English – Celtic, Latin and Scandinavian influences – effect on grammar and syntax – Norman conquest – French influence – growth of national feeling – adoption of English – Middle English – decay of inflection – loss of grammatical gender – French Influence on the vocabulary – dialectal diversity – the rise of standard English

Module 3
Modern English – Renaissance and after –general characteristics of English – changes in pronunciation and grammar – attempts to reform English – Dr. Johnson’s dictionary – slang and standard speech – English dialects – evolution of English as a global language

For the complete syllabus Hindi please download the following pdf file:

Fees details:

University of Kerala
Near Aasan Square, 23, Palayam Airport Rd,
Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram,
Kerala 695037 ‎
0471 230 5738


Attached: Syllabus Kerela University Hindi.pdf (156.7 KB) 
Unregistered 03:40 PM August 17th, 2015
I have completed class 12th with PCM and want to take admission in B-Tech Information Technology course offered at University of Kerala . Will you please provide the University of Kerala B-Tech Information Technology syllabus for an idea ?
Vinodt 05:25 PM August 17th, 2015
As you are looking for the University of Kerala B-Tech Information Technology syllabus , here I am providing same for you .

Semester-I & II

Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Physics
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Graphics
Engineering Mechanics
Basic Civil Engineering
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Basic Electrical and Electronics
Basic Communication and
Information Engineering
Engineering Workshops


Engineering Mathematics II (CMPUNERFTAHB)
Problem Solving and Programming in C(R F)
Discrete Structures(R F)
Electronic Circuits (R F)
Digital System Design (R F)
Computer Organization (R F)
Electronic Circuits Lab (R F)
Programming Lab (R F)


Engineering Mathematics III (CMPUNERFHB)
Humanities (CRFTAHB)
Microcontroller-based Design
Object Oriented Techniques (R F)
Data Structures and Algorithms (R F)
Database Design
Data Structures Lab (R F)
Object Oriented Programming Lab


Engineering Mathematics IV (ERFBH)
Advanced Mathematics &
Queueing Models (RF)
Theory of Computation
Systems Programming (RF)
Operating Systems
Data Communication
Digital Circuits Lab
Database Lab


Compiler Design (RF)
Computer Networks
Software Architecture
Internet Technology
Computer Graphics
Embedded Systems
Internet Lab
Computer Graphics Lab

University of Kerala B-Tech Information Technology syllabus

For detailed syllabus , here is the attachment
Attached: University of Kerala B-Tech Information Technology syllabus-1.pdf (1.35 MB) University of Kerala B-Tech Information Technology syllabus-2.pdf (1.53 MB) 
Unregistered 02:21 PM December 27th, 2016
Hi I am looking for Kerala university B.com syllabus for 1st year 1995 batch, 2nd year 1997 batch and 3rd year 1998 batch.
Unregistered 05:48 PM January 4th, 2017
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
May I get the syllabus of the kerala university?
fourth semester cbcss 2011 2013 bsc physics ,; sub maths syllebus pls
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