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General Topics>NIIT aptitude test questions and answers
kumar.durgesh.1 01:16 PM October 9th, 2012
Provide me aptitude test questions paper for the National Institute of information Technology because I am appearing in entrance exam so I need it.

Kesari 04:54 PM October 9th, 2012
National Institute of information Technology is a reputed institute which is offered admission in the various programmes.

As you are looking for the question paper for the NIIT aptitude test so we are providing you the paper of it .

Select the choice that is most parallel to the key word pair. Circle the letter that appears before your answer.

Role : Actor : :
Options : (a) aria : soprano (b) private : soldier
(c) melody : singer (d) position : ballplayer

Rude : Erudite : :
Options : (a) rural : urban (b) churlish : learned
(c) rustic : urbane (d) coarse : smooth

Mathematics : Numerology : :
Options : (a) biology : botany (b) psychology : medicine
(c) anatomy : medicine (d) astronomy : astrology

Stable : Horse : :
Options : (a) barn : silo (b) sty : pig
(c) fold : ram (d) coop : hen

Bright : Brilliant : :
Options : (a) colour : red (b) yellow : red
(c) contended : overjoyed (d) light : fire

For more questions we are attaching a PDF file with it so you can get it easily.
Attached: NIIT aptitude question paper.pdf (220.6 KB) 
Unregistered 01:32 PM June 12th, 2013
Which types of question in gniit
2muchblessing 09:33 PM July 13th, 2013
am in the exam hall right now, what are the questions pls
Vinodt 11:10 AM December 21st, 2013
Here I am sharing the Program Aptitude Test (PAT) paper of NIIT Imperia with you

Program Aptitude Test (PAT) paper:

Directions for Questions (1 - 4): Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. [2 mark each]
L1 The view that the social sciences are methodologically distinct from the other sciences has
L2 sometimes been fallaciously illustrated by arguments that obscure the distinctions between
L3 technique and method and between discovery and validation. For example, the following
L4 type of argument is given. Suppose that the first thing a Martian witnesses on earth is a
L5 woman voting a straight ticket in an election. Though the Martian might be able to describe
L6 the physical characteristics of the event, he could never, it is argued, explain its peculiarly
L7 social characteristics, its meaningfulness in a social context. However, no argument about
L8 the method of social science should require that techniques of observation and experiment
L9 should be used that are proper to the physical sciences. In addition, examples purporting to
L10 show that there are greater difficulties in formulating theories or hypotheses in social
L11 science have no bearing on the method by which such theories are verified.

Question 1: The primary purpose of the passage is to
(a) corroborate a technique of observation
(b) criticize a way of arguing
(c) analyze a similarity
(d) introduce a corollary

Question 2: It can be inferred that the author believes which of the following about theories in the social sciences?
Options :
(a) they are not reliable in their descriptions and illustrations of complex cultural behavior.
(b) They are not concerned with any social behaviors other than those verifiable by direct observation.
(c) They are not appropriately substantiated by the same kinds of experiments that are used in the physical sciences.
(d) They are not distinguishable among themselves on a theoretical basis, though they are distinguishable from physical theories on a technical basis.

Question 3: It can be inferred from the passage that those who put forward the Martian argument believe that
Options : (a) people with the same backgrounds have the same understanding of the social phenomena of their culture
(b) people with different backgrounds are unable to comprehend each otherís social behavior
(c) the description of the physical characteristics of
a phenomenon is the first step toward reaching an understanding of the phenomenon?
(d) the meaning of a social phenomenon cannot be determined by simply viewing the phenomenon

Question 4: The author of the passage is concerned with asserting that
Options :
(a) the procedures used in validating a hypothesis are not the same as the procedures used in originating the hypothesis
(b) the differences between the methods of the physical sciences and those of the social sciences should be ignored.
(c) the discovery of a hypothesis that might explain a social phenomenon must be preceded by the detailed observation of cultural habits
(d) differences in perception yield different conclusions about social phenomena

Options : (a) football : foot (b) soccer : goal
(c) baseball : stadium (d) tennis : racket

Question: 6 CORRODED : METAL
Options : (a) diseased : antibody (b) erased : mistake

Rest of the Questions are attached in below file which is free of cost for you

NIIT Imperia
No.74/2,1st Floor, Sanjana Plaza,
Elephant Rock Rd, Jayanagar 3rd Block,
Jaya Nagar East, Jayanagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560011 ‎
080 6451 0273 ‎


Attached: NIIT Imperia PAT Sample Paper.pdf (217.5 KB) 
Unregistered 10:35 PM February 8th, 2014
please provide me sample question paper
sravanthi sandaka 08:01 PM February 9th, 2014
what is the NIIT National aptitude test QUESTION PAPER model ???
also, send me model papers ?
Unregistered 08:12 PM February 12th, 2014
how team work will be taken from NIIT?
gowtham raj 04:10 PM February 13th, 2014
i have register NIIT EXAM 2014 and i need previous year question papers
Unregistered 11:36 AM February 14th, 2014
plz send me model r previous year question peper with r without answer
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