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Unregistered 11:46 AM November 20th, 2012
Can you tell me please how I find the syllabus of MA of Sholapur university and give me some names of the websites from which I can get more information about this please tell me and also tell me about its official website.
Rahul Pratik 11:27 AM November 21st, 2012
Here I am giving you syllabus of the MA English of the Solapur University as below:-

General Topics:-
1) Elizabethan Poetry
2) Metaphysical Poetry
3) Romantic Poetry
Books Prescribed
1) Edmund Spenser : Fairie Queene-. Book- I
2) John Donne : Extasie
3) Lord Byron : Don Juan
4) Arun Kolatkar : Sarpsatra

To get detailed syllabus you can see given below attachment:-
Attached: Solapur University syllabus MA English.pdf (71.9 KB) 
shabnams 12:47 PM March 9th, 2013
You want to free download MA English syllabus of Sholapur University so here is its syllabus:

M.A. Part – I : Three Core Papers and one Elective Paper:
I – Literature in English: Poetry
II – Literature in English: Novel
III – Basic Concepts in Linguistics
IV – Elective Paper from one of the two elective groups.

M.A. Part – II : Two Core Papers and Two Elective Papers:
V – Literature in English: Drama
VI – Critical Theories
VII – Elective Paper from the same group from which Paper IV
Was offered in M.A. Part – I
VIII – 20th Century British Literature

Core Paper V: Literature in English: Drama
Semester – III
General Topics:
i) Drama as a genre
ii) Aspects of Drama

Books Prescribed:
1. Sophocles - Oedipus Rex
2. Kalidas - The Fatal Ring (Shakuntalam tr. William Jones)
3. William Shakespeare - Comedy of Errors
4. Moliere - Misanthrope
Books for Reference:
1. Fyfe, Hamilton W.: Aristotle’s Art of Poetry: A Greak View of Poetry and
Drama, London OUP, 1957
2. Esslin, Martin: The Theatre of the Absurd. London: Penguin,1980.
3. Esslin, Martin: An Anatomy of Drama. London: Temple Smith 1976.
4. Styan, J. L.: The Dark Comedy: The Development of Modern
Comic Tragedy. Cambridge: CUP, 1962
5. Kitto, H.D.F.: Form and Meaning in Drama. (London: Methuen)
6. Boulton, Marjorie: The Anatomy of Drama. Ludhiana : Kalyani
Publishers, 1979.
7. Leech, Clifford: Tragedy (Critical Idiom Series : Methuen)
8. Mirashi, Vasudev Vishny: Kalidasa : Date, Life and Works (Bombay ;
Popular, 1969)
9. Kitto, H.D.F.: Greek Tragedy: A Literary Study. London: University
Paperbacks, 1950.
10. Keith, A.B.: The Sanskrit Drama its Origin, Development, Theory
and Practice. London : OUP, 1959.
11. Styan J. L.: Elements of Drama. Cambridge: CUP, 1960.
12. Styan J. L.: Modern Drama in Theory and Practice. Cambridge:
CUP, 1982.

If you want complete syllabus then I am giving you file and you can free download whenever you want.
Attached: Sholapur University MA English Syllabus.pdf (141.8 KB) 
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