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phasiullah 01:42 PM October 25th, 2011
I am preparing for ICAR 2012 entrance exam. I need any site or any good publishers from where I can get the ICAR old question papers, solved or unsolved both will solve the purpose.

dr.swagata.mukherjee 02:48 PM October 30th, 2011
ICAR represents Indian Council of Agricultural Research which was founded on 16 July 1929. It was launched as a registered society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 in prosecution of the report of the Royal Commission on Agriculture. Its main office is situated at New Delhi.
ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) is the apex body for handling, controlling and supervising research and education in agriculture including horticulture, fisheries and animal sciences in India.

Many book shops and websites offer ICAR Question Papers for preparation of various examination organized by Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Candidates, who have applied for ICAR examination, can purchase ICAR Question Papers from nearest book shops or download from sources websites.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research
Krishi Bhavan,
New Delhi-110 001
Unregistered 12:51 PM January 2nd, 2012
I am preparing for ICAR 2012 entrance exam. I need any site or any good publishers from where I can get the ICAR old question papers, solved or unsolved both will solve the purpose.
pravin magar 11:35 AM March 11th, 2012
i want to entomology quetion paper
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
I am preparing for ICAR 2012 entrance exam. I need any site or any good publishers from where I can get the ICAR old question papers, solved or unsolved both will solve the purpose.

Unregistered 12:18 PM March 26th, 2012
plz give any such websites containing ICAR questions ... plzzz
Unregistered 10:31 PM April 19th, 2013
[QUOTE=phasiullah;8506]I am preparing for ICAR 2012 entrance exam. I need any site or any good publishers from where I can get the ICAR old question papers, solved or unsolved both will solve the purpose.
Unregistered 11:45 AM February 28th, 2014
Please provide the sample question papers of the ICAR JRF Examination?
Sashwat 11:47 AM February 28th, 2014
Here is sample question paper of the ICAR JRF Examination

DNA contains following number of nitrogenous base
(A)One (B) Two
(C) Four (D) Ten

Animal and plant cell can be differentiated by
(A) Conductivity (B) Size
(C) Presence or absence of cell wall (D) Shape

In temperate countries, sugar is generally obtained from which of the following
(A)Maple (B) sugar beet
(C) Wheat (D) Sugarcane

The idea of particulate nature of inheritance was given by
(A) Darwin (B) Mendel
(C) Jones (D) Bateson

Cultivated rice Oryza sativa has the following number of cromosomes
(A) 2n =32 (B) 2n =20
(C) 2n =24 (D) 2n =18

In the presence of sunlight CO2 and H2O (with the help of chlorophyll) and
converted in to carbohydrate, this is known as
(A) Photosynthesis (B) Respiration
(C) Metabolism (D) Solar radiation

Soil productivity takes in to account the following
(A) Soil structure (B) Soil moisture
(C) Soil fertility (D) Soil fertility and productivity

If chromosome compliment of two diploid species is combined in one, the result
species would be
(A) Amphidiploid (B) Haploid
(C) Monogenic (D) Polygenic

Alternate form of gene at the same locus are referred to as
(A) Allele (B) Plastid
(C) Dominant (D) Chromosome

Sequence of growing crops in a piece of land is known as
(A) Crop insurance (B) crop rotation
(C) Crop production (D) Crop management

India has to provide for its population
(A) 2 billion (B) 1 billion
(C) 600 million (D) 1 million

In diploid species generally a following number of the chromosomes are involved in the pollen mitosis
(A) 4n (B) 2n
(C) 1n (D) 3n

Sulphur fungicides can be freely used on all vegetable except the following
(A) Beans and peas (B) Okra
(C) Root vegetable (D) Cucurbits

Karnal bunt is a serious disease of
(A) Apple (B) Tomato
(C) Wheat (D) Mung

Zinc is required for the synthesis of
(A) Tryptophane (B) Sugar
(C) Fats (D) Proteins

Contour system of orchard planting is generally followed in
(A) Saline soils (B) U.P.
(C) Hills (D) Punjab

NARS refers to
(A) National Agricultural Research Streams
(B) National Agricultural ayurvedic System
(C) National Agricultural Review System
(D) National Agricultural Research System

Crossing over during meiois results in
(A) Breaking linkage (B) Promoting linkage
(C)Help mutation (D) None of these

