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Vijaypratap Rajput. 10:32 AM August 21st, 2012
I have tried for IIT JEE but failed this time but I again prepare for it more and now I want to buy easy language reference books. Can you please give me list of most popular books recommended by teachers?

Rahul Pratik 12:18 PM August 21st, 2012
IIT JEE is an entrance exam conducted by all the IITs. As you called for some books for preparation of the exam so I am providing you name and author of some of the books:

Chemistry Books

Numerical Chemistry
Author: P.Bahadur(G.R.Bathla & Sons)

University Chemistry
Author: Bruce H. Mahan

Organic Chemistry

Physics Books:

Fundamentals of Physics
Author: Halliday, Resnick & Walker

Concepts of Physica Vol I and II
Author: H.C.Verma

Mathematics Books

Maths XI & XII
Author: R.D. Sharma

Author: Arihant

Integral Calculus
Author: Arihant
sonia.p 03:59 PM September 29th, 2012
How can I get IIT JEE Books Free Download in Pdf. Please provide me list of books for preparing for the examination?
Rahul Pratik 08:28 PM September 29th, 2012
I am sharing the list of Book for preparing for the IIT JEE examination. You can go through it and use it for your purpose. The examination needs concentration on subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. You cannot download these books for free of cost. You can purchase it from the leading book sellers of your place.

• MECHANICS o Physics by H.C. Verma o Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov o Resnick and Halliday • ELECRICITY AND MAGNETISM o Resnick and Halliday Circuits devices and systems by R.J. Smith o Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov • OPTICS o Physics by H.C. Verma • MODERN PHYSICS o Physics by H.C. Verma o Problems in Physics by I.E. Irodov

For the rest you can download the pdf file provided.
Attached: IIT JEE books list.pdf (84.4 KB) 
Unregistered 04:57 PM June 15th, 2013
I am doing preparation of IIT JEE exam so I want to know about the best books of Maths for IIT JEE can you suggest me about that
Vinodt 11:42 AM June 16th, 2013
As you doing preparation of IIT JEE exam & want to know about the best books of Maths for IITJEE so here some books list are suggest is same for you

We provide for you some best authors books list for you :

Algebra: SK Goyal
Algebra : Bernard & Child
Algebra : Hall & Knight
Algebra : K. C Sinha
All topics : A Das Gupta
All topics: M L Khanna
Analytical Geometry :K C Sinha
Analytical Geometry : S K Goyal
Analytical Geometry : S L Loney
Calculus : Amit Agarwal
Calculus : Demidovich
Calculus : Ghanshyam Tewani
Calculus : GN Berman
Calculus : I A Maron
Calculus : K C Sinha
Calculus : Piskunov
Calculus : Thomas & Finney - 6th Ed or 11th ed.
Trigonometry : Amit Agarwal
Trigonometry : K. C Sinha
Trigonometry : S L Loney
Vectors & 3D : Amit Agarwal

For other information about the books download this attachment

Originally Posted by Unregistered:
I am doing preparation of IIT JEE exam so I want to know about the best books of Maths for IIT JEE can you suggest me about that

Unregistered 03:12 PM June 20th, 2013
Sir, I want the study material of IIT JEE. Will you provide me that?
Gunjan 02:33 PM June 21st, 2013
As per you are trying to get the study material of IIT JEE so here I am providing you following details It will be helpful to you.

IIT JEE being one of the most competitive exams needs through preparation. There’s no standard study material for IIT JEE. Although the number of IIT JEE preparation books are available in market and more material you can access form caching centers of IIT JEE.

Hear I am providing you the name of the books which can help you to preparation in IIT JEE exam.


O.P. Tandon - physical chamastry

P.Bahadur(G.R.Bathla & Sons) - numerical chamastry

Bruce H. Mahan - university camestry

R.C. Mukharjee - numerical chemistry

P.Bahadur (For Reading Theory) - physical chemistry

P.W.Atkins - physical chemistry

Ebbing - general chemistry

O.P Agarwal - iit jee chemistry

NCERT - chemistry x, xii

O.P. Tandon - Organic Chemistry

Paula Bruice Yurkanis - Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry by MORRISON & BOYD - Organic Chemistry

Arihant Prakashan - Organic Chemistry

Solomons - Organic Chemistry

I. L. Finar - Organic Chemistry Volume 1

Bahal & Bahal - Organic Chemistry

Peter Skyes - Organic Chemistry

J.D March - Organic Chemistry

M. S. Chauhan - Concept of Organic Chemistry

NCERT - Chemistry XI & XII

Arihant Prakashan - Inorganic Chemistry

O.P. Tandon - Inorganic Chemistry

J.D.Lee - Concise Inorganic Chemistry

J.D. Lee - Inorganic Chemistry

H.C.Verma - Concepts of Physica Vol I and II

I.E. Irodov - Problems in General Physics

Halliday, Resnick & Walker - Fundamentals of Physics

By Halliday, Resnick & Walke - Fundamentals of Physics

H C Verma - Concept of Physics Volume 1 & Volume 2

Krotov - Aptitude Test Problems in Physics

Nelkon and Parker - Advance physics

S.L. Loney - Dynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies

I. E. Irodov - Problems in General Physics

V. Zubov & V. Shalnov - Problem in Physics

A. A Pinsky - Problems in physics

V. Zubov & V. Shalnov - Problem in physics

S. L Loney - Elements of Dynamics Part I & II

Tipler - Physics Vols I & II

R. P. Feynman - Feynman Lectures on Physics

R. P. Feynman - The Feynman Lectures on Physics vols 1 & 2

L. A. Sena - A collection of questions and Problems in Physics

Contact Details:-

Indian Institute of Technology
Adi Shankaracharya Marg,
Powai, Mumbai
Maharashtra 400076 ‎
022 2572 2545

Map Location:-

Srikanta.s 05:24 PM October 21st, 2013
Sir, I want the study material of IIT JEE. Will you provide me that?
syed athar 08:04 PM November 3rd, 2013
Iwant to give exam of jee can you help me what ido about prepration
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