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divya15 11:18 AM August 11th, 2012
I am 12th class student of Maharashtra Higher Secondary Education Board and now I need its model question papers for Book-Keeping and Accountancy examinations so tell me where I can get its question papers?
Sumit Bhardwaj 10:07 PM August 12th, 2012
As per your need I am uploading the exam paper of Book-Keeping and Accountancy of March 2011. The duration of paper is 3 hours and the maximum marks of paper are 100. You can get the paper after downloading it.
Attached: Maharashtra Board 12 commerce Accountancy paper.pdf (558.9 KB) 
Rahatshaikh 01:30 PM November 22nd, 2012
i want last 3 years question papers of H.S.C
of Arts field
yyyy 09:52 PM January 5th, 2013
i want 12th HSC electrical maintenance question papers
yyyy 09:53 PM January 5th, 2013
i want 12th HSC maharastra board electrical maintenance question papers
Dinesh suresh kate 10:58 AM January 15th, 2013
Originally Posted by Rahatshaikh:
i want last 3 years question papers of H.S.C
of com field
last 3 year board question papers
Roshan Baburao Jibhakate 04:18 PM January 16th, 2013
i want last 3 years question papers of H.S.C. Arts field. please send it.
Roshan Baburao Jibhakate 04:27 PM January 16th, 2013
i want the question paper of 12 th exam. please send it.
vishal pawar 09:50 PM February 5th, 2013
may i cm 2 knw abt maths there sets for it..?? lyk a b c d..?? n fo wich pepr sets r there..??... wil papers be easy coz itz first batch of us of this upgraded portn...plz reply....
akshay mane 09:59 PM February 20th, 2013
please give me the question paper in account
Unregistered 01:29 PM February 21st, 2013
hindi mah board 2012 question paper can be available today
Unregistered 09:16 PM March 27th, 2013
Can I get the Question papers of HSC, held in Feb13.
sunilpobc 02:28 PM June 5th, 2013
Can I get the Question papers of HSC, held in Feb13.
shraddha patil 12:25 PM August 27th, 2013
I want d format of question papers regarding d new syllabus of commerce std 12th.
mariya nagori 01:40 PM August 29th, 2013
[QUOTE=Rahatshaikh;130102]i want last 3 years question papers of H.S.C
of history and political sci papers
Unregistered 11:53 AM October 21st, 2013
Where can I get HSC Maharashtra Board question paper March 2013 of Sci.: Perfect Chemistry – I.?
Gunjan 04:06 PM October 21st, 2013
Here I am sharing a PDF file which is having HSC Maharashtra Board question paper March 2013 of Sci.: Perfect Chemistry – I.

In this PDF you will get some object question but more questions are related to theory.

Content of some PDF are showed as below
Q. (A) Answer any SIX of the following: [12]
i. Distinguish between crystalline solid and amorphous solid.
ii. State Kohlrausch Law and write mathematical expression of molar conductivity of the given
solution at infinite dilution.

for more questions you can see attach PDF as below
Attached: HSC Maharashtra Board question paper March 2013 of Perfect Chemistry – I.pdf (35.9 KB) 
megha chaudhari 12:50 PM November 25th, 2013
I want H.S.C. IT subjects Question baoard papers?
Aakashd 05:48 PM December 14th, 2013
The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is a statutory and autonomous body established under the Maharashtra Secondary Boards Act 1965.

Question Papers:

Maharashtra HSC Question Papers 12th board previous year sample model:

Contact Detail:
Maharashtra State Board of SSC and HSC Education
Sector 21, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703 ‎


Attached: Maharashtra HSC Biology (Zoology) Paper – II.pdf (73.5 KB) Maharashtra HSC Biology (Botany) Paper – I.pdf (45.0 KB) 
rakeshpatil 12:00 AM December 21st, 2013
i want HSC maharashtra board question paper,how will i get pl help
Aakashd 03:55 PM December 21st, 2013
The HSC Maharashtra Board question papers are below:

i. In body centred cubic structure the space occupied is about
(A) 68 % (B) 53 %
(C) 38 % (D) 32 %

ii. For a gaseous reaction the unit of rate of reaction is
(A) L atm s–1 (B) atm mol–1 s–1
(C) atm s–1 (D) mol s

iii. Which of the following compounds contains S = O as well as S = S bonds?
(A) Sulphuric acid (B) Thiosulphuric acid
(C) Sulphurous acid (D) Thiosulphurous acid

iv. Which of the following solutions shows maximum depression in freezing point?
(A) 0.5 M Li2SO4 (B) 1 M NaCl
(C) 0.5 M Al2(SO4)3 (D) 0.5 M BaCl2

v. For a chemical reaction ∆S = – 0.035 kJ/K and ∆H = – 20kJ.
(A) 5.14 K (B) 57.14 K
(C) 571.4 K (D) 5714.0 K

vi. The standard e.m.f of the following cell is 0.463 V
(1M) (1M) Cu |Cu ||Ag | ++ + Ag. If O
Ag E = 0.800 V,

What is the standard potential of Cu electrode?
(A) 1.137 V (B) 0.337 V
(C) 0.463 V (D) –0.463 V

vii. Fe2O3 is reduced to spongy iron near the top of blast furance by
(A) H2 (B) CaO
(C) SiO2 (D) CO

For detailed paper here is attachment:
Attached: Punjabi-Std-10th-2nd-3rd-Composite-Lang.pdf (438.7 KB) Punjabi-Std-10th-2nd-Language.pdf (672.9 KB) Punjabi-Std-12th-1st-Language.pdf (694.7 KB) Punjabi-Std-12th-UNI-LEVEL.pdf (512.0 KB) HSC Maharashtra papers chemestry.pdf (858.3 KB) 
Unregistered 12:29 AM January 29th, 2014
Originally Posted by Roshan Baburao Jibhakate:
i want the question paper of 12 th exam. please send it.
. U I'll get the papers on oswalprinters publishers .com
Unregistered 07:35 PM February 11th, 2014
Hi Need the papar for child development... Please help me out
Unregistered 11:29 AM February 26th, 2014
i m astudent of syjc i want hsc board question papers of maths and economics and oc of 2014 in maharashtra
aimran ahmed 12:49 PM March 9th, 2014
Pls meri app se gujaris karta hon sir m c q de do pls aap log ki maherbani hogi umeed karta hon aap log se
dipeshsakppal 03:15 PM April 12th, 2014
[QUOTE=divya15;91543]I am 12th class student of Maharashtra... Want eco question paper in this year&last 2 year
sohitshaikh 04:32 PM August 8th, 2014
I am 12th science student of maharashtra board.
I need the all question papers of science field of maharashtra board. and also need notes
Gaurang Mondkar 11:58 AM August 27th, 2014
I want to see History Question Paper of Sept-Oct 2014 Examination.
meet parekh 02:56 PM September 12th, 2014
i need hsc paprs of 2014...commerce
Unregistered 12:54 PM October 30th, 2014
pl send Oct-2013 & Oct-2014 question paper of science and computer
dabu 02:36 PM November 1st, 2014
i want last 3 years question papers of H.S.C
of science
adwait kailas bangar 09:53 PM November 1st, 2014
maharashtra board octomber 2013 &2014 papers
yashodan shewale 09:09 PM November 16th, 2014
i want to solved paper english for science branch
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