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Default DU IBA MBA Admission Test Question

Can any buddy here provide me the English sample Questions of Admission test for admission in MBA program at Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University (IBA-DU)????
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Default Re: DU IBA MBA Admission Test Question

As you are looking for the English language question sample for admission test of MBA of Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University (IBA-DU) so here I am sharing the same with you

Read the following passage and answer questions 1 through 4:
In ancient times wealth was measured and exchanged in things that could be touched: food, tools, and precious metals and stones. Then the barter system was replaced by coins, which still had real value since they were pieces of rare metal. Coins were followed by fiat money, paper notes that have value only because everyone agrees to accept them. Today electronic monetary systems are gradually being introduced that will transform money into even less tangible forms, reducing it to a series of "bits and bytes", or units of computerized information, going between machines at the speed of light. Already, electronic fund transfer allows money to be instantly sent and received by different banks, companies, and countries through computers and telecommunications devices.

1. Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for the passage?
A. International Banking Policies
B. The History of Monetary Exchange
C. The Development of Paper Currencies
D. Current Problems in the Economy
E. Electronic Money & Currency

2. coins once had real value as currency because they ______.
A. were a great improvement over barter
B. permitted easy transportation of wealth
C. could become collector's items
D. were made of precious metals
E. were easy to handle

3. Which of the following statements about computerized monetary systems is NOT supported by the passage?
A. They promote international trade.
B. They allow very rapid money transfers.
C. They are still limited to small transactions
D. They dependent on good telecommunications systems.
E. They have made transactions easy

4. The author mentions food, tools, and precious metals and stones together because they are all:
A. material objects
B. useful items
C.articles stored in museums
D. expensive
E. convenient

Critical Reasoning (Question 5 through 7):

05. Two friends are watching a game of cricket and chatting:
Arif: I think that Sakib (batsman) just scored six!
Runa: He must have . He is a top order batsman!
The hidden assumption behind Runa's statement is that:
A. All batsman who score sixes are top-order batsman
B. Most batsman who are top-order batsman score sixes
C. Batsman should score sixes in order to be top-order batsman
D. Most batsman who score sixes are top-order batsman
E. All batsman who are top order batsman score sixes

06. If we are doomed to have local drug rehabilitation centers - and society has determined that we are --- then society ought to pay for them. Which of the following , if tue, would weaken the argument?
A. Drug rehabilitation centers are too expensive to be locally funded.
B. Many neighborhood group oppose rehabilitation centers.
C. Drug rehabilitation centers are expensive to maintain.
D. Drug addicts may be unwilling to receive treatment.
E. A government committee has convinced many groups that local rehabilitation centers are ineffective

07. An economist was quoted as saying that the cost of living index will go up next month in Japan because of a recent increase in the price of fruits and vegetables. Which of the following can't be inferred from the statement?
A. The cost of fruits and vegetable has risen sharply.
B. Consumers have decreased their consumption of fruits and vegetables.
C. The cost of fruit and vegetable is a major item in the cost of living.
D. Food cost charge is reflected quickly in the cost of living.
E. Other items that make up the cost of living have not significantly decreased in price.

IBA, University of Dhaka,
Dhaka Division,


Answered By StudyChaCha

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