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samir khan
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Default MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Hi I need the English medium question papers of MP board and I couldn’t find out the question papers yet. Will you give me the question paper and tell me that can I down load the question papers?
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Old July 11th, 2012, 05:37 PM
priyanka goy
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Default MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Hi I need the English medium question papers of MP board and I couldn’t find out the question papers yet. Will you give me the question paper and tell me that can I down load the question papers
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Old July 11th, 2012, 06:22 PM
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Here I am attaching the file which will provide you the English medium question papers of MP Board .You can free download it.
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File Type: pdf MP Board English question paper .pdf (117.3 KB, 110 views)
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

also we have need to MP Board 12th Exam Question Paper, if any one hare then it great full for them.
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Old September 12th, 2012, 01:33 PM
santosh penak.
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Can some one give me the MP Board Blueprint of study materials of English Medium students for 11th standard. Get me the study materials and previous year question paper in downloadable version.
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Old September 13th, 2012, 09:54 AM
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Default mlb blog

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Old September 18th, 2012, 12:11 PM
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Can any body please provide me the MP Board Blueprint of study materials of English Medium students?
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Old September 18th, 2012, 12:12 PM
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Here I am forwarding a link from where you can get the MP Board English medium blueprint; on that link we have already uploaded the MP Board English medium blueprint. You can get the blue print after registration.
The link is:
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Old February 28th, 2013, 01:59 PM
Rattan Kumar
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Give me MP Board Blueprint English Medium?
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Old September 24th, 2013, 11:00 PM
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

2013blue print English medium download
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Old February 16th, 2014, 09:37 AM
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Default Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Here I am sharing the class XII MP Board Model Question paper and Blue Print of English

Q.1 Read the following passage carefully and answer the question that

The New Year is a time for resolutions. Mentally, at least most of us could compile formidable lists of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’. The same old favourites recur year in and year out with monotonous regularity. We resolve to get up earlier each morning, eat less, find more time to play with the children, do a thousand and one jobs about the house, be nice to people we don’t like, drive carefully, and take the dog for a walk every day. Past experience has taught us that certain accomplishments are beyond attainment. If we remain deep-rooted liars, it is only because we have so often experienced the frustration that results from failure. Most of us fail in our of efforts at self-improvement because our schemes are too ambitious and we never have time to carry them out. We also make the fundamental error of announcing our resolutions to everybody so that we look even more foolish when we slip back into our bad old ways. Aware of these pitfalls, this year I attempted to keep my resolutions to myself. I limited myself to two modest ambitions: to do physical exercise every morning and to read more in the evening. An all-night party on New Year’s Eve provided me with a good excuse for not carrying out either of these new resolutions on the first day the
year, but on the second, I applied myself assiduously to the task. The daily exercise lasted only eleven minutes and I proposed to do them early in the morning before anyone had got up. The self discipline required to drag myself out of bed eleven minutes earlier than usual was considerable. Nevertheless, I managed to creep down
into the living room for two days before anyone found me out. After jumping about on the carpet and twisting the human frame into uncomfortable position, I set down at the breakfast table in an exhausted condition. It was this that betrayed me. The next morning the whole family trooped in to watch the performance. That was really unsettling but I fended off the taunts and jibes of the family good humouredly and soon everybody got used to the idea. However, my enthusiasm wanted, the time I spent at exercises gradually diminished. Little by little, the eleven minutes fell to zero. By January 10th, I was back to where. I had started from.


(a) What is the New Year a time for?
(i) enjoying parties
(ii) Sending greetings
(iii) Making resolutions.
(iv) Watching T.V. Programmes.

(b) Why did the writer not carry out his resolutions on New Year’s Day?
(i) because he was very busy with his work.
(ii) because he attended an all-night party.
(iii) because he forgot about it.
(iv) because he had to go out of the town.

(c) For how long did his physical exercise last?
(i) eleven minutes
(ii) eleven hours
(iii) eleven days
(iv) eleven months.

