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Default Satyam Placement Paper Pattern

I want to download some placement papers of Satyam. So will you provide the placement Papers to me?
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Default Re: Satyam Placement Paper Pattern

As you want to get placement papers of Satyam, so here I am providing the following placement papers:

Satyam Placement Paper

1. Disregarded
(a) heed
(b) hopeful
(c) evade
(d) dense
Ans. (a)
Ans. (b)
3. Superficial
(a) profound
(b) exaggerated
(c) subjective
(d) spirited
Ans. (a)
4. Abide
(a) retract an offer
(b) refuse to endure
(c) shield from harm
(d) exonerate
Ans. (b)
5. Acerbity
(a) noteworthiness
(b) hypocrisy
(c) mildness of temperament
(d) lack of anxiety
Ans. (c)
Directions: Each question or group of questions is based on a passage or set of conditions. For
each question, select the best answer choice given.
Questions: 6-9
In a certain society, there are two marriage groups, Red and Brown. No marriage is permitted
within a group. On marriage, males become part of their wife’s group: women remain in their
own group. Children belong to the same group as their parents. Widowers and divorced males
revert to the group of their birth. Marriage to more than one person at the same time and
marriage to a direct descendant are forbidden.
6. A Brown female could have had
I. a grandfather born Red
II. a grandmother born Red
III. two grandfathers born Brown
(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) I and II only
(d) II and III only
(e) I,II and III
Ans. (c)
7. A male born into the Brown group may have
(a) an uncle in either group
(b) a Brown daughter
(c) a Brown son
(d) a son-in-law born into the Red group
(e) a daughter-in-law in the Red group
Ans. (a)
8. Which of the following is not permitted under the rules stated?
(a) A Brown male marrying his father’s sister
(b) A Red female marrying her mother’s brother
(c) A man born Red, who is now a widower, marrying his brother’s widow
(d) A widower marrying his wife’s sister
(e) A widow marrying her divorced daughter’s ex-husband
Ans. (b)
9. If widowers and divorced males retained the group they had upon marrying, which of the
following would have been permissible? (Assume no previous marriages occurred)
(a) A woman marrying her dead sister’s husband
(b) A woman marrying her divorced daughter’s ex-husband.
(c) A widower marrying his brother’s daughter
(d) A woman marrying her mother’s brother, who is a widower
(e) A divorced male marrying his ex-wife’s divorced sister
Ans. (d)
Questions 10-13
Tom wishes to enroll in Latin AA, Sanskrit A, Armenian Literature 221, and Celtic Literature
Latin AA meets five days a week, either from 9 to 11 A.M or from 2 to 4 P.M.
Sanskrit A meets either Tuesday and Thursday from 12 noon to 3 P.M., or Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday from 10 A.M to 12 noon.
Armenian Literature 221 meets either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:30 to 2 P.M., or
Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M
Celtic Literature 701 meets by arrangement with the instructor, the only requirement being that it
meet for one four-hour session or two two-hour sessions per week, between 9A.M and 4 P.M
from Monday to Friday, beginning on the hour.
10. Which combination is impossible for Tom?
(a) Latin in the morning, Sanskrit on Tuesday and Thursday, and Armenian Literature on
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(b) Latin in the afternoon and Sanskrit and Armenian Literature on Monday, Wednesday, and
(c) Latin in the afternoon, Sanskrit on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,and Armenian Literature
on Tuesday and Thursday
(d) Latin in the morning and Sanskrit and Armenian Literature on Monday, Wednesday, and
(e) Latin in the afternoon, Armenian Literature on Monday, Wednesda and Friday, and Celtic
Literature on Tuesday
Ans. (d)
11. Which of the following gives the greatest number of alternatives for scheduling Celtic
Literature, assuming that all other courses
(a) Latin in the afternoon and Armenian Literature Monday, Wednesday and
(b) Sanskrit on Tuesday and Thursday and Armenian Literature on Monday, Wednesday and
(c) Latin in the afternoon and Armenian Literature Tuesday and Thursday
(d) Latin in the morning and Sanskrit on Tuesday and Thursday
(e) Sanskrit on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. and Armenian Literature on Tuesday and
Ans. (a)
12. If the Celtic instructor insists on holding at least one session on Friday, in which of the
following can Tom enroll?
(I) Armenian Literature on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
(II) Sanskrit on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) both I and II
(d) I or II but not both
(e) neither I nor II
Ans. (d)
13. Which of the following additional courses, meeting as indicated, can Tom take?
(a) Maths–Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10A.M to 12 noon
(b) French–Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11A.M to 12:30 P.M
(c) English–Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 4 P.M
(d) Japenese–Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 P.M
(e) Old Norse-Icelandic–Monday only from 12 to 3 P.M
Ans. (b)
Questions 14-18
(1) Ashland is north of East Liverpool and west of Coshocton
(2) Bowling Green is north of Ashland and west of Fredericktown
(3) Dover is south and east of Ashland
(4) East Liverpool is north of Fredricktown and east of Dover
(5) Fredricktown is north of Dover and west of Ashland
(6) Coshocton is south of Fredricktown and west of Dover
14. Which of the towns mentioned is furthest to the northwest ?
(a) Ashland
(b) Bowling Green
(c) Coshocton
(d) East Liverpool
(e) Fredericktown
Ans. (b)
15. Which of the following must be both north and east of Fredericktown?
(I) Ashland
(II) Coshocton
(III) East Liverpool
(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) III only
(d) I and II
(e) I and III
Ans. (e)
16. Which of the following towns must be situated both south and west of at least one other
(a) Ashland only
(b) Ashland and Fredricktown
(c) Dover and Fredricktown
(d) Dover,Coshocton and Fredricktown
(e) Dover,Coshocton and East Liverpool
Ans. (d)
17. Which of the following statements, if true, would make the information in the numbered
statements more specific?
(a) Coshocton is north of Dover
(b) East Liverpool is north of Dover
(c) Ashland is east of Bowling Green
(d) Coshocton is east of Fredericktown
(e) Bowling Green is north of Fredericktown
Ans. (a)
18. Which of the numbered statements gives information that can be deduced from one or more
of the other statement?
(a) (1)
(b) (2)
(c) (3)
(d) (4)
(e) (6)
Ans. (c)

