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Default AIIMS UG Mock Test

Hi I am interested in having the sample questions for the Mock test for the Undergraduate course entrance test conducted by AIIMS?
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Default Re: AIIMS UG Mock Test

The sample questions for the Mock test for the Undergraduate course entrance test conducted by AIIMS is as given below:

1. Cultivation of Bt Cotton has been much in the news. The prefix "Bt''means:
(1) " Barium -treated" cotton seeds
(2) " Bigger thread" variety of cotton with better tensile strength
(3) Produced by "biotechnology" using restriction enzymes and ligases
(4) Carrying an endotoxin gene from Bacillus thuringensis.

2. Which one feature Is common to leech, cockroach and scorpion?
(1) Nephridia
(2) Ventral nerve cord
(3) Cephalization
(4) Antennae

3. Unidirectional transmlHlon of a nerw Impulse through nerve fibre ls due to the fact that;
(1) Nerve fibre is insulated by a medullary sheath.
(2) Sodium pump starts operating only at the cyton and then continues into the nerve fibre.
(3) Neurotransmitters are released by dendrites and not by axon endings
(4) Neurotransmitters are released by the axon endings and not by dendrites.

4. The total number of nitrogenous basa in human genome is estimated to be about:
(1) 3.5 million
(2) 3.5 thousand
(3) 35 million
(4) 3.1 billion

5. The Great Barrier Reef along the east coast of Australia can be categorised .. :
(1) Population
(2) Community
(3) Ecosystem
(4) Biome

6. Which one of the following is a pair of endangered species?

(1) Garden lizard and Mexican poppy
(2) Rhesus monkey and Sal tree
(3) Indian peacock and carrot grass
(4) Hornbill and Indian Aconite

7. Which one of the following is a matching pair of a drug and hits category?
(1) Amphetamines - Stimulant
(2) Lysergic acid Dimethyl amide - Narcotic
(3) Heroin - Psychotropic
(4) Benzodiazepines - Pain killer

8. In which one of the following pain the two Items mean one and the same thing?
(1) Malleus - anvil
(2) SA node - pacemaker
(3) Leucocytes - lymphocytes
(4) Haemophilia - blood cancer

9. Which one of the following categories of organisms do not evolve oxygen during photosynthesis?
(1) Red algae
(2) Photosynthetic bacteria
(3) C4 plants with Kranz anatomy
(4) Blue green algae

10. A baby hu been born with a small
tall. It Is a case exhibiting :
(1) Retrogressiv~ evolution
(2) Mutation (3) Atavism
(4) Metamorphosis

11. Which one of the following ls correctly matched regarding an Institute and Its location?
(1) National Institute of Virology -Pune
(2) National Institute of Communicable Diseases - Lucknow
(3) Central Drug research Institute - Kasauli
(4) National Institute of Nubition - Mumbai

12. Electron beam therapy Is ~ kind of radiation therapy to treat :
( 1) Enlarged prostate gland
(2) Gall bladder stones by breaking them
(3) Certain types of cancer
(4) Kidney stones

13. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) :
( 1) Is caused by a variant of Pneumococcus pneumoniae
(2) Is caused by a variant of the common cold virus (corona virus)
(3) Is an acute form of asthma
(4) Affects non- vegetarians faster than the vegetarians.

14. Cattle fed with spoilt hay of sweet clover which contains dicumarol :
( 1) Are healthier due to a good diet
(2) Catch infections easily
(3) May suffer vitamin K deficiency and prolonged bleeding
(4).May suffer form Beri Berl due lo deficiency of 8 vitamins.

15. If the Bengal Tiger becomes extinct :
(1) Hyenas and wolves will become scarce
(2) The wild areas wiU be safe for man and domestic animals
(3) Its gene pool will be lost for ever
(4) The populations of beautiful animals Uke deers will get stabilized.

16. Nitrogen oxides produced from the emlHlon of automobiles and power plants, are the source of fine air borne particles which lead to :
(1) Photochemical smog
(2) Dry acid deposition
(3) Industrial smog
(4) Wet acid deposition

17. A lake with an Inflow of domestic sewage rich in organic waste may result In :
(1) Drying of the lake very soon to algal bloom
(2) An increased production of fish due !o lot of nutrients
(3) Death of fish due to lack of oxygen
(4) Increased population of aquatic food web organisms.

18. Minamata disease was caused due to the consumption of :
(1) Sea food containing lot of cadmium
(2) Flsh contaminated with m~rcury
(3) Oysters with lot of pesticide
(4) Sea food contaminated with selenium.

19. An artificial pacemaker Is implanted subcutanously and connected to the heart In patients :

(1) Having 90% blockage of the three main coronary arteries
(2) Having a very high blood pressure
(3) With iregularity in the heart rhythm
(4) Suffering from arteriosclerosis.

30. A baby hu been born with a small tail. It Is a case exhibiting:
(1) Retrogressiv~ evolution
(2) Mutation
(3) Atavism
(4) Metamorphosis
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