(d) How did the author’s family members treat his resolution:-
(i) they helped him with his exercise.
(ii) they woke him up regularly.
(iii) they also did exercise.
(iv) they made a fun of him.

(e) where did the author do his exercise?
(i) on the terrace
(ii) in the bed-room
(iii) in the living room
(iv) in a park

(f) The word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘deep disappointment’.
(i) exhausted
(ii) attainment
(iii) accomplishment
(iv) frustration.
(g) Supply one word for 'unchanging State of affairs' from the

(i) regularity
(ii) monotonous
(iv) frustration

(h) The word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘happen
again and again’.
(i) effort
(ii) error
(iii) recur
(iv) attempt.

(i) Why is it a basic mistake to announce our resolutions to
(j) Why, according to the writer, most of us fail in our efforts
for self improvement?

Q.2 Read the following passage carefully :-
We are lucky to have so many kinds of mountains, hill ranges
and highlands. Apart from fact that hills and mountains are visually
exciting, they make the land productive in a way we seldom
consciously realize.

What, for instance, do the Himalayas do for us, apart from
giving visual glamour to our northern borders and giving us status as
possessors of the highest peaks in the world? Well, quite simply, they
keep the cold dry Siberian winds out of the country, and keep the
warm most monsoon winds inside it.

What, else, apart from our climate and rainfall do we owe to the
Himalayas? Well, we owe to them all those giant rivers which meander
over the wide area of flat land below the Himalayas, and give it life
and fertility. As snow and ice pile on each other in the higher of these
mountains, the bottom layer continuously melts, and this melted snow
is the source of those permanent rivers which water the North Indian
plains. As against these Himalayan rivers, most other are seasonal.
The vegetation found on the Himalayas consists of different
types of trees, shrubs and grasses, arranged in horizontal brands at
different heights in the same order in which they occur at various
latitudes. Fruits such as most of the apples and pears appearing in the
Indian markets can only be grown in the Himalayas. The conifer trees
are a rich source of timber.

(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make
suitable notes giving an appropriate title.
(b) Make a summary using those notes.

Design and draft a poster to highlight the importance of trees in our
life, appealing the people to plant more and more trees.
You want to let out a portion of your house. Draft an advertisement
giving necessary details to be published in the classified columns of a
local daily.

You are Alok the school captain of Saint Francis Senior Secondary
School Bhopal. Your School has organised a programme by Kathak
dancer, 'Padma'. Write a notice informing all the students about it.
Q.4 You are the Press-Reporter of Hindustan Times. You were sent to
report the bank dacoity in which 10 lac rupees were looted in broad
daylight. Write the report

You are the secretary of the science club of at Xavier’s convent
School, Gwalior. Write a report of the inter School Science Exhibition
organized in your school.

Q.5 Imagine yourself to be D.S. Tomar, the P.E.T. of All Saints Public
School, Raisen. Your Principal has asked you to place an order for
supply of sports equipments to M/s Olympic Sports, 56, New Market,
Bhopal. Write the letter.

You have read an advertisement for the post of Lecturer (Economics)
in Maharana Pratap Sr. Seco. School, Jaipur. You possess the desired
qualification. Write an application for job to the principal. Sign
yourself as Prateel/ Pratima of 62, Civil Lines, Vidisha.
Q.6 You are Anurag Anupama, a student of class XII. Your teacher has asked
you to deliver a speech on Importance of English in India in the morning
assembly. Write the speech -

Write an essay on any one of the following:-
a) Science in Daily Life
b) Increasing corruption A Threat to Socirty

Fill up the blanks by selecting the most appropriate option.
(a) How ----------- milk do you buy daily?
(many / much / any)
(b) ----------- cotton of Egypt is exported to many countries.
(a / an / the)
(c) My boos wants this report immediately. He demanded that it----
------ Ready by 5:00.

