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Default JEXPO Physics Question

Hii sir, I am Preparing for the JEXPO Examination Will you Please provide me the Sample Question Paper of physics and Chemistry of the JEXPO Examination ?
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Default Re: JEXPO Physics Question

JEXPO is Consider to be the Polytechnic Entrance Examination Conducted by the West Bengal Council Of Technical Education

The Question of the physics Section of the Polytechnic Entrance Examination is Asked from the Following Topics

System of measurements and measuring devices, Matter & energy, Change of state, Rest and motion, displacement; speed; Velocity and Acceleration, Newton's laws of motion, Work Power Energy Light, Sound, Stricture of atom, Properties of gases-pressure and temperature, Avogadro's law, Simple weight-weight calculation using chemical equation, Heat, Light:Lens and Dispersion, Current electricity and dispersion, Current electricity and electromagnetism, modern physics

the Sample Questions of the Physics Ans Chemistrey Section of JEXPO Examination is given below

1. Identify the substance which doesn’t continue to burn in an atmosphere of N2 – D)
52. A student tests a sample of water an reports its pH as 6 at room temperature. Which one of the following might have been added to make it drinking water? –C) Baking Soda
53. Which among the following types of water is poor conductor of electricity?- D) Distilled Water
54. The water obtained in ion-exchange process is – A) devoid of dissolved salts and minerals
55. --- is used in advertisement glow tubes.- A) Neon
56. A metal carbonate X when treated with dil. HCL gives Y. Y when used in mines area reduces suspended particulate matter in atmosphere. Identify Y- B) H2CO3
57. Metals present in permutit are – B) Na and Al
58. Which one of the following is the formula of salt?- B) KCl
59. Which element has twice as many electrons in its second shell as in the 1 st shell?- A) Be
60. Which gas is formed on heating sodium propanoate with lime?- B) Ethane
61. Identify the soft metal among the following – D) Potassium
62. Among the inert gases which gas does not have octet configuration ?- B) Helium
63. A solid non-metal X forms oxide of type X2O5, then the formula of its corresponding chloride is – B) XCl5
64. Which among the following acids is present in lemons?- D) Ascorbic acid
65. Washing soda is – B) anhydrous sodium carbonate
66. A mixture of chalk powder and ammonium chloride can be separated by – D) sublimation
67. Which among the following is a pure substance? – B) Concentrated H2SO4
68. Which is a negative radical among the following?- A) Silicate
69. If a negative ion has 10 neutrons and 9 protons, then the electronic configuration of the atom of the element (from which the ion has been formed) is - C) 2,8
70. Identify weak mineral acid among the following - A) Palmitic Acid
71. Salt used in purification of water is – A) potas alum
72. The no. of lone pair of electrons on the N atom of ammonia molecule is – A) 1
73. Which one gives a red precipitate with ammoniacal solution of copper (I) chloride?- C) ethyne
74. The name of the compound CH3-CH2COOH is – C) propanoic acid
75. In the fountain experiment with ammonia the color of the fountain is – C) pink
76. Which of the following is a saturated hydrocarbon?- C) ethane
77. In the reaction C2H5OH->CH3COOH, KMnO4 acts as- C) oxidizing agent
78. Which one of Na, Mg, Fe and Cu has least tendency to form ions?- D) Cu
79. Which one of the following is least dense?- D) Aluminum
80. Which one is a convalent compound? – A) HCl
81. Which metal will react readily with cold water?- D) Calcium
82. Calcination is employed to concentrate which ore?- B) Oxide
83. The electrolyte which is partially ionized in its aqueous solution is – A) ethanoic acid
84. Which of the following is most reactive and stored in kerosene?- D) potassium
85. Which one will not displace copper from copper sulphate?- D) Ag
86. Cinnabar is an ore of – A) Hg
87. An element combines with oxygen to give a compound with a high melting point. The compound is also soluble in water. The element is likely to be – A) Calcium
88. Sometimes chlorine gas is passed through water for its purification. What will be the pH of such a sample of water? – D) very near to 8
89. NaHCO3 represents the formula of which one of the following?- D) Baking Soda
90. Which one of the following has larger number of molecules? – C) 2 gm H2
91. The relative molecular mass of a gass is 44. Therefore its vapour density is – C) 22
92. A metal object is to be electroplated with silver. The electrolyte selected is – B) Sodium argentocyanide.
93. A deep blue color appears when excess of ammonium hydroxide is added to a solution containing the cation – D) Cu2+
94. The pair of irons which does not cause hardness of water is – D) nitrate, phosphate
95. In the reaction N2 + 3 H2 -> 2NH3, the volume ratio of the gases is 1:3:2, was stated by – B) Gay Lussac
96. Which one will migrate towards anode in an electrolytic cell?- B) Chloride ion
97. An aqueous solution contains H+, Ag+, Fe2+, Zn2+ ions. The ion that will be reduced first at cathods is- D) Zn2+
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