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Aryan singh 01:52 PM October 9th, 2011
When BHU BSc. Math Entrance Result for 2012 is about to come who have given the exam in end of 2012. Do BHU publish the BSc Math Entrance Exam Result on website also or we need to go to the campus to get the status of the result.
Sashwat 03:54 PM October 31st, 2011
Most probably the entrance exam for B.Sc. Mathematics at BHU will be held on May or June 2012.
The University conduct one central entrance exam for 3 year B.Sc. and it publishes all the results on the official website. so you are not required to go to the campus to get the result.
anujagarwal 11:13 PM June 4th, 2012
when was bsc (hons.)maths group results was comed
Ashutosh maurya 10:27 PM June 12th, 2012
When will be bhubsc. Maths 2012 result published
shruti kejariwal 02:32 PM June 13th, 2012
when will bsc (hons.) maths results will come?
Unregistered 08:41 AM June 22nd, 2012
Date of result of BHU Bsc maths 2012
vinny 03:10 PM June 23rd, 2012
sir please tell me when bsc(hons)math group results will come.
MEENAKSHI AGRAWAL 09:54 AM June 24th, 2012
Ajad 01:04 PM June 24th, 2012
When bhu bsc math result will be declared
Unregistered 01:47 PM July 12th, 2012
vimal rajpoot 06:44 PM March 7th, 2013
sir please tell me.
Form kab tk ane wala ha?
Unregistered 10:02 AM May 10th, 2014
Sir please tell me that bhu maths entrence exam reasult 2014 when will coming?
shubhi srivastav 06:58 PM May 20th, 2014
i want to know that i secured52 marks in bsc entrance .will i get admission in bhu.
mam626m 03:47 AM May 27th, 2014
Between 1st to 3rd week of june all results would be declaired of BHU for UET
Unregistered 02:10 PM June 2nd, 2014
Originally Posted by shubhi srivastav:
i want to know that i secured52 marks in bsc entrance .will i get admission in bhu.
Where did you find the result from? I have been searching for hours and can't find the page. Please help... I would really appreciate it.Thank you.
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