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Fakruding shaikh 11:23 AM August 8th, 2012
Hi all. My name is Anita Patel and first year B Sc
student of Gujarat University. Can you please give me its complete syllabus for B Sc physics paper?

Kesari 01:20 PM August 8th, 2012
You want to get Gujarat University FY B Sc Syllabus for physics…here it is;

Unit – I : Vector Analysis: Introduction, Applications of Vector Multiplication, Triple Scalar Product, Triple Vector Product, Differentiation of Vectors, Fields, Directional Derivative, Gradient, Some other expressions involving ∇, Green’s Theorem in the plane, The Divergence and the Divergence theorem. Gauss’s law, The curl and Stoke’s theorem.

UNIT – II : Waves: Traveling Waves Speed of propagation of waves in a stretched string longitudinal waves in a bar, Plane waves in a fluid, transmission of energy by a traveling wave.

Sound waves Introduction, Intensity & intensity level, Loudness & pitch radiation from a piston, diffraction, radiation efficiency of a sound source. Newton’s and Langrang correction

For the rest of the syllabus I have uploaded the PDF file . Click on the attachment given below to get it.
Attached: GU Syllabus B.Sc.pdf (47.2 KB) 
Kachhadiya Mehul 11:55 PM September 2nd, 2012
plz give me sylabus FY Bsc 1st sem in Chemisty,Zoology And bootny.,
with general Book and IMP question...plz reqst my freind................
gohil chandrika 01:51 PM July 8th, 2013
mne fybsc no gujarati syllabus badha subject no joiae 6.....
to aena mate ni yogy web-sight aapone ....
solanki khushboo 04:49 PM September 13th, 2013
hii!! myself Solanki khushboo can you plzz give me a syllabus of FY BSC Physics, chemistry and zoology
Ahir shailesh 08:44 PM September 11th, 2014
please give me papers on my email address shailesh9128@gmail.com.
drashti18 03:11 AM May 1st, 2015
hi my name is drashti, i move from gujarat from three years ago. i wanted to have physics B.Sc syllabus. in that time there wasnot any semster system. year 2011 can you please give me that physics syllabus!! plssss
disha shah,nadiad 03:01 PM June 24th, 2015
physics :fy sy ty syllabus
guj.medium and eng medium
please send me:dishashah0112.ds@gmail.com
Unregistered 04:28 PM November 22nd, 2016
Hi, M a student of F.Y.Bsc from Gujarat university . From where can I get last five years papers for Physics,Maths and Statistics?
Unregistered 05:27 PM August 17th, 2017
Please give me syllabus of chemistry in fy bsc Gujarat university
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