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Default University of Punjab MSC Economics

My sister is searching for syllabus of M.SC Economics Course offered by University of Punjab. So is there anybody who will provide detailed syllabus of M.SC Economics Course of University of Punjab?
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Default Re: University of Punjab MSC Economics

The University of Punjab offers MA Course with Economics discipline.

There is no M.SC Course available with Economics discipline at University of Punjab.

So I am providing syllabus of M.SC Economics Course for your reference:

University of Punjab M.A Economics Course Syllabus

Eco.-101: Micro-Economic Analysis
Eco.-102: Macro-Economic Analysis
Eco.-103: Basic Quantitative Methods
Eco. - 104: Economics of Growth and Development
Ecol.-105: Any one of the following papers:
(1) Economics of Agriculture
(ii) Economics of Industry
(iii) Economics of Labour
(iv) History of Economic Thought
(v) Economics of Demography
(vi) Economics of Gender and Development
(Vii) Economic History of U.K. and Japan

Eco.-201: Micro-Economic Analysis
Eco.-202: Macro-Economic Analysis
Eco.-203: Basic Quantitative Methods
Eco.-204: Economics of Growth and Development
Eco.-205: Any one of the following papers (Same as selected in Semester-1):
(i) Economics of Agriculture
(ii) Economics of Industry
(iii) Economics of Labour
(iv) History of Economic Thought
(v) Economics of Demography
(vi) Economics of Gender and Development
(vii) Economic History of India and U.S.S.R.

Introduction and Basic Concepts: Basic economic problem-choice and scarcity; deductive and inductive methods of analysis; equilibrium: existence, stability and uniqueness. Partial and general equilibrium; static and dynamic equilibrium. Role and significance of assumptions in economic analysis; economic models.

Demand Analysis : Indifference curve analysis : price, income and substitution effects; Slutsky theorem, compensated demand curve; Revealed preference theorem; Revision of demand theory by Hicks; Recent development in demand analysis, Linear expenditure systems; constant elasticity demand function; Dynamic versions of demand principle and Houthaker and Taylor's Dynamic Model.

Theory of Production and Costs: Production Function : short period and long period; law of variable proportions and returns to scale; Isoquants-Least cost combination of inputs; Returns to factors; Economies of Scale; Elasticity of substitution; Technical progress and production function; Cobb- Douglas, CES and translog production functions and their properties.

Theories of Costs and Firm's Equilibrium: Traditional and modern theories of costs; Derivation of cost functions from production functions. Marginal analysis as an approach to firm's equilibrium; short-run and long-run equilibrium of the firm and industry under perfect and imperfect competition. Price and output determination under perfect competition, under monopoly and under discriminating monopoly.

National Income and Theories of Full Employment : Circular flow of income in two-three and four -sector economy; different forms of national income accounting-social accounting ; input output, flow of fund accounting and balance of payments and balance of payments accounting; Classical and Keynesian theories of full employment.

Theories of Consumption and Investment: Keynes' psychological law of consumption and empirical evidence; income-consumption relationship-relative income, life cycle, permanent income hypothesis and consumption under uncertainty; Marginal efficiency of capital and investment; accelerator and investment behaviour; neoclassical theory of investment.

Money, Interest and Income: Neo-classical and Keynesian views on interest: IS-LM Model and extensions of IS-LM models with labour market and flexible prices; Post-Keynesian approaches to demand for money; Patinkin and the real balance effect; approaches of Baumol and Tobin; Friedman and modern quantity theory.

Theory of Inflation: Classical and monetarist approaches to inflation; structuralist theory of inflation; Philips curve analysis-short-run and long-run Philips curve; Samuelson and Solow- the natural rate of unemployment hypothesis. Tobin's modified Philips curve.
Theory of Business Cycles: Samuelson, Hicks and Goodwin's Model.

Calculus: Concept of differentiation. Differentiation of function of one variable including logarithmic and exponential functions. Successive and partial derivatives. Euler's theorem. Elementary Concepts of integration: Integration of function of one variable.

Applications of Derivatives in Economics: Elasticity of demand, Average and marginal functions. Problems of optimization (max. /min.) of one, two variables and constraint functions. Application in discriminating monopoly. Analysis of consumer's surplus.

Matrices: Definition and types. Elementary operations. Rank of a matrix. Matrix inverse by adjoint and Gauss- reduction method .Concept of determinants and its properties. Solution of simultaneous equations by Cramer's rule and matrix inverse methods. Application of simultaneous equations in Economics.

Arithmetic and Geometric Progression Elementary idea and their economic applications. Linear Programming: Problem formulation and solution of Linear Programming by graphical method.
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