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nalini k 03:31 PM September 28th, 2012
can anybody help me in finding out fiitjee ftre sample question papers?
Sashwat 06:16 PM March 7th, 2013
FIITJEE is an organization providing assistance to student s preparing in the entrance examinations. FIITJEE Talent Reward Examination is an examination of that type.
I am providing the examination pattern of the same examination for you.

Paper pattern :
The test is of objective type and is conducted as 2 papers. First will be of IQ and other consisting of physics chemistry and mathematics.
The examination will be given in morning session and after noon session. The proper time limit given for paper is 1.30 hours and for paper 2 it will be 3 hours.

For your assistance I am giving the syllabus of the same in a pdf file. You can use it for your purpose.

For your assistance I am sharing the previous year question paper of the examination for you. You can well prepare for your upcoming examination with the question paper provided. I am quoting some of the questions given in the file for you. The rest of the question paper can be downloaded from the given PDF files..

1. What is the sequence if the following are arranged in a Dictionary ?
(1) Telegraph (2) Telephone (3) Teleprinter (4) Telemetry (5) Telepathy
(A) 14532 (B) 14253
(C) 14523 (D) 14325

2. Look at the following words. No word should have more than 3 vowels. Which word does not confirm
to this rule ?

3. If in the English alphabet, every alternate letter from B onwards is written in small letters while others
are written in capitals, then how will the 3rd day from Monday be coded ?
(A) WeDNesdaY (B) WEdnEsday
(C) THURSday (D) None of these

4. CLOCK is 42145, LEAN is 2068, CARE is 4690, then NECKLACE is :
(A) 80546240 (B) 6054842
(C) 80452640 (D) 50842604
Attached: FIITJEE FTRE Paper1.pdf (127.5 KB) FIITJEE FTRE Paper2.pdf (122.9 KB) FIITJEE FTRE Paper3.pdf (127.5 KB) 
shreyacoool 06:21 PM October 6th, 2013
can any give class 9 (going to 10) papers ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
Aakashd 11:05 AM December 13th, 2013
The FTRE is the FITTJEE reward exam, conducted by FITTZEE, you are looking for the FTRE Sample Papers, here is the procedure for getting the FITTZEE FTRE question paper.

--- Enter to the official website of the FITTZEE,
--- Click on “FTRE Answers and Solutions”,
--- Now on this page fill all required info then click on proceed.

That page looks like the image given below:

Paper pattern:

FIITJEE House, 29-A,Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vihar
(Near Hauz Khas Bus Terminal),
New Delhi-110016
Phone No: 011 - 46106000/10/13/15
Fax : 011 - 26513942
Parth Shrivastava 07:18 PM October 10th, 2014
can someone tell me the syllabus for ftre 2014.i presently studying i 9th.
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