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Default IBM Interview Exam Pattern

What is the pattern for IBM interview exam?
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Default Re: IBM Interview Exam Pattern

The pattern for IBM interview exam is as follows:


This is the new pattern of IBM. It contains 3 sections.

SECTION-1 [Matrix Test] 15 ques - 13 min. [No negative marks for this section]

SECTION-2 [Number series test] 20 ques - 4 min. 15 mins mathematical [Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.]

SECTION-3 [Analytical type (Apti)] 12 ques - 15 min. [Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.]

SECTION 1, some information is given in the form of matrices, with headings for rows as row1, row2 Etc. For columns with headings as column1, column 2 Etc. those matrices r as follows.

Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4
Row1 @ * 2 Z
Row2 S K ? $
Row3 I P Z +
Row4 # 8 F Q

Questions r as follows (not same questions but same type)

1. if Column1, Column4 r interchanged and row3, row4 r interchanged and diagonal elements from top left to bottom right r written in reverse order then what is the element in row1 and column 1?

2. if Z's in odd numbered rows r replaced with 7's and S's in odd numbered columns r replaced with 5's then which column elements sum equals to 9?

3.After giving similar type of conditions , what is the element left to H?

In this section they gave around 4 matrices of this type and gave some questions for each matrix.

Total No. of Questions r 15. these r multiple choice questions.5 answers were given for each question. No negative marks for this section. Time Limit is 13 minutes.

All questions in this section r from number series. Total number of questions r 20.time limit is 4 minutes.these r also multiple choice questions( 5 options). Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.

2. NUMBER SERIES (20 qs -4 mins-20 marks- negative 1/4)
simple but v shud b very quick.time is very very very imp 4this section frnds dont get confused really very simple section
and 1more thing is the invigilator signals time 4 every 30 secs dont feel tense wth tht just go wth ur work..

EX: 17,18,19,34,35,19,20,___
EX: 22,21,34,33,45,____
EX: 40,41,41,42,42,42,44,44,____

Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section. Analytical type Questions. this secton is little bit tough.u must have practice to do this section. questions 12.time 15 minutes. Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.

1. If a company produces 15 different model of tv sets, 2 inchs screen and 4 different model of 4 inch screen size then how many model should vendor has for all the model.

2. If a team consists 20 members in which 20% are mathematician then how many member should they hire sothat the ratio would become 10/11.

3. The rate of color toner increases $33 to $35 and rate of black&white toner increases $28 to $29 if company spend $1540 in which 3/5 is color toner how much is total expenditure.

4. A computer shop consists 3 brand's alptop .Laptop of brand A is sold 3/16, B is sold 1/16 and c is sold ¾ then what fraction is sold by the shop in all.
Ans 1/16

5. Printer A prints 8192 character per min and printer B prints 13862 character per min four character are equal to one word. Printer A starts at 7:15 am while Printer B starts at 7:29 am then at what time both will have same no of words printed

6. In a library there are 5 cluster and each is having 44 books(module). In first weak 75 books are used, in second 95, in third 95 and in fourth 160 books are used. then tell how much fraction of books are used

7. We have 171 kg rice custing 7 rs/kg.we have rice at 11 rs/kg and 2 rs/kg .then after mixing 11 rs/kg and 2 rs/kg rice. What is quantity of 11 rs/kg rice ..
Ans 76.00

8. Rectangular room has width half of its length. When 6 is decreased from both length and width then its area is differed by 108 so find the width.
Ans L=8, W=4

9 Rectangular room has width twice of its length. When 6 is decreased from both length and width then its area is differed by 108 so find the width.
Ans L=4, W=8

10. Company A taken a truck on rent of $1280 per month another company B bought the truck in $40000 and send $120 per month. After 4 years what will be the difference in the amount spent by the both companies on the TRUCK.

11. In a company printing work is done by two machine 5% of the work done by machine A are wasted, and 40% of work done by machine B are wasted. if the 80% of the total work is done by machine A. then what is the total percentage of wastage.