Questions 19-22
Spelunkers International offers exploring tours in eight caves: Abbott, Benny, Caeser,
Dangerfield, Ewell, Fields, Guinness, and Hope
(1) Class 1 spelunkers may not attempt cave Ewell, Fields or Hope
(2) Class 2 spelunkers may not attempt Hope
(3) Class 3 spelunkers may attempt any cave
(4) Cave Caesar may be attempted only by spelunkers who have previously explored cave Benny
(5) Cave Fields may be attempted only by spelunkers who have previously explored cave Ewell
(6) Only two of caves Benny, Caeser, Ewell, Fields, and Hope may be attempted by any explorer
in a single tour

19. A class 2 spelunker who has previously explored cave Ewell may be restricted in choosing a
tour by which rule(s)?
(I) Rule(4)
(II) Rule(5)
(III) Rule(6)
(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) I and III only
(d) II and III only
(e) I, II and III
Ans. (c)
20. In how many different ways may a class 1 spelunker who has never explored any of the eight
caves before set up a tour of three caves, if she wishes to explore caves Abbott and Caesar?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5
(e) 6
Ans. (b)
21. What is the maximum number of caves that a class 3 spelunker who has previously explored
only cave Benny may include in a single tour?
(a) 4
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 7
(e) 8
Ans. (b)
Answered By StudyChaCha Member
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Default Re: Satyam Placement Paper Pattern

As you want the Satyam Placement Paper Pattern so here it is given below

Satyam Placement process has two parts
Written Test and the
Technical Round

Satyam Placement Paper Pattern

Totally 15 aptitude questions
Duration 30 minutes

1. Time and distance
2. Letter encoding
3. Given some number as input and they given 5 set of output strings. For a new set of input strings we have to find the output.

Clock Problem

Reasoning (relation between statements)

Compound interest.

Pyramid problem.

Finding The Average Salary

Encoding binary system

Figure problem. Three figures given. Find the fourth one.