The simplest measure of variability in data set is
(A) Range (B) Mean
(C) Mode (D) Median

1. The average concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is :

(A) 0.03 ppm (B) 30 ppm

(C)0.3 ppm (D) 300 ppm

2. Agrostology is the study of:

(A) Root (B) Grasses

(C) Flower (D) Fruit

3. Atmospheric layer nearest to earth Surface is

(A) Biosphere (C) Exosphere

(B) Thermosphere (D) Troposphere

4. Plant that grow on extremely dry soil are classified under :

(A)Thalophytes (B) Hydrophytes

(C)Xerophytes (D) Hydroponics

5. Ground water table is measured by :

(A) Tensiometer (B) Piezometer

(C) Pressure plate (D) Neutron probe

6. Mycorrhiza is associated with what part of plants?

(A) Roots (B) Leaf

(C) Stem (D) Fruits

7. The most Suited N fertilizer for tea is:

(A) Urea (B) Calcium nitrate

(C) Ammonium chloride (D) Ammonium sulphate

8. Which food is designated as “Boneless meat”?

(A)Banana (B) Potato

(C)Soybean (D) Tapioca

9. Which of the following control the root initiation, cell elongation and apical


(A)Auxins (B) ABA

(C) Gibberellins (D) Ethylene

10. Study of soil from the stand point of higher plant is known as :

(A) Pedology (B) Physiology

(C)Edaphology (D) Geo physics

11. Pruning is most essential for:

(A)Cauliflower (B) Rubber

(C)Tea (D) Chinchona

12. The progeny of breeder seed is:

(A)Formation seed (B) Nucleus seed

(C) True seed (D) Certified seed

11. The basis of farm budgeting is:

(A)production function analysis (B) Linear programming

(C) Cost – benefit analysis (D) Farm planning

13. The largest tea production state in India is:

(A)Tamil Nadu (B) Assam

(C)Meghalaya (D) Kerala

14. The plant nutrient which help in translocation of sugars and starch is :

(A) Mg (B) Mo

(C) K (D) Na

15. Saffron is largely produced in:

(A) J & K (B) Kerala

(C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Uttarakhand

16. A crop that can supply oil for petrochemicals is:

(A) Neem (B) Rubber

(C)Macadamia (D) Jatropha

17. IA market guided by rules and regulation is called :

(A) Perfect market (B) Regulated market

(C) Seasonal market (D) Terminal market

18. Most widely cultivated mustard type in India is:

(A)Yellow / brown sarson (B) Black mustard

(C) Toria (D) Indian mustard

19. C4 plant normaly produce more biological yield than C3 plant because of:

(A) More photorespiration (B) Less photorespiration

(C) Less photophosphorylation (D) More photophosphorylation

20. Absolute zero is:

(A)- 273 C (B) 273  C

(C) 273 K (D) 273 F

21. In India maximum area under wheat is occupied by the Species?

(A)Triticum aestivum (B) Triticum dicoccum

(C) Triticum durum (D) Triticum vulgare

22. Which among the following colures absorbs more radiation?

(A) Blue (B) Black

(C)Red (D) White

23. Impect of green house effect is:

(A)Global warming (B) Ice melting

(C) Sea formation (D) Sea level rise

24. Which of the following elements is most mobile in soil ?

(A) Ca (B) K

(C) Mg (D) N

25. The most deficient micro – nutrient in Indian soil is :

(A)Cu (B) Mn

(C) Zn (D) B

26. Magnesium is a constituent of :

(A) Nucleic Acid (B) Enzyme system

(C) Cell wall (D) Chlorophyll

27. The C : N ratio of arable soil commonly ranges from :

(A) 6 : 1 to 7: 1 (B) 18: 1 to 19: 1

(C) 8 : 1 to 15:1 (D) 3 : 1 to 4: 1

28. Dwarfing gene in wheat is :

(A) Nif – gene (B) Norin

(C) Dee – gee – woo – gen (D) Proteina

29. Which of the following element immobile in soil but mobile in plants?

(A)S (B) B

(C) Zn (D) P

30. Which soil has highest efficiency?

(A)Loamy soil (B) Sandy soil

(C) Clay soil (D) None of these

1. Dangerous gas for depletion of ozone layer is:

