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usha prajapat
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Default Kerala PSC questions and answers Pdf free download

I am going to appear for the Kerala PSC prelims exam so I need its old solved question papers for preparation. Please inform me if there is any website from where I can download the papers in Pdf form free of cost. If yes, please give me the address of the website.
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Default Re: Kerala PSC questions and answers Pdf free download

Here I’m uploading files in images format for the KPSC Reserve Conductor exam question. Click to download:
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Name:	KPSC Reserve Conductor paper 10.png
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Default Re: Kerala PSC questions and answers Pdf free download

send me any sda Q papers to
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Default Re: Kerala PSC questions and answers Pdf free download

Visit for all Kerala PSC Previous questions and answers in PDF format. This website is designed exclusively for Kerala PSC Exam aspirants. It provides PSC Previous, Model Questions, Current affairs etc.
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Default Re: Kerala PSC questions and answers Pdf free download

Here I’m uploading files in images format for the KPSC Reserve Conductor exam question. Click to download:

1. First hydroelectric project started in the year :
(a) 1948 (b) 1950
(c) 1940 (d) 1946

2. Perumon tragedy is related with :
(a) Vembanad lake (b) Asthamudi lake
(c) Sastamcotta lake (d) Irity lake

3. India’s first television centre started in :
(a) 1959 (b) 1962
(c) 1969 (d) 1960

4. Real name of ................ was Edson Arantes do Naseinento
(a) Paulomi Ghatak (b) Pullela Gopichand
(c) Baichung Bhutia (d) Pele

5. Yakshgana is the dance form of :
(a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Karnataka (d) Orissa

6. A device which converts light energy into electric energy :
(a) Photo electric cell (b) lead acid accumulator
(c) Dry cell (d) nickel cadmium battery

7. The longest railway tunnel in India is on :
(a) Southern Railway (b) Konkan Railway
(c) Western Railway (d) Eastern Railway

8. Blood group of universal recipient :
(a) B (b) O
(c) AB (d) A

9. Price of an inland letter is :
(a) Rs. 3 (b) Rs. 4
(c) Rs. 2.50 (d) Rs. 3.50

10. Who said ‘Things are numbers’?
(a) Pythagorus (b) Graham
(c) G.H. Hardy (d) Herodotus

11. A pulse is considered as a substitute for milk :
(a) Green gram (b) Peanut
(c) Black gram (d) Soyabean

12. The part of the potato do we eat :
(a) underground stem (b) root
(c) stem (d) root nodes

13. The gas combines with rain water and causes acid rain :
(a) Hydrogen sulphide (b) Sulphurdioxide
(c) Methane (d) Ethane

13. The gas combines with rain water and causes acid rain :
(a) Hydrogen sulphide (b) sulphurdioxide
(c) Methane (d) Ethane

14. Main function of intestinal villi is to :
(a) stimulate peristalsis (b) prevent antiperistalsis
(c) provide a large surface area (d)distribute digestive enzymes

15. The disorder somanambulism is commonly known as :
(a) Bird flue (b) rat fever
(c) sleep walking (d) meningitis

16. Baking powder is :
(a) sodium bicarbonate (b) sodium carbonate
(c) potassium bicarbonate (d) potassium carbonate

17. First woman to lead delegation to the U.N :
(a) Kasturba Gandhi (b) Fathima Meer
(c) Vijaya Laxmi Pandit (d) Kamala Nehru

18. Number of vertebrae in human skeleton :
(a) 35 (b) 32
(c) 33 (d) 30

19. Harijan Asram founded by Gandhiji at :
(a) Varanasi (b) Amritsar
(c) Aurangabad (d) Sabarmati

20. World Heart Day is on :
(a) Second Sunday of August (b) Second Sunday of September
(c) Last Sunday of August (d) Last Sunday of September
21. The second host of tapeworm :
(a) cat (b) culex mosquito
(c) cow (d) pig

22. Coolie is written by :
(a) Mulk Raj Anand (b) K.M. Panikkar
(c) Laxmi Sehgal (d) I.K. Gujral

23. Galapagos islands are linked with :
(a) classification of animals (b) studies on evolution
(c) geographical specialities (d) presence of ice burgs

