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alkaverma. 12:26 PM August 22nd, 2012
I want to take part in the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani Entrance Exam (BITSAT) but I have no idea about its question paper pattern so please can you give me the question paper of the entrance and also provide me the page where I can download the question paper?

Sumit Bhardwaj 01:45 PM August 22nd, 2012
BIT Mesra and Ranchi conduct BITSAT exam for B.Tech admission and You want BITSAT question paper so I have the question paper of Maths, Physics, Chemistry which I am uploading for you and you are free to download.
Attached: BITSAT question paper.pdf (1.97 MB) 
sdggggggg 03:16 PM April 30th, 2013
i need bitsat 2012 question to get it...i ve no idea.........pls give me some me
Nilesh 01:29 PM February 22nd, 2014
BITSAT is an entrance test for admission to BE courses in Birla Institute of Technology campuses in Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa.

BITSAT Exam Pattern:
-BITSAT has 150 objective questions to be attempted in 3 hours on a computer.
-The questions are from:
Mathematics-45 questions
Physics-40 questions
Chemistry-40 questions
English and Logical Reasoning-25 questions

Here I am sharing the BITSAT Question paper with you

The inverse of a symmetric matrix is
(1) skew-symmetric
(2) symmetric
(3) diagonal matrix
(4) unit matrix

Among the complex numbers, z satisfies the condition |z + 1 - i| £ 1. Then the number having the least positive argument is
(1) 1 - i (2) - 1 + i (3) - i (4) i

Which of the following is optically active?
(1) stretched polymer sheet
(2) silvered glass
(3) calcite
(4) quartz

In the He-Ne laser the role of the Heatom is
(1) to emit the red light
(2) to control the output
(3) to control the wavelength
(4) to effect population inversion between the Ne levels

The part of a transistor, which is heavily doped to produce a large number of majority carriers, is
(1) base
(2) emitter
(3) collector
(4) none of these

Rest of the Questions are attached in below file which is free of cost

BITSAT Question Paper 1

Rest is in the below given attachment please have a look on that it is free for you to be download

BITSAT Question Paper 2
it is given below in the attachment please have a look on that
Attached: BITSAT Question Paper 1.pdf (528.7 KB) BITSAT Question Paper 2.pdf (524.8 KB) 
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