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prince raj.w 08:45 PM September 23rd, 2012
I am doing competitive exam preparation. Can I get Indian GK question bank in PDF from any education site? Would you please mention me its link?

Kesari 11:43 AM September 24th, 2012
You want to get download the Indian general knowledge book. The GK India is very important for any competitive examination. In every competitive exam, the Indian GK is one of the parts of the question paper. I am attaching a file which has much information about India. It increases your knowledge more about India.

1. Earth Some Important Facts
2. Indian States International Boundaries
3. Important Crops India
4. Important National Highways
5. Important Rivers India
6. Important River Valley Projects
7. Important Indian Town Rivers
8. Hill Stations India
9. Sanctuaries and Parks in India
10. Mineral Resources of India
1. Important Days
2. Books and Authors
3. Independence Days of Various Countries
4. First in the World
5. Epithets
6. Biggest Highest Largest Longest in the World
7. Worlds Highest Mountain Peaks
8. Inventions and Discoveries
9. National Emblems
10. Worlds Prominent Scientists
1. Nick Names of Important Indian Places
2. Recipients of Bharat Ratna
3. Important Sites in India
4. First in India Men
5. First in India Women
6. Persons & Places

1. Elements Symbols and Atomic Numbers
2. Indias Dream Launch PSLV C7
3. Some Important Facts of Human Body
4. Milestones in Medicine
5. Science Terminology
6. National Surveys and Other Institutions in India
7. Noice Scale
1. Buddhism
2. Newspaper Journals
3. Constitutional Development
4. Jainism
5. Governor Generals of India
6. Important National Activities
7. Venue, Year and Presidents of India National Congress (INC)

1. Famous towns in world
2. Famous places in world
3. Mountains,peaks of the world
4. Some highest waterfalls
5. Largest lakes of the world
6. Solar system
7. Cities situated on river sides
Attached: General Knowledge of India.pdf (1.17 MB) 
jones 02:36 PM December 8th, 2012
plz give the impartent book for gk
Unregistered 11:05 AM December 13th, 2013
Hello sir I am going to fight CDS exam so can you provide me Indian GK question paper for preparation of this paper ?
Aakashd 11:24 AM December 13th, 2013
You are going to appear CDS exam which conducted by UPSC and for Indian GK paper you are looking for study martial, so I would like to say that I have lot of study martial about on Indian GK such as like:
Indian Awards
India General Knowledge
Indian Government's Industries
Indian History & Culture Questions & Answers
Indian Mythology Questions & Answers
Indian National Laboratories
Indian Nobel Prize Winners
Indian Scientific Research Institutes

Here it is not possible to provide all file in PDF so here I am attaching few files and if you want more then tell us we will providing you defiantly
Attached: Indian GK study material 1.pdf (323.5 KB) Indian GK CDS paper.pdf (888.8 KB) 
Aakashd 01:29 PM December 17th, 2013
Here I am providing you two attachments about general knowledge about India:

General Knowledge India:

Indian State & Union Teritory - Governor, Capital, Official Language
Attached: general knowledge about India.pdf (424.1 KB) general knowledge about India-1.pdf (760.7 KB) 
aju bhagal 10:48 PM January 16th, 2014
plz give
me india 's GK pdf so
me files
Kesari 06:01 PM January 17th, 2014
there is many pdf files for indian GK subject attached by me and my friends all ready, you can download all files after doing registration ou our site on free of charge......

here i am also given below some GK question
1. East India Company arrived in India at the time was ruled by the king in India? - Jahangir
2. East India Company to do business in India, which was in the year - 1615
3. India East India Company made ​​its first business center in what position? - Surat
4. Who was the battle of Plassey Middle - East India Company and the Nawab of Bengal
5. Sthanantrit capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi, which was the year - 1911
6. India's first Governor-General's name? - William Bentinck
7. Tipu Sultan was the East India Company conquered in what year? - 1792
8. Rani of Jhansi war with the Englishman was in what year? - 1858
9. Who was the founder of Hot Party in Congress - Bal Gangadhar Tilak
10. To gain independence from the British, "Azad Hind Fauj" was established Kinhonne - Chandrashekhar Azad
11.Humayu on the Sher Shah conquered in what year? - 1540
14. Who was the Second Battle of Panipat - Akbar and Hemu
15. The war between Akbar and Maharana Pratap is known by what name? - Turmeric Valley War
16. Preferably chained to the judgment which the king? - Jahangir
17. Mumtajmahl wife of Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan for, where the death took place? - Burhanpur
18. Where is the tomb of Aurangzeb - Aurangabad
19.What is the name of the daughter of Babur - Gulbdn Begum
20. "Fatehpur Sikri" how the city built by Emperor - Akbar
ashish bajpai 03:07 AM January 18th, 2014
Looking for PHd in Masscommunication in india. Kindly gv the details of universities> which are conducting the programms.
RATNAKR 10:18 PM October 28th, 2014
thank u
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