Satyam Placement Paper

1. Who is sitting second to the right of R?
1) P
2) Q
3) X
4) S
5) Either P or Q
2. Who is sitting fourth to the right of W?
1) P
2) Q
3) S
4) V
5) Either S or V
3. In which of the given pairs is the second person sitting third to the left of the first person?
1) UV
2) TR
3) YS
4) WS
5) None of these
4. Which of the following statements is certainly correct?
1) Q is sitting on the immediate left of W.
2) T and S are sitting adjacent to each other.
3) P is sitting on the immediate right of Y.
4) T is fourth to the left of X.
5) None of these
5. Which of the following statements is definitely false?
1) X is sitting adjacent to P.
2) Q is sitting adjacent to X.
3) Q is sitting between X and W.
4) Y is sitting between P and R.
5) Y is sitting adjacent to V.
6. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which of the following
does not belong to that group?
1) Anklet
2) Armlet
3) Bangle
4) Earring
Directions (Q.7-10): In each question below is given a statement followed by three assumptions
numbered I, II and III. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider
the statements and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the
7. Statement: State XYZ has decided to provide subsidy for a battery-powered bike and the subsidy
would initially be restricted to 200 units.
I. The move may allure all citizens to buy battery-powered bike.
II. The move may encourage the people to purchase battery-powered bike.
III. Battery-powered bike may prove friendly for the state as well as the customers.
1) Only I and II
2) Only II and III
3) Only I and III
4) All I, II and III
5) None of these
8. Statement: The water of the Ganga is more fit for taking a holy dip than it used to be 20 years ago,
despite unrelenting discharge of effluents by some of the rogue cities along its banks; now the
biochemical oxygen demand (BoD) has fallen 6.2 milligrams per litre (mgl) to 2.7 mgl in latest count
last year.
Assumptions: I. More the BoD, less the chances of survival of the river life.
II. Decrease in BoD spells good for the humans as well as water life.
III. BoD is the only key indicator of river health.
1) Only I and II
2) Only II and III
3) Only I and III
4) All I, II and III
5) None of these
9. Statement: Targeting Buddhist tourists from both India and abroad, the Indian Railways will launch a
unique express train connecting all important places of Buddhist pilgrimage in India besides one in
Assumptions: I. A unique express train connecting all important places of Buddhist pilgrimage may
attract a large number of Buddhist tourists.
II. The move may help the Indian Railways to generate more revenue.
III. Buddhist tourists prefer on-board and off-board catering and housekeeping services.
1) Only I and II
2) Only II and III
3) Only I and III
4) All I, II and III
5) None of these
10. Statement: For the first time, policemen in the City of Lakes are being watched round- the-clock
through the close-circuit television cameras connected to the office of the Superintendent of Police.
Assumptions: I. The move may be helpful in reducing the cases related to custodial deaths.
II. The move may reduce the cases regarding dereliction from duty by the police personnel.
III. The move may improve the police-public interaction.
1) Only I and II
2) Only II and III
3) Only I and III
4) All I, II and III
5) None of these
Directions (Q. 11-15): The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent
paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from
among the five given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.
11. A. In deciding to redouble the war effort, Mr Bush now finds himself almost alone.
B. Instead, he dismissed General Abizaid, and reshuffled key figures in his Iraq team.
C. General John Abizaid, the head of Central Command that overseas American strategy in Iraq and
Afghanistan, all but rejected the idea of a “surge” of forces two months ago.
D. Mr Bush has always said he would defer to his military commanders, but this time he did not take
their advice.
E. He told a Senate hearing that raising troop levels by 20,000 would have only a “temporary effect” on
security and would delay the day Iraqi forces could take control.
12. A. Much has been made of the risk for Western Europe of depending too heavily of Russian exports
of gas.
B. Russia under Vladimir Putin is prone to using energy exports as a blunt tool of foreign policy,
especially when trying to bully countries in its hinterland.
C. This week it blocked oil exports passing via Belarus to Europe, though that spat was soon resolved.
D. Complicating the matter is an argument over the security of energy supply in Europe.
E. Last year Russia interrupted gas deliveries to Ukraine, affecting supplies in central and Western
