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Unregistered 01:55 PM January 4th, 2014
Here I am looking for the Sample Question paper of Delhi Police head Constable, can you please provide me the same??

Aakashd 03:48 PM January 4th, 2014
As you require the Sample Question paper of Delhi Police head Constable, so here I am sharing the same with you

1. What is the population of India ?
(A) 98 crores
(B) More than 2 billion
(C) More than 1 billion
(D) Less than 96 crores
(E) 96 crores

2. Thermostat is an instrument used to
(A) measure flow of current
(B) measure intensity of voltage
(C) regulate temperature
(D) regulate velocity of sound
(E) None of these

3. Wimbledon Trophy is associated with
(A) Football
(B) Cricket
(C) Hockey
(D) Basketball
(E) Lawn Tennis

4. GNP stands for
(A) Gross National Product
(B) Group Net Product
(C) Grand Nuclear Process
(D) Group Networking Process
(E) None of these

5.Acousticsis the science of the study of
(A) Light
(B) Sound
(C) Electricity
(D) Magnetism
(E) None of these

Rest of the Model paper is attached in below file which is free of cost
Attached: Delhi Police head Constable Min. Model Test Paper.doc (26.5 KB) 
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