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Default FTII Entrance Question Papers

Hello sir I am participating in Entrance exam of Film and Television Institute of India now I need its previous question paper so please give me its previous question paper.
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Default Re: FTII Entrance Question Papers

FTII Film and Television Institute of India is a famous institute of india which is provide many programme in the field of film and television to the able candidates.

As you looking for the FTII entrance question paper so we are sharing a link with you from where you can get sample paper of this exam;

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Default Re: FTII Entrance Question Papers

Film and Television Institute of India is a reputed educational institute of india .. below I am giving you question paper for the

FTII - Diploma in Audiography 2012-2013
Part 1-60 marks -Same for all
Part 2-40 marks
Total time 3 hrs

Part 1
20 marks
• What was the first title given by the author of national anthem?
• From Where is pandavani related to?

• Which is the oldest veda?
• What is called as the roof of the world?
• Who was the first actress to be nominated as the member of rajya sabha?
• Who is the director of agent vinod?
• Where is the national institute of community situated?
• Kalachakra ceremony is related to which religion?
• Who was the music director of main hoon na?
• What is the real full name of akshay kumar?
• Jude felix is associated with what sports?
• Dr joon lew of korea,the recipient of international Gandhi award,is known for his service in field of ___________
• Aachan maharaj is related to which profession?
• Shova Narayan is associated with what?
• Who was the creator of the rock garden in chandigarh?
• Who wrote the book my frozen turbulence?
• Who said these words – “Kisi ki aankhon me aansu nh honge” (something like this)
• Kutty ,Shankar , Vijayan are related with__________ field.
• cotton , industrialist, congressman , closely related to mahatma gandhi ___________.
• Shovana Narayan is associated with ____________

40 marks
1. The contibutions of the Film Society movement.
2.What are the contibutions of NFAI.
3.What is the future of films?
4.Is censor board taking away the creativeness of the filmmakers?
5.What is the impact of the television and films on the indian youth.

Part 2
40 marks

1. Write a critical analysis on acting of your favorite actor with respect to 2 or more of his films...
2. Sujata's monthly income doesn't meet a quarter of her expenses. She has no one but Bahadur her care taker.. She wants Bahadur to feel pity on her and work for her for less/without money..Whenever she said this to Bahadur he explained back to he "Apa, even I have to make some money, I also have to look after my family". Sometimes she used go to neighbors to spend some time, but now she doesn't wants to go there to kill long hours.. She will stand on the balcony by the railing and observe stationary things,moving rail engines, and rail tracks.. And compare the rail tracks with the blue veins on her white hands.. Bahadur didn't return for last two days.. most often she was anxious and depressed.. She was afraid of having a mental disorder.. She decides to sell the house and go to an Old Age Home..

Write the Background of the Characters Sujata and Bahadur.. Write about their state of mind (mental condition) based on your understanding..

3. Write about your qualities that can help you in becoming a good actor.
4. How to get yourself prepared for a serious and comedy role..

For more paper I am attaching a PDF file with it ..
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Default Re: FTII Entrance Question Papers

As you want to get some sample papers of FTII Entrance Examination, so here I am providing the following sample question paper:

FTII Entrance Examination Cinematography Sample Paper
1. A black and white sketch (probably of an outdoor location) will be given. Based on this
There will be multiple choice questions.
eg. What do u think about the use of contrast in this picture? 8 marks

2. Fill in the Blanks (related to aesthetics) 5marks

3.True or False again related to aesthetics 2 marks

4. Names of 5 films will be given n u have to write the names of the director. Attention these are not films from popular bollywood but more off beat kind of. 5 marks

5.Match the columns (culture, literature etc) 5 marks

6. Description of shots will be given. you have to give their technical names ,For Example viewfinder” and “shooting script” etc.5marks

7. Questions related to technical aspect of film-making. 5 marks.
8. Short notes (2 lines each)
eg. write a note on .mp3 and .wma Cannes film festival 10 marks

9. Jumbled pictures will be given and u have to arrange them in a chronological order (story
boarding) 15 marks

10. situation will be given. u have to write a scene. 10 marks

11. A picture will be given n u have to write a story based on that picture. 10 marks

12. General Knowledge (very tough) 10 marks

13. CAT type questions (but not tat difficult) 10 mark

What you should know
1.) History of Indian cinema.

2.) About camera angels, shots, focus etc

3.) Basic maths like simple interest, compound interest, work and time etc

4.) Short story writing

5.) G.K with more emphasis on Art, culture, and history.

FTII Entrance Examination Direction Sample Paper
1.) Draw a Still Life Drawing with following in their relative proportions
Using pencil and shading
a .)Glass Tumbler
b.)One Cup and saucer
c.)Tea pot with lid
d.)Candle Stand with a burning candle
e.)A bowl with an egg and two spoons

2.) Draw any two

a.)Crowd with three prominent figures at a railway station

b.)Vegetable market with three prominent figures

c.)Scene of a village on fire and the villagers are fighting the fire with three
prominent figures.

d.)Sketch a playground with children playing and three prominent figures

e.)zoo with one prominent animal and two human.
2.) Match the following Painters with their arts
a. Michelangelo ____ A. Morning Haze
b. Leonardo Da Vinci ____ B. The Sleeping Gypsy
c. Salvador Dali ____ C. Persistence of Memory
d. Pablo Picasso ____ D.The Swing
e. Henri Rousseau ____ E. The Last Supper
f. Henri Matisse ____ F. Gueraica
g. Claude Monet ____ G. The Starry Night
h. Pierre Auguste Renoir ____ H. Creation Of Adam
i. Vincent Van Gogh ____ I. Campbell’s Soup Can
j. Andy Warhol ____ J. La Fougere Noire

1.) Direction in which the composition of the picture is dominant
2.) Picture drawn from
a.)Above the eye level
b.)Below the eye level
c.)Eye level
3.) Composition of the picture is
4.) Branches of the trees stand out because
a.)No Leaves on their branches
b.)Bushes below the trees
c.)The darkness in the picture
5.) Contrast of light and dark tone in the picture is balanced by
a.)The thickness of lines used
b.)The Pressure of lines
c.)Different shades of black

1.) Write the Full form of the following
b.) PDF
i.) VDU

4.) Match the following
1.) Fantasia ____ A. Warner Bros
2.) Bugs Bunny ____ B. Duplicate Freley
3.) Animal Farm ____ C. Walt Disney
4.) One Drop Too Much ____ D. MGM
5.) Pink Panther ____ E. Halos and Batchlor
6.) Tom And Jerry ____ F. Jiri Trunka
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Default Re: FTII Entrance Question Papers

Originally Posted by Kesari View Post
FTII Film and Television Institute of India is a famous institute of india which is provide many programme in the field of film and television to the able candidates.

As you looking for the FTII entrance question paper so we are sharing a link with you from where you can get sample paper of this exam;

Respected sir, i am attending in the entrance examination for Audiography. so plz give some sample question papers for my reference.
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Smile previous year question papers of ftii entrance exam

can u pls send me the previous year question papers of ftii entrance for 3years film direction course as well as for 1year T.V. direction course .i m applying for both courses.pls send me on my mail id: anandbrother5566@gmail.com
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