Europe too.
13. A. The comic act on Gandhi was also brought to the notice of the government by the same set of
self-styled tattlers.
B. But for the government to get that is as difficult as it is to explain a dirty joke to a group of nuns.
C. It's easy and correct to lambast the government for its mai-baap attitude.
D. If Mallika Sherawat dances wearing whatever she wants to at a New year's Eve show, the televisions
channels put it on a constant loop for the next several days almost waiting for some poor 'offended soul
to file a case for obscenity against Sherawat.
E. But a large chunk of the blame for making Himalayas out of road bumps should lie on the media,
especially the increasingly self-righteous television media.
F. A joke is a joke is a joke — risque or otherwise.
14. A. Making landowners permanent beneficiaries will nip the incipient unrest in the bud.
B. By far the easiest way to do this is announce the change in land use and leave it to the market to
decide its price.
C. However, where titles are customary and therefore clouded, and the 'owners' of the land, in the
modern sense, are hard to identify, the State may feel it necessary to play an intermediary role.
D. It must then ensure that the owners are compensated in ways that make them partners in, and
beneficiaries of, all the development.
E. This has the inestimable advantage of being transparent and even-handed.
15. A. They are equally at sea regarding rules and procedures of Parliament or legislatures and thus
their interest is limited.
B. An alert legislature can always keep the executive on its toes.
C. For instance, there are MPs and MLAs who are unaware of the history and ideology of their
respective parties.
D. More and more people are entering public life without being fully armed to handle competitive
E. This lack often allows the executive to have free play since it is the bureaucracy which largely calls
the shots while parroting “yes, Minister”
16. N is natural number such that when it is successively divided by 8, 6 and 7, leaves remainders 3,1
and 5 respectively. If the natural number is divided by 42 the quotient is 40 more than that when the
same natural number is divided by 168. Find the value of N.
1) 2267
2) 1957
3) 4463
4) 5524
5) Can't say
17. Each of the numbers x1, x2, x3, x4,.... xn, n ? 7 is equal to either 1 or 0. Two numbers x and y are
defined as given:
X= x1x2x3 + x2x3x4 + ...+ xn-2xn-1xn
Y = x1x2x3x4 + x2x3x4x5 + ... + xn-3xn-2xn-1xn
What is the minimum number of xi's (i = 1, 2, 3, ...) that should be equal to 1 in order that X and Y
have minimum values of 4 and 3 respectively?
1) 4
2) 5
3) 6
4) 7
5) None of these
18. For which of the following set of values of x is the inequality > 0 satisfied?
1) {-7 < x< 2}
2) {1 < x <5/2}
3) {-6 4) {-2 < x < 1}
5) None of these
19. 465 coins consist of one-rupee, 50-paise and 25 paise coins. Their values are in the ratio 5:3:1. Find
the number of 50- paise coins.
1) 155
2) 124
3) 186
4) 310
5) None of these
20. Find the number of different ways in which 7^11can be expressed as the product of three factors.
1) 14
2) 16
3) 18
4) 20
5) 22
Direction(Q 21-22): In the following questions two equations are provided. On the basis of these you
have to find the relation between p and q.
Give answer (1) if p = q
Give answer (2) if p > q
Give answer (3) if q > p
Give answer (4) if p ? q, and
Give answer (5) if q ? p.
21. I. 5p2 - 8p + 3 = 0
II. 2q2 - 7q + 5 = 0
22. I. 12p2 - p - 1 = 0
II. 18q2 - 9q + 1 = 0
23. Consider a triangle drawn on x-y plane with its three vertices (21, 0), (0, 21) and (0, 0), each vertex
being represented by its (x-y) coordinates. The number of points with integral coordinates inside the
triangle (excluding all the points on the boundary) is
1) 211
2) 169
3) 191
4) 170
5) 190
24. There are two alloys of zinc and copper. Alloy-I contains zinc and copper in the ratio 5:4 and Alloy-
II contains zinc copper in the ratio 27:13. Two alloys are mixed in a certain proportion such that zinc
and copper are in the ratio 483:309 in the resulting alloy. 10Gm of the resulting alloy is taken for
testing. What is the contribution of the first alloy (in gm)?
1) 5 gm
2) 6 gm
3) 6 gm
4) 5 gm
5) 6 gm
25. There are K number of points on a line ι and 2K number of points outside the line. The points
outside the line are non-collinear. The maximum number of straight lines that can be drawn with the
help of these 3K points are 190, including ι. Find the value of K.
1) 5
2) 6
3) 7
4) 8
5) 9
ANSWERS: 1. (5) 2. (4) 3. (3) 4. (2) 5. (5) 6. (5) 7. (5) 8. (1) 9. (1) 10. (2) 11. (3) 12. (4) 13. (3) 14.(4) 15. (2) 16. (1) 17. (3) 18. (4) 19.(3) 20. (2) 21. (5) 22. (5) 23. (1) 24. (3) 25. (2)
Answered By StudyChaCha Member
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