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Default Papers of ECE Branch

I have completed B. Tech in ECE and now want to appear in GATE so please provide me previous years question papers of ECE branch?
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Default Re: Papers of ECE Branch

This branch deals with Analog and Digital circuit and their applications. Some basic subjects which studied by students of ECE are following. You have to follow these topics for preparation of your GATE.

Basics of Electronics
Digital circuit design
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Understanding the nature of Signal and processing it to extract the information
Analog and Digital Signal generation, Transmission and Reception (Wired and Wireless)
Design of Computer Architecture
Design of chips, boards and circuits through VLSI
Image processing
Assembly Language Programming
One or two high level Programming Languages (C or C++)

Here I am giving you some previous years GATE question papers of ECE branch for your preparation.
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Default Re: Papers of ECE Branch

For your concern, I am giving the GATE paper for the Electronics Communication Engineering.

1. Which of the following propositions is a tautology ?

(a) (P V q) → P

(b) P V (q → P)

(c) P V (P →q) (Ans)

(d) P → (P →q)

2. If A be a finite set of size n, then number of elements in the power set of A x A is

(a) 22n

(b) 2n2 (Ans)

(c) (2n)2

(d) None of these

3. The number of different spanning trees in complete graph Kn, by Cayley's theorem is

(a) 2n-2

(b) nn-2 (Ans)

(c) nn-1

(d) None of these

4. If nPr = 3024, then what will be the value of r ?

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 6 (Ans)

(d) 9

5. Rank of the diagonal matrix

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4 (Ans)

6. The correct Laplace transform of the function f(t) = e3t sin 2t is

(a) 2
s2 - 4s + 9

(b) 2
s2 - 6s + 9

(c) 2
s2 - 6s + 13 (Ans)

(d) 3
s2 - 6s + 13

7. The value of integral ∫ d (t - 2) cos (pt/4)dt is

(a) 1

(b) p

(c) 3p/4

(d) 0 (Ans)

8. For a causal f(K), if (Z - 1) F(Z) has no pole outside the unit circle, then

(a) lim f(N) = lim ZF(Z)
N → ¥ Z → 0

(b) lim f(N) = lim (Z - 1) F(Z)
N → ¥ Z → 0

(c) lim f(N) = lim (Z - 1) F(Z) (Ans)
N → ¥ Z → 1

(d) lim f(N) = lim ZF(Z)
N → ¥ Z → 1

9. If R(t) is the auto correlation function of a real, wide-sense stationary random process, then which of the following is not correct?

(a) R(t) = R(-t)

(b) |R(t)| ≤ R(0)

(c) R(t) = - R(-t) (Ans)

(d) The mean square value of the process is R(0)

10. The gain margin for the system with open loop transfer function

G(s) H(s) = 2 (1 + s) , is

(a) ¥

(b) 0

(c) 1

(d) -¥ s (Ans)

11. Consider the signal flow graph shown in figure, the gain x5/x1 is

(a) 1 - (be + cf + dg)

(b) bedg
1 - (be + cf + dg)

(c) abcd (Ans)
1 - (be + cf + dg) + bedg

(d) 1 - (be + cf + dg) + bedg

12. The transmission parameters, i.e., of the network shown in figure are

13. The oscillator step response of a network function N(s) is damped sinusoidal. Pole location of N(s) in the complex s-plane would be

(a) on the imaginary (jw) axis

(b) on the right-half plane

(c) on the real axis

(d) on the left-half plane excluding the real axis (Ans)

14. The transfer function of a linear time-invariant system represented by vector-matrix differential equation

X = AX + BU and Y = CX + DU is given by

(a) C (sl - A)-1 B

(b) C (sl - A)-1 B + D (Ans)

(c) B (sl - A)-1 C

(d) B (sl - A)-1 C + D

15. The following sequence currents were recorded in a power system under a fault condition

Ipositive = j 1.753 pu

Inegative = j 0.6 pu

Izero = j 1.153 pu

The fault is

(a) line to ground

(b) three phase

(c) line to line ground (Ans)

(d) line to line

16. For economic operation, the generator with highest prohibitive incremental transmission loss will operate at

(a) the highest positive incremental cost of production

(b) the highest negative incremental cost of production

(c) the lowest positive incremental cost of production (Ans)

(d) the lowest negative incremental cost of production

17. During no load test an induction motor draws power

(a) for core, windage and friction loss (Ans)

(b) for core, loss and copper loss

(c) for copper, windage and friction loss

(d) only for the very small copper loss

18. In multiquadrant operation of drive for the torque and speed positive is called

(a) forward motoring (Ans)

(b) forward braking

(c) reverse braking

(d) reverse motoring

19. The stable point of the given steady state speed-torque curve of motor and load is

20. Which of the following tests must be performed on a transformer to determine its leakage reactance ?

(a) Both OC and SC test

(b) OC test only

(c) SC test only (Ans)

(d) Test by an impedance bridge

21. Which one of the following statements is not true for Zener diode ?

(a) Before breakdown having very high resistance

(b) After breakdown has a very small dynamic resistance

(c) Lightly doped (Ans)

(d) Used to establish a fixed reference

22. The polar is shown in figure below. The type of system is

(a) type 0

(b) type 1

(c) type 2

(d) type 3 (Ans)

23. The forward path transfer function of a unit feedback system is

G(s) = K(s + 2)
(s2 + 1)(s + 4)(s - 1)

The range of K, for which there will be only two closed loop right hands poles, is

(a) - 33 < K - 12

(b) K < - 33

(c) K > 2 (Ans)

(d) 0 < K <2

24. In the signal flow graph shown in figure, the transfer function is

(a) 3.75

(b) -3

(c) 3 (Ans)

(d) -3.75

25. The transfer function of a system is given as

H (z) = 4z-1/(1 - 1/4 z-1)2 , |z| > 1/4 . The h [n] is

(a) stable

(b) causal

(c) stable and causal (Ans)

(d) None of these

2 Marks Questions

26. Given, P(A Ç B) = 1/3 and P(A È B) = 2/3, then P(B) is

(a) 2/3

(b) 1/5

(c) 1/3 (Ans)

(d) 4/5

27. If u + ir is an analytic function, then u + iv will be

(a) always analytic

(b) analytic only, if u = constant

(c) analytic only, if v = constant

(d) analytic only, if both u and v are constants (Ans)

GATE 2011 ECE question Paper detail to atteched pdf file..............
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