Then GD

GD Topics :
Should er. Go to out side India.
Money is inresponsible.
Exercise is good for health. brain and drain.
Primary education. Is better than Higher education.
Nuclear deal

only check communication skills, Then communication test

Detail about IBM Voice/Communication test u will be given cell phone and u have to dial the server
no. the details regarding this will be communicated to u at the time of test.once u connected to the server there will be five round to check ur Voice/communication.

1st round - "Read the sentences
u'll be given a paper which contain 10-12 sentences in english.
u'll be asked to read the sentences like "Read the sentence no 6
there will be 8-9 sentences to read. (easiest round)

2nd round - "Repeat the sentences
The server will say some sentences and u have to repeat them.
The senetences will be in different voices, speed, accent (easy one)

3rd round - "Make sentence from Jumble words
The server will pronounce some jumbled words and u have to make senetence from that U can't add ur own words/articals/adjectives and all to make the sentences. u have to use only the senetences pronounced by the server. (it would be a normal used sentences like - "eat i daily mango ) (Most difficult among all)

4th round - "one word answer
The server will ask question which u have to reply in one word.
Like what is the color of milk?
What is frozen water called? (ICE)
Which is faster:cat or worm? (CAT)
Which is thinner:finger or leg? (FINGER)
how many weeks r there in a year? (52)
how many minutes r there in 1 and a half hr? (90)
What do u wear when u go out in cold: sweater or shirt? (SWEATER)
How many eggs are there in a dozen? (12)
If you are going out for lunch with your mother, who are you: daughter or sister? (DAUGHTER)
Which is smaller castle or cottage? (COTTAGE)
Afternoon comes before or after lunch? (BEFORE)
trees have more no. of branches or trunks? (BRANCHES)
how many months are there in two years? (24)
U see with ur eyes or ears? (EYES)

5th Round - "Answer in detail
The server will ask discriptive question like "What will u do if become the prime minister

The whole process will take 10-12 min. The accent will be of US, UK, Australia. The problem people face is understanding the sentences. The questions are very easy to answer but u have to catch what the server is saying.

Tech and HR round

normalisation, difference between DBMS &RDBMS primary, secondary oreign, unique key Difference between primary & unique key

Data structure:
bubble sort difference between stack & queue

what is OOPS ?
characterists encapsulation, dynamic bynding with examples inheritence
difference between multiple & multilevel inheritence
virtual function
inline function
abstract & friend class

final class
advantage of Java
why Java is plateform independent.

write a program in Java to print the odd no. between 1 to 100?

Operating system:
Memory magt.threshing
Diff. Process and thread
different types of scheduling
explanation of round robin scheduling
deadlock, starvation, avoidance, prevention etc.

different types of topology
difference bet.tcp/ip and osi
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Default Re: IBM Interview Exam Pattern

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation. It manufacture and market computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas range from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

IBM Exam or Paper Pattern

IBM Aptitude and Technical Pattern


Part 1 : Letter Series.
Part 2 : Figures
Part 3 : Quantitative


Most question are on UNIX and some in C and some in Windows 3.1
All questions in UNIX