(will be / should be / was)
(d) I opened the door ------------ looked out.
(and / but / nor)
(e) You may get malaria --------- you are bitten by a mosquito.
(i) so that (ii) though (iii) if (iv) before.

Q.8 DO AS DIRECTED (any five)
(a) work / much / yet / to be / done / is.
(Rearrange to from a meaningful sentence)
(b) The teacher told us to exercise in the open.
(Rewrite using noun clause)

(c) Hurry up. You will miss the show.
(Combine the sentences using appropriate conjunction).
(d) Somebody is using the computer at the moment.
(Rewrite in passive from removing some body)
(e) Mohan finished his homework. Then he wrote a letter to his

(Combine the sentence using past perfect)
(f) (i)The boy is my friend
(ii) He is sitting in the last row
(Combine the sentences using relative clause)
(g) (i) Mohan found the book.
(ii) Mohan was going to school.
(Combine using adverbial clause)

(A) “Rushing towards the pure domain,
of the sea
The kingdom of water, water;
The passionate vigorous spirit
of life
The Liquid turquoise of light.”
with eternal flow. Questions

(a) These line have been taken from the poem:
(i) Forest and River
(ii) Teach me to Listen, Lord.
(iii) The Hill Top Temple.
(iv) Wonderful World.

(b) Who is the speaker of these lines:
(i) River
(ii) The passer by man
(iii) Forest
(iv) Water.

(c) Why is water called as the ‘liquid turquoise of light’?
“And get, when I said my prayers to day,
A whisper inside me seemed to say,
“You are more than the Earth, though you are such a dot:
You can love and think, and the earth cannot”
(a) Who is the poet?
(i) W.H. Davies
(ii) Sri Aurobindo
(iii) Jalaluddin Rumi
(iv) W.B. Rands.

(b) Whom does ‘you’ refer to?
(i) Air
(ii) Human being
(iii) World
(iv) Water

(c) What does the whisper inside say to the poet? Why?

(B) Answer any Three of the following
(a) Write the central idea of the poem “The English Language.
(b) How could listening to one’s inner voice be helpful?
(c) What is selfishness according to W.H. Davies?
(d) How does the secret spirit operate in human body?

Q.10 Answer any FOUR of the following question.
(a) In what way had post independence India influenced the world?
(b) Make a list of civic duties as suggested by Dr. Kalam.
(c) Describe the structure of brain.
(d) What were the there remarkable things in the strangers story?
(e) What is the best way to disarm hostility?
(f) Why did the new passenger not notice the girls hair?

Q.11 How did the friend from the sky help Mini?
Can a thief be nobler than a sage? Justify your answer on the basis of
“End and means”.

Q.12 “The ability to motivate other well flows from the importance that we
attach today”. Justify on the basic of John Wooden’s story.
Describe the importance of “The Gita”.

Q.13 Answer any Two of the following :
(a) Name the world’s highest water fall. Why is it called so?
(b) What accounts for beauty in yourself?
(c) Why did the truck driver say “What goes around comes around?
(d) What are the benefits of meditation?


Q.1 (a) making resolutions
(b) because he attended an all-night party.
(c) eleven minutes.
(d) they made a fun of him.
(e) in the living room.
(f) frustration.
(g) monotonous
(h) recur
(i) It is a basic mistake to announce our resolution to everybody as it
exposes us to the constant observation and scrutiny of others. We
make fool of ourselves when we slip back to our bad old habits.
(j) According to the writer, most of us fail in our efforts for self
improvement because our schemes and targets are either too
ambitious or beyond attainment. Moreover, we don’t have time
to carry them out.

1. Physical
1.1 Lend visual glmr. To our norn. Borders
1.2 Status of possessors of the world's highest peaks.
2. Climate & Rainfall:-
2.1 Keep the cold dry sibn. Winds from entering our country.
2.2 Keep the warm moist monsoon winds inside our country.