24. Subject deals with life and death of human beings :
(a) vital statistics (b) sensus
(c) population (d) survey

25. First Woman Cosmonaut from India :
(a) Anna Malhotra (b) Kalpana Chawla
(c) Kiran Bedi (d) Kadambini Ganguli

26. Indian Institute of Science is in :
(a) Bombay (b) Bangalore
(c) Calcutta (d) Chennai
27. S.P.C.A stands for :
(a) South Asian Preferential Trade (b) Society for Peace of the Adivasi
Agreement Community
(c) Sardar Sarovar Project (d) Society for prevention of Cruelty
to Animals
28. Founder of Brahma Samaj :
(a) Dayananda Saraswathi (b) Ramakrishna Paramahamsan
(c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (d) Swami Vivekananda
29. “Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep”
These lines are belongs to :
(a) T.S. Eliot (b) John Milton
(c) Mark Twain (d) Robert Frost
30. ‘Bird Man of India’:
(a) Muhammed Ali (b) Salim Ali
(c) M.S. Swaminathan (d) Dr. Kurien
31. The vitamin that helps in blood clotting :
(a) B (b) K
(c) C (d) A
32. Largest Producer of Thorium in the World :
(a) Kerala (b) Kashmir
(c) Assam (d) Bihar
33. The acid present in tea :
(a) Acetic acid (b) Tartaric acid
(c) Lactic acid (d) Tanic acid
34. Cotton belongs to the family of :
(a) Malvaceae (b) Cruciferae
(c) Compositae (d) Umbiliferae
35. Biogas contains :
(a) Methane (b) ethane
(c) Hydrogen sulphide (d) Ammonia
36. The scientist who worked on genetics :
(a) Lamarek (b) Mendel
(c) Hugo De Vries (d) Charles Darwin
37. National award given to best actress :
(a) Swarna mayooram (b) Latha award
(c) Swarna kamal (d) Urvasi award
38. A cube has numerically equal volume and surface area. The volume of such a cube is :
(a) 3000 units (b) 1000 units
(c) 216 units (d) 210 units
39. The element present in all organic compounds :
(a) Sulphur (b) Nitrogen
(c) Potassium (d) Carbon
40. The author of ‘Hindu View of Life’ :
(a) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (b) Swami Saswathananda
(c) Bhagavan Das (d) Morarji Desai
41. The importance of ozone layer is :
(a) It helps the growth of plants (b) It acts as a protective layer from
U.V. rays
(c) It maintains the rate of rain (d) It helps the growth of
42. Mosaic disease of pulses is caused by :
(a) Virus (b) Fungus
(c) Bacteria (d) Flies
43. Hyperglycaemia is due to :
(a) excess of water in blood (b) excess of sugar in blood
(c) excess of alcohol in blood (d) excess of carbondioxide in blood
44. Bones present in a human adult :
(a) 216 (b) 200
(c) 206 (d) 180
45. Mobile part of an atom
(a) Neutron (b) proton
(c) Electron (d) Nucleus
46. Cuttack is on which river bank :
(a) Yamuna (b) Ganges
(c) Hugli (d) Mahanadi
47. Vandemataram is composed by :
(a) Rabindranath Tagore (b) Bankimchandra Chatterjee
(c) Mahatma Gandhi (d) Tagore
48. Pigment gives red colour to blood :
(a) Haemoglobin (b) RBC
(c) Plasma (d) Bile
49. The mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid
(a) Plaster of Paris (b) Bleaching powder
(c) Carbondisulphide (d) Aquaregia
50. In colour blindness with which colour red is confused ?
(a) Blue (b) Green
(c) Violet (d) Maroon
51. Mr. John is........... European.
(a) a (b) an
(c) of (d) by

52. Keep quiet,............?
(a) couldn’t you (b) will you
(c) shall you (d) can’t you

53. .................... breaking his leg, he hurt his arm.
(a) as well as (b) not only
(c) even if (d) as long as

54. Necessity is the ..............of invention.
(a) father (b) cause
(c) reason (d) mother

55. There is something wrong...............?
(a) isn’t there (b) wasn’t there
(c) is there (d) will there

56. A motor car is kept in a ..................
(a) garage (b) shed
(c) hall (d) open space

57. Young one of a cat is ................
(a) calf (b) puppy
(c) cub (d) kitten

58. ................... is a carnivorous animal.
(a) tiger (b) elephant
(c) bull (d) zebra
59. A fleet of ..................
(a) geese (b) animals
(c) ships (d) birds

60. Which of the following word is correctly spelt?
(a) separate (b) seperate
(c) seperete (d) seperat

61. Which of the following word is wrongly spelt?
(a) formaly (b) format
(c) forge (d) forfeit

62. “Please help me.” This is an ................. sentence.
(a) assertive (b) imperative
(c) exclamatory (d) interrogative
63. “Post mortem” means
(a) after death (b) operation

(c) surgical investigation (d) medical check up
64. Scientific study of the eye and its diseases is :
(a) dermatology (b) opthalmology
(c) orthopaedics (d) orthography

65. Which of the following is a correct plural noun?
(a) sisters in law (b) sister in law
(c) sister in laws (d) sisters in laws
66. He ran .................. the road.
(a) over (b) on
(c) by (d) across

67. Raju is displeased .................... his wife.
(a) on (b) with
(c) by (d) to

68. The synonym of “Weak” is :
(a) feeble (b) strong
(c) firm (d) obstinate
69. The synonym of “holy” is :
(a) famous (b) sacred
(c) worship (d) pray

