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Exams>Karnataka Board Pre University Question Papers
Vijendra Khanduri 11:41 AM July 31st, 2012
I need Accountancy question papers of Karnataka Board of Pre University. Can you please provide me its link to get download it?

Rahul Pratik 03:48 PM July 31st, 2012
I am providing the question paper of Accountany for Department of Pre University Education, Karnataka. I am sharing the question paper from the official website. You can well prepare for your upcoming examinations with the question paper.

I am giving the question paper in a pdf file for your reference. Use it for your purpose.
Attached: KBPU Accountancy Question paper.pdf (231.8 KB) 
Nikhil Madalagi 10:24 PM March 6th, 2013
Model Question pepar maths and chemistry
Unregistered 01:49 PM November 26th, 2013
Unregistered 04:46 PM February 18th, 2014
Will you please provide me the Physic Question paper of Karnataka Board Pre University Question Papers???
Sashwat 04:58 PM February 18th, 2014
Here I am sharing the Physic Question paper of Karnataka Board Pre University


I Answer the following. 10 x 1 = 10
1. Draw the electric lines of force in the case of two positive point charges
separated by a small distance.
2. Name the charge carriers in metallic conductors.
3. A coil perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field is rotated by 1800. What is
the change in the flux through it?
4. Write the expression for displacement current.
5. Mention one common method of generating X-rays.
6. Write the expression for magnifying power of a telescope in terms of focal
7. What is the outcome of Davisson Germer experiment?
8. How does nuclear radius of an atom depend on its mass number?
9. Who discovered the phenomenon of photoelectric effect?
10. What is demodulation?

II Answer any FIVE of the following questions. 5×2=10
11. Write two properties of an electric charge.
12. What is electrostatic shielding? Mention its one application.
13. State Kirchhoff’s rules of an electrical network.
14. Mention two properties of a diamagnetic material.
15. What are eddy currents? Mention one application of eddy currents.
16. Draw the ray diagram to construct an image when an object is placed
between the principal focus and pole of a concave mirror.
17. Mention two necessary conditions for doping.
18. Draw the block diagram of a generalized communication system.

III Answer any FIVE of the following questions. 5×3=15
19. Write the expression for electric potential at a point due to a dipole and
hence arrive at the expression for electric potential at a point on the dipole
20. Obtain the expression for effective capacitance of three capacitors connected
in parallel.
21. What is a cyclotron? Draw its schematic labeled diagram.
22. Explain briefly the coil-magnet experiment to demonstrate the phenomenon
of electromagnetic induction.
23. What is meant by alternating current? Define its amplitude and time period.
24. Using Huygen’s wave theory of light, show that the angle of incidence is equal
to angle of reflection in case of reflection of a plane wave by a plane surface.
25. Mention three experimental observations of photoelectric effect.
26. Classify metals, semiconductors and insulators based on the band theory of

IV Answer any TWO of the following questions. 2×5=10
27. Obtain the expressions for effective emf and effective internal resistance
when ‘n’ different cells are connected in parallel.
28. State and explain Biot-Savart’s law and write its mathematical equation in
vector form.
29. Assuming the expression for magnetic field at a point on the axis of a circular
current loop, show that a long current carrying solenoid acts as a bar magnet.

V Answer any TWO of the following questions. 2×5=10
30. Derive the expression for the refractive index of the material of a prism in
terms of the angle of the prism and angle of minimum deviation.
31. State radioactive decay law. Show that t
oe N N l - = for a radioactive element
with usual notations.
32. What is a solar cell? Explain its working with a diagram and draw the I -V

VI Answer any THREE of the following questions. 3×5=15
33. The electrostatic force on a metal sphere of charge 0.4 mC due to another
identical metal sphere of charge - 0.8 mC in air is 0.2N. Find the distance
between the two spheres and also the force between the same two spheres
when they are brought into contact and then replaced in their initial

34. In the given circuit, calculate the (i) effective
resistance between A and B (ii) current through
the circuit and (iii) current through 3 W resistor.

35. A resistor, an inductor and a capacitor are connected in series with a 120V,
100Hz ac source. Voltage leads the current by 350 in the circuit. If the
resistance of the resistor is 10W and the sum of inductive and capacitive
reactances is 17W, calculate the self-inductance of the inductor.

36. A beam of light consisting of two wavelengths 500 nm and 400 nm is used to
obtain interference fringes in Young’s double slit experiment. The distance
between the slits is 0.3 mm and the distance between the slits and the screen
is 1.5 m. Compute the least distance of the point from the central maximum,
where the bright fringes due to both the wavelengths coincide.

37. The first member of the Balmer series of hydrogen atom has wavelength of
656.3nm. Calculate the wavelength and frequency of the second member of
the same series. Given, C = 3×108 m/s.

Pre University Education Board
18th Cross Rd, Malleswaram, Bangalore, Karnataka ‎
080 2344 6475 ‎


Attached: Karnataka Board Pre University Question Papers.pdf (442.8 KB) 
unregistered 03:59 PM May 15th, 2014
will u please send me the english version question paper of accountancy
Unregistered 02:00 PM May 31st, 2014
Can you please arrange to send the Mathematics examination paper of Karnataka Pre-university Board held in March, 2014.
Unregistered 02:02 PM May 31st, 2014
Can you post the Karnataka Pre-university Mathematics Examination paper held in March/April 2014 on your website please!
Unregistered 09:34 PM June 20th, 2014
please give me the website 2 find 2nn pu chemistry question paper which was held in march 2014
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