3. Perennial Rivers :-
3.1 giant rivers
3.2 snow and ice from the Himalayas feed there rivers.
3.3 Himalayan rivers perennial.

4. Vegetation :-
4.1 diff. Types of trees, shrubs and grasses.
4.2 Fruits like apples and pears
4.3 Coniferous trees yield timber.

Glmr = glamour.
Norn = northern.
Sibn = Siberian.
Diff = different.

We are lucky to have the Himalayas on our northern borders as
apart from lending visual glamour, they stop the cold Siberian winds
and keep the monsoon winds warm and moist inside the country. Snow
and ice from the Himalayas feed the great northern rivers throughout the
year. The Himalayas also have a number of these, shrubs and grasses.
Fruits like apples and pears are grown here and the coniferous trees
provide timber.

(a) Much
(b) The
(c) Should be
(d) And
(e) If

Q.8 (a) Much work is Yet to be done.
(b) The teacher told us that we should exercise in the open.
(c) Hurry up otherwise you will miss the show.
(d) The computer is being used at the moment.
(e) After he had finished his home-work, Mohan wrote a letter to
his father.
(f) The boy who is sitting in the last row is my friend.
(g) Mohan found the book while he was going to school.

(a) Forest and River

(b) Forest
(c) 'Turquoise' is a blue coloured precious stone and the river
water also appears to be blue in colour in light. Water is liquid
and is precious. So, the poet calls water to be liquid turquoise
quires of light to depict that this blue-coloured liquid is very

(a) W. B. Rands
(b) Human being
(c) The whisper inside the poet says that human beings, though
very small in comparison to the earth, are the most gifted and
finest creatures in this world because only they have the ability
to love and think.

(a) The poem “The English Language” writhen by Harry
Hemsley describes the nuances of English Language in a lighthearted
weay, specially about the words which have different
meanings but the same spellings. He says that the language is
hard to explain because a cricket is an insect and also a game;
a jumper is a thing you wear and a jumper is the one who
leaps. He gives many examples and wonders who should be
blamed for same words, same pronunciation, same spellings
but different meanings.

(b) In the poem “Teach me to Listen, Lord” the poet says that
conscience is the inner voice that warns us against a sinful
deed. It distinguishes between what is right and what is wrong.
So Listening to our inner voice is always helpful because it
prevents us from doing wrong and sinful deeds.

(c) In the poem “In the Country”, W.H. Davies dercrides the
human sufferings in big cities. He criticizes the urban people
by calling them selfish for not paying attention towards the
miseries of their fellow human the miseries of their fellow
human beings. He says that one who shuns the poor, sad and
weak people is a selfish man.

(d) Sri Aurobindo says that the secret spirit makes a human being
pure and virtuous. He says that our body is a perfect example
of the supreme being who lives inside our body as the spirit.
Every human body enshrines inside it the spark of the infinite.


(a) Post independence India has influenced the world by
producing superior individuals Like Nehru, the first woman
president of the general assembly of the UN, the Indian general
in charge of the prisoner exchange in korea. They have utilized
the knowledge and wisdom of the English people in the best
way. They have learnt and utilized the pure and exquisitely
enunciated English Language.

(b) As suggested by Dr. Kalam, the youth of India should
participate enthusiastically in civic programmes like cleaning
up a local park, planting trees, helping underprivileged
children, keeping the school campus clean etc. By this the
polluted areas of India could become clean and beautiful.

(c) The brain is one and a half kg mushroom of grey and white
tissue of gelatinous consistency. It consists of 30 billion
neurons and 150-300 billions of glial cells. The brain is inside
the skull that is about half cm thick and a watery fluid
surrounds it.

(d) The three remarkable things about the stranger’s story:-
(i) The discolouration on a wall of a house in London
resembled the face of an American and had so intimate
association with his existence.

(ii) The name of the man Mr. Ormond Wall resembled the
name of the street Great Ormond street on which the house
was Located.