(A)Ethane (B) Methane

(C)CFC (D) Carbon-dioxide

2. Which of the following is not a biopesticide?

(A) Bioneem (B) Carbaryl

(C) Biolap (D) Dipel

3. Major cropping system of trans-gangatic plains is

(A)Soybean – wheat (B) Rice – rice

(C) Rice –wheat (D) Maize – wheat

4. Photosynthetic inhibition by 02 is called:

(A) Reaction (B) Warburg’s effect

(C) Back inhibition (D) Competitive effect

5. Crop logging is done in

(A) Sugarcane (B) Maize

(C)Tobacco (D) Cotton

6. Blue revolution is related with:

(A) Crops (B) Energy source

(C) Fish (D) Oilseeds

7. Inflorescence in rice is known as

A) Ear (B) Raceme

(C) Spike (D) Panicle

8. Alluvial soils are found in :

(A) Deserts (B) Forests

(C) River delta (D) Mountains

9. Weight of one cotton bale is

(A)170 Kg (B) 160 Kg

(C) 180 Kg (D) 190 Kg

10. Hybrid cotton in India was evolved for the first time in

(A) 1975 (B) 1980

(C) 1970 (D) 1985

11. Net cultivated area in India during 2004- 05 was

(A)138 million hectare (B) 141 million hectare

(C) 135 million hectare (D) 144 million hectare

12. The relative proportion of sand, silt and clay is called

(A) Soil texture (B) Soil aggregation

(C) Soil structure (D) Soil taxonomy

13. Which of the following crops is thermo-insensitive?

(A) Sunflower (B) Wheat

(C) Rice (D) Jowar

14. The IARI was established in : 24.

(A)1907 (B) 1909

(C) 1904 (D) 1905

15. In which of the following crops GM varieties are available for cultivation in India

(A) Mustard (B) Cotton

(C) Soybean (D) All of the above

16. Photo-periodically rice is a

(A)Day neutral plant (B) Long day plant

(C) Short day plant (D) None of these

17. The present level of carbon-dioxide in atmosphere is :

(A)190 ppm (B) 295 – 300 ppm

(C) 420 – 460 ppm (D) 490 ppm

18. Maize belongs to the category :

(A)Bisexual (B) Monoecious

(C) Dioecious (D) None of these

19. Pheromone trap attracts:

(A)Female moths (B) Female bugs

(C) Male moths (D) Caterpillars

20. Origin place of soybean is

(A)Brazil (B) Mexico

(C) China (D) Peru

21. India rank first in the production of the following crops in the world:

(A)Rice (B) Wheat

(C) Soybean (D) Pigeon-pea

22. In plants, enzyme responsible for the synthesis of the malic acid is :

(A) Rubisco (B) PEP carboxylase

(C)Kinase (D) Urease

23. Which soil has highest efficiency?

(A)Loamy soil (B) Sandy soil

(C) Clay soil (D) None of these

24. Which of the following insecticides may be recommended for the control of


(A)Chlorpyriphos (B) Nimbicidine

(C) Dimethonate (D) Methyl- 0 – demetone

25. Correct order of rice producing countries is

(A) China> India> Indonesia> Thailand (B) India> China> Indonesia> Thailand

(C) Indonesia> Thailand> China> India (D) None on these

26. The depth of seeding in wheat is depends on

(A) Length of mesocotyl (B) Length of radical

(C) Length of coleoptiles (D) None of these

27. IGFRI is located at:

(A) Jallandhar (B) Jodhpur

(C) Jhansi (D) Jorhat

28. The photosynthetically active (PAR) falls in the range of

(A) 400 – 700 nm (B) 100- 400 nm

(C) 700- 1000 nm (D) None of the above

29. Missing data are calculated by using

(A) Field plot technique (B) Missing plot technique

(C) ANOVA (D) None of these

30. Soil mulch is useful in:

(A) Minimize evaporation losses (B) Improving aeration

(C) Improving drainage (D) Removing weeds
suvithra 07:34 PM February 18th, 2015
I am preparing icar the subject is agronomy, so i want model question papers
anuj jat 01:07 AM March 5th, 2015
Please send me jrf mock test paper for the plant science on my email address or here
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