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anand.jha503 11:53 AM October 29th, 2011
Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) Drug Inspector Entrance Examination
What is the pattern of written examination for Drug Inspector by MPSC for 2012? I need the detailed syllabus for written exam so that I can prepare in advance. Is there any coaching center near to Bhopal which gives the training for written as well for interviews also?
venus 01:42 PM November 27th, 2011
Hi there...I have managed to download these fils from te MPSC web site... it has the pattern for MPSC Drug Inspector, General State Service,Group-B in Food and Drugs

It includes Standard, Maximum Marks, Medium, Duration, Nature of the Paper and the syllabus for the exam and also the Patterns for the Intelligence Test and the Viva - Voce and Personality Test, the file is quite old but has all the information that you need... please go throughm if you need any further information, reply to this post..


Attached: MPSC drug inspector syllabus and pattern for Exam_Page_1.jpg (98.0 KB) MPSC drug inspector syllabus and pattern for Exam_Page_2.jpg (98.2 KB) 
Koteswararao 08:14 PM November 27th, 2011
Hi sir me want to know the Exam pattren of Drug inspector post & application where i can get for the Drug inspector post

diborkar 04:56 PM February 8th, 2012
Sir,could you please let me know mpsc 2012 drug inspector entrance date , syllabus, & date of issuing prospectus .

Sagar moti 11:40 AM March 1st, 2013
Will you provide me the information for MPSC Drug Inspector Exam syllabus?
Sumit Bhardwaj 05:14 PM March 1st, 2013
Drug Inspector Exam is conducted by MPSC for recruiting Drug Inspector for the country.

Drug Inspector Exam 2013 Paper Pattern:-
The exam has two papers-
Paper 1: Pharmacy
Paper 2: General Knowledge

Drug Inspector Exam 2013 Syllabus


1. Drugs and Cosmotic Act,1940 and Rules there under, 1945 with amendments.
2. Pharmacy Act,1948
3. Drug price Control Order, 1995.
4. Medical termination of pregnancy Act, 1971.
5. Poison Act, 1919 and Dangerous Drugs Act, 1930.
6. Drugs and Magic Remedy Act, 1954.
7. Medical and Toilet preparation Act, 1955.
8. Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act.
9. Trade Mark Registration Act.
10. Pharmaceutical Ethics.

1. Tablet and Tablet Coating,.
2. Capsule.
3. Emulsian, Suspension, Ointment and Cream.
4. Optholomic Solutions.
5. Blood Fluid and Electrolyties.
6. Parental preparation and Quality Control.
7. Surgical Dressing.
8. Biological Preparation….(Sera, Vaccine & Anti-Sera).
9. Biopharmaceutics.

1. Limit Test.
2. Bio-Assey.
3. Sterility Test.
4. Pyrogen Test.
5. Theory & Application of Colerimeter, Flerimeter, Nephlometer,and Turbidometry, U.V. Visilile Spectrophotemeter.
6. Karl Fischer Titration.
7. Alcohol determination.
8. Microbiological Assey of Vitamines, Antibiothics and Vaccine Preparation.

Following Classes :-
1. Structure, Storage and Preparation of Brand names of the steriods (definition, classification etc.).
1. Sedatives and Hypnotics.
2. Psycho-therapentic Agents.
3. Anti Histaminic Agents.
4. Analgesics(narcotic, non-narcotic and NSAID)
5. Cardiovascular Agents.

Source, Chemical constituents, uses and adulteration of the following classes of natural drugs, Rauwalfia, Epecacuhana, Belladona, Chinchona, Cinnamon, Digitalis, Senna, Alloe, Noxvomica, Opium Alkoloid, Kurchi, Brahmi, Tulsi, Bael and Ephedra.

Introduction and general principle :-
Mode of action, drug receptor interaction, drug antagonist, absorption, distribution, metabilisim and exerition, rate of administration, Bioavailability, drug dependence and addiction, drug abuse and toxicity, drug adverse reaction, Drug allergy and Biostatics.

Handling of prescription, Incompatibility, Storage condition of drug, Clinical Pharmacy and its role in Hospital.

1. Elementary knowledge of following systems :-
Blood, Digestive System , respiratory system, Eye, Ear, Reproduction system and Urinary system.
1. Nutrition, First Aid and Population Control, AIDS Control.

Drug Inspector Exam 2013 Exam Date :-
The exam will held in the month of April.
Unregistered 03:58 PM July 28th, 2014
Can you please tell me the exam dates of MPSC for Drug Inspector for maharashtra??
Unregistered 05:13 PM December 23rd, 2014
Sir I want to know about exams date for mpsc drug inspector and also the syllabus for the same .as I want to apply for the exam.
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