(iii) The Stranger had made the story only half an hour before.
(e) The best way to disarm hostility is not to conceive a prejudice
against others, avoid thinking ill of others and avoid the faults
that we see in them.

(f) The new passenger did not notice the girls heir because he first
saw her eyes. She had so beautiful eyes that his attention was
concentrated on her eyes only but she was blind.

Q.11 Mini was a handicapped girl she was a spastic. She could not go out
to play and had no friends. She felt lonely and watched the children
playing in the park.

One day, an injured duck landed on lap when she was sitting in
the balcony. Mini and her mother gave it food and shelter and named
it Mitra when the neighborhood children came to know about the
bird, they all came to see it. They became very friendly with Mini.
They realized Mini’s anguish. They even brought a book on ducks for

The duck recovered and they released him into the lake. The next
day the children came and took Mini on her wheelchair to the park. Thus
the bird helped Mini in making so many friends and removing her

The story “Ends & Means” depicts that if the end is noble then
the means are not all that important. Even though, Birju the thief’s
means were impoper his kind act surpassed all the virtuous deeds of
Swami Arvasu, the sage.

Once, Birju, the thief wandered in the crowd listening to
Swami Arvasu’s discourse on the Gita in a hope of getting a chance

Swami Arvasu’s discourse on the Gita in a hope of getting a chance
to pick a pocket. But he was so engrossed that he stayed there even
after the other had left. He decided to lead an honest life and became
Swami’s disciple. Swamiji used to give the example of how his
discourse change a thief into a sage.

Once they halted near the village of Lohban. Birju went to
bring some firewood from the village. He peeped through a window
and saw a woman pretending to cook food for her children. Seeing
their pathetic condition, Birju stale two bags of food grain from a
grocery store and gave it to the woman. Then he told Swami about it.
Swami got annoyed and told him to leave him at once.
The next morning Birju was taken to the heaven by the
messenger of Lord Indra in the Pushpak Viman. God rewarded him
for his kind act.

Q.12 John Wooden was the most successful college basketball
coach. His practice sessions were as important as any championship
game. He did not find any reason in not playing well in practice as
one does in a game. He wanted that his players should go to bed each
night thinking that they had done their best that day. He had adopted
and followed his fathers advice “Make each day your masterpiece”.
He always focused on “Today”. As result his teams won 10 national
championships in a span of 12 years.


“The Gita” is a great religious poem, the deeper you go into it,
the richer the meanings you get. Its central teaching never varies
though the words may carry new and expanding meanings with every
age. It is not a collection of do’s and don’ts. It prohibits the desire for
fruit. It is addressed to the heart and so it is not for those who have no
faith. Lord Krishana says that only those people will be able to reach
him, who give this precious treasure to his devotees. He advises the
people to be free form malice & absorb the teaching with faith, then
only, they will attain true freedom.

(a) The world’s highest waterfall is known as the Angel Falls and
it is situated in Eastern Veneguela in South America. It has
been named after its discoverer. Jimmy Angel.

(b) Good deeds and happy thoughts account for beauty in oneself,
According to poet, one should perform good deeds and possess
happy thought in dreams, work and even during rest.

(c) Once the author helped a woman by fixing a tyre of her car.
After a few hours there was a problem in his own car. A truck
driver helped him a lot. He brought supper for the children and
did not take money. He took them to his relative’s house and
helped his brother, Brad in repairing the hole in the radiator.
When the author thanked him, he told that he had seen the
author helping helpless woman and so he also helped him.

(d) The benefits of meditation are calm mind, better retention,
better health, focus and concentration. When we practice
meditation, we realize that there benefits also include a
general sense of well-being, happiness and spiritual growth.
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Thumbs down Re: MP Board Blueprint English Medium

Originally Posted by samir khan View Post
Hi I need the English medium question papers of MP board and I couldn’t find out the question papers yet. Will you give me the question paper and tell me that can I down load the question papers?
i must want blueprint of 10th em urgently
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