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Unregistered 01:37 PM December 25th, 2013
Please provide me question paper for the Coal India Management Trainee(HR) recruitment examination??

Aakashd 05:56 PM December 25th, 2013
Coal India is a reputed company situated in India .. it is offered jobs on many posts ,, for recruitment it is organized examination ..

Below I am giving you question paper for the Coal India Management Trainee(HR) recruitment examination

Q1: Find out the correct meaning of idiomatic expression among the given options
To cry wolf
A. To give false alarm
B. To shout vehemently
C. To turn pale
D. To listen eagerly
Correct Answer: C

Q2: Choose the option which is the closest antonym of given word
A. Friendship
B. Amity
C. Cooperation
D. Agreement
Correct Answer: C

General Knowledge

Q1: Which one of the following Prime Ministers of India has not presented the budget?
A. Jawaharlal Nehru
B. Morarji Desai
C. Indira Gandhi
D. All had presented the budget
Correct Answer: B

Q2: One of modern India’s biggest schemes – Unique Identification Number has been named
as ‐
A. Sweekar
B. Aadhar
C. Alaya
D. Parichay
Correct Answer: B

Reasoning/ Quantitative Aptitude
Q1: D is sister of F. M is brother of D and son of T. R is wife of T. How is F related to T?
A. Son
B. Daughter
C. Son or Daughter
D. Data inadequate
Correct Answer: C

Q2: If the ratio of two natural numbers x and y is ‘a’ and that of y and x is ‘b’, then what is the
value of (a+b)?
A. Equal to 1
B. Lesser than 1
C. Lesser than 2
D. Greater than or equal to 2
Correct Answer: D

01 Mining
Q1: Run away switch is used in connection with
E. Direct rope Haulage
F. Endless Haulage
G. Gravity Haulage
H. Tail rope Haulage
Correct Answer: A

Q2: Side Discharge Loader is a
A. Crawler mounted machine
B. Tyre mounted machine
C. Both A and B
D. Rail mounted machine
Correct Answer: A

1. The relation between the number of pairs (p) forming a kinematic chain and the number of
links (k) is given by
A. K = p = 1
B. K= 2p – 2
C. K = 2p – 3
D. K = 2p ‐4
Correct Answer: A
2. Hartnell governor is a
A. Pendulum type governor
B. Inertia type governor
C. Spring loaded type governor
D. Dead weight type governor
Correct Answer: C

03 Electrical
Q1: The Function of Shunt in an Ammeter is
A. To bypass the current
B. To increase the Resistance of the meter
C. To decrease the voltage drop
D. To increase the current in the meter coil
Correct Answer: A

Q2: In a synchronous alternator, the armature reaction is solely determined by
A. Power factor of the load
B. Amount of current drawn from the alternator
C. Speed of the prime mover driving the alternator
D. Excitation voltage
Correct Answer: A

for more question I am attaching a PDF file with it ..
Attached: Coal India Management Trainee(HR) Previous Paper.pdf (127.9 KB) 
Sonali Priyadarsini 01:36 PM March 21st, 2014
Hi Folks,

I need the Previous question papers of Coal India Management Trainee ( HR ).
Please do help me.

Thank You
SADIA ALI 09:55 AM May 20th, 2014
Unregistered 11:39 AM May 27th, 2014
i cant see the attached question papers?
Unregistered 07:47 PM June 1st, 2014
hi can any one mail me HR previous year questions &what topic need to be covered under HR, PLS mail me -
Unregistered 07:50 PM June 1st, 2014
pls mail me HR previous year questions -
Unregistered 09:38 PM January 5th, 2017
Please send me coal india mt hr previous year question paper
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