70. The antonym of “bold” is :
(a) stupid (b) strong
(c) rigid (d) timid

71. If ART is represented by 2697 then TAP is represented by :
(a) 7421 (b) 72611
(c) 2947 (d) 24711

72. If 1/3 of a number is 13 then double of that number is :
(a) 78 (b) 87
(c) 26 (d) 39

73. If 27 times of a number is 1728 then the number is :
(a) 74 (b) 84
(c) 64 (d) 54

74. If we add 25 to 90% of a number, we get the number. Then the number is :
(a) 400 (b) 300
(c) 200 (d) 250

75. If there are 3 numbers such the double of the first number is the second number and double of the second number
is the third number. If the average of these three numbers is 210 then the first number :
(a) 60 (b) 90
(c) 45 (d) 40

76. If the difference of the squares of two consecutive even numbers is 44 then one of the numbers is :
(a) 10 (b) 14
(c) 16 (d) 22

77. If 3 numbers are in the ratio of 1:3:4 and average of these numbers is 56, then one of these numbers is :
(a) 92 (b) 64
(c) 42 (d) 84

78. If the following numbers are written in increasing order which will be the third digit of the number coming in the
centre :
631, 586, 613, 535, 678, 574,, 547
(a) 6 (b) 8
(c) 1 (d) 4

79. Numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 are given, Using these numbers how many 4 digit numbers can be constructed without repeating
the digits :
(a) 17 (b) 20
(c) 249 (d) 23

80. What is the value of x x x ?
(a) (b)
(c) (d)

81. Find the smallest number which gives the remainder 2 which it is divided by 15, 6 and 9 :
(a) 182 (b) 98
(c) 92 (d) 77

82. What is the value of :
(a) 3/8 (b) 8/3
(c) 24/18 (d) 24/35

83. Value of - 1122 is :
(a) 16 (b) 25
(c) 15 (d) 67

84. nth term of the series :
a-a2 +
(a) (-a)2 (b) (1)2nan
(c) (-1)nan (d) (-1)n-1a2

85. If CAT is represented by DEBCUV then DOG is equivalent to :
86. If + = 4 then - is :
(a) 14 (b) 16
(c) 18 (d) 12

87. If two numbers are in ratio of 1:3 and their least common multiple is 45 then one of the number is :
(a) 30 (b) 45
(c) 60 (d) 40

88. If SMART is represented by TNBSU, then PENCIL is equivalent to :

89. Find the missing term of the sequence :
(a) 2, 3, 5, 10 ................
(a) 20 (b) 13
(c) 12 (d) 15
90. Value of + + is :
(a) (b)
(c) (d)

91. Odd among the following is :
(a) Circle (b) Sphere
(c) Rectangle (d) Parallelogram
92. Value of - ) +
is :
(a) (b)
(c) 4 (d) 3

93. Biggest among the following is :
(a) (b)
(c) (d)

94. Simplified form of is : is
(a) (b)
(c) (d)

95. Double of which number is one fourth of 48 :
(a) 12 (b) 8
(c) 6 (d) 24

96. If A:B=2:3 and C:B=5:6, then A:C is :
(a) 4:5 (b) 4:3
(c) 2:6 (d) 5:12

97. If 12 people can finish a job by 5 days, how many days will be required to finish the same job by 10 people?
(a) 9 (b) 8
(c) 7 (d) 6

98. If STEP is represented by QRCN then LION is equivalent to :
(a) NOIL (b) JGML
(c) NCRD (d) NCRQ

99. A shirt is sold for Rs 440, profit obtained is 10% then the actual value of the shirt is :
(a) 400 (b) 460
(c) 390 (d) 480

100. Value of 1 + 2 + 3 +..............+ 20 is :
(a) 250 (b) 200
(c) 260 (d) 210

1. (c) 2. (b) 3. (a) 4. (d) 5. (c) 6. (a) 7. (b) 8. (c) 9.
(c) 10. (a) 11. (d) 12. (b) 13. (b) 14. (c) 15. (c) 16. (a) 17. (c)
18. (c) 19. (d) 20. (d) 21. (d) 22. (a) 23. (b) 24. (b) 25. (b) 26.
(b) 27. (d) 28. (c) 29. (d) 30. (b) 31. (b) 32. (a) 33. (d) 34. (a)
35. (a) 36. (b) 37. (d)
38. (c) 39.
(d) 40. (a) 41. (b) 42. (a) 43. (b) 44. (c) 45. (c) 46. (d) 47. (b)
48. (a) 49. (d) 50. (b) 51. (a) 52. (d) 53. (a) 54. (d) 55. (a) 56.
(a) 57. (d) 58. (a) 59. (c) 60. (a) 61. (a) 62. (b) 63. (a) 64. (b)
65. (a) 66. (d) 67. (b) 68. (b) 69. (b) 70. (d) 71. (b) 72. (a) 73.
(c) 74. (d) 75. (b) 76. (a) 77. (d) 78. (a) 79. (c) 80. (a) 81. (c)
82. (b) 83. (c) 84. (d) 85. (c) 86. (a) 87. (b) 88. (d) 89. (a) 90.
(b) 91. (b) 92. (c) 93. (b) 94. (d) 95. (c) 96. (a) 97. (d) 98. (b)
99. (a) 100. (d).
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