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Nazir 11:40 AM June 19th, 2012
Sir I am taking part in the Administrative Services exam (IAS) and for preparation of General Study topic I need study material so please can you give me the Study Material of IAS and also provide me the page where I can download the PDF of study material?

Gunjan 01:51 PM June 19th, 2012
I am attaching a pdf file which contain study material for preparation of IAS exam. It will help you in study of exam. this syllabus is free for you and you can download it freely.
Attached: IAS Study material of General Study.pdf (476.7 KB) 
benudhar jena 02:37 PM December 20th, 2012
sir i need some help for preparation for ias prelim2013. please help.
benudhar jena 02:38 PM December 20th, 2012
Sir i need some material for preparation for ias prelim2013
xxzzz 05:49 PM February 26th, 2013
i am studying it engineering .how to approach for ias exams
iiooi 05:54 PM February 26th, 2013
i am studying it engineering .how to approach for ias exams??
Unregistered 04:13 PM May 13th, 2013
Originally Posted by benudhar jena:
Sir i need some material for preparation for ias prelim2013
nenu ivvanu ra jaffa . na material neekendukuku bae saale
Anju Rani 03:46 PM September 24th, 2013
Sir please tell me the procedure of the IAS?
Unregistered 02:00 PM December 13th, 2013
I need the IAS Study Material for the biotechnology subject; can you provide me the same???
Aakashd 02:20 PM December 13th, 2013
The Indian Administrative Services exam is a competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It is of two phases the first phase is the Preliminary examination, which consist two objective-type papers (General Studies and Aptitude Test), and the Main examination, consisting of nine papers of conventional (essay) type followed by the Personality Test (Interview).

Study Material for the biotechnology subject
As per your request here I am uploading a document file having the Study Material for the biotechnology subject, this is the content of attachment:

DNA is copied before a cell divides and it is duplicated during the S or synthesis phase of interphase. New cells get the identical DNA strands.

DNA Replication begins at Origins of Replication where two strands open forming Replication Forks (Y-shaped region) and then these new strands continue to grow at the forks.

As the 2 DNA strands open at the origin, Replication Bubbles form which keeps on moving as replication continues. Prokaryotes (bacteria) have a single bubble but eukaryotic chromosomes have MANY bubbles.

Remaining study material is in the attachment, please click on it……
Attached: IAS Study Material for the biotechnology subject.doc (209.0 KB) 
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