IBM Aptitude question Paper
1. Speed of boat in still water is 10kmph..if it travels 24km downstream,16km upstream in the same
amount of time,what is the speed of the stream?
2. A cube of 3 units is painted on all sides. If this cube is divided into cubes of 1 unit,how many cube
have none of their faces painted?
(e)none of these
3. If a person sells a product for rs141/- he suffers a loss of 6%.if he has to have a profit of 10%,
at what price should he sell it?
ans. rs.165 (i think,check)
4. A ball falls from a height of 8ft ,bounces back to half the distance & continues till it comes to rest.
what is the total distance travelled by the ball?
(d)cannot be determined
5. Which of the following is the sum of 3 consecutive prime nos?
(c)both a &b
6. If the area of a square has increased by 69%,by what % has its side increased?
7. In a class the average age is 16yrs.if the teacher who is 40 yrs of age is also included ,the average
17yrs,how many students were there?
8. If 3 houses are to be painted,mr A can paint a house in 6 days(nos are not same) B can do the
same in 8
days...& mr.C in 12 days.if mr A does the work for 8 days & leaves for vacation, & mr B continues
the work
for the next 6 days, for how many days should mr.C work?
ans:11 days(check)
9. 4 thieves rob a bakery of the breadone after the other. each thief takes half of what is present ,& half
bread...if at the end 3 bread remains,what is the no of bread that was present initiallly?
10. If the 1rst day of 1999 is a sunday,what is the last day?
(d)cannot be determined.
11. If A driver drives a car four times a lap 10,20 30,60 kmph what is his average speed.
In a group there are two kinds of people type A & type B.type A people answer for any question as
that of type B as NO.if they can not answer to these question then they remain silent. the mayor
asks question to
them as follows........
12. If he asks a person are u type A
a.YES b.NO c. Silent d.Can not be determined
13. He asks two persons X &Ysimultaneously whether u of same type
a. YES b. NO c.YES or NO d. Silent e. can not be determined
14. Pointing to a person X he asks Y what is his type
a. YES b. No c. Silent d can not be determined
15. Pointing to a person X he asks Y if I ask him whether r u type A ,will he answer YES.Y says
NO .what type
of B is
a. YES b. NO . c. Silent d. can not be determined
16. Six squares of same dimension are kept side by side to make a rectangle with a perimeter of 182
cm. what is
the perimeter of each square.
ans) 52.
17. One student takes 20 mins to reach school if he goes at a speed of 15kmph .At what speed should
he go to
reach in 15 mins ( nos are not same) ans: 16kmph( check)
18. How many rational numbers are there between 0 & 5
19. A certain number of bullets were shared by 3 people equally.Each of them fired 4 bullets and the
sum of the
remaining bullets was equal to the initial share each had got.what was the initial number of bullets?
ans:18..( 18/3=6;
20. A trigger is
(a) a statement ..start of database..
(b)statements that r executed as a side effect to the modification to the database
ans (b)
21. What does the following statement mean?
int (*a)[4]
(a)'a' is a pointer to an array of 4 integers
(b)'a' is an array of pointers to integer
(c)'a' is a pointer to function returning an integer
22. Best method to find out whether a given array already sorted,is sorted or not in min. time
ans. insertion sort (check)
23. A primary key in one table also present in some other table is called
(a)foreign key
(b)secondary key
(c)subordinate key
ans. foreign key
24. Which of the following is a real time system?
(a)robotics control
(b)airline ticket reservation(ans)
25. A question to convert a big no in decimal to octal(check only for the last 2 nos in ans is sufficient)
26. Which of the following is an example of a spooling device?
(b)line printer..
27. If in a table:account no,account holders name,account type ,.....(something else was given)are the
of them could be the primary key?
(a)account no(ans)
(b)account holders name
(c)account type
28. If a file is opened in "r+" mode(in C),it means
(a) write
29. What is the difference between 123 and 0123 in c?
30. Software Configuration Management process is -
(a)developing & managing software for
(b)developing & managing hardware
31. Data Integrity constraint is
(a)to ensure the presence of primary key
32. Which of the following uses the minimum length of cable?
(e)all of the above
31. How can u append the ls and who to certain existing file (like that)(i.e.listing & output of who is to
be directed
to a file
(d)who;ls (e)...
34. Suppose u have a network .users complain of slow ....u suspect a problem in network adapter once
u find that
the data is continuous and erroneous. what device do u use?
(c)protocol... checking
(d)all of the above
35. What is vector processing?
36. x-=y+1 is equivalent to what?
37. In a student form what is the relationship
b/w student and course
(a)one to one
(b)many to one
(c)one to many
(d)many to many
38. ROM is
(b)permanent & fast
(c)device containig boot up program & is not accessible
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