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kktiwarietah 02:11 PM May 8th, 2012
Sir I am a student of PUNJAB University MA Economics and my exam is so near and that’s why I am here searching for my course notes so please can you give me the M.A. Economics Parts I & II Examination, notes/ syllabus and tell me from where can I download the notes?

Educhamp 08:52 PM May 8th, 2012
Here I am uploading the M.A. Economics Parts I & II Examination syllabus. You can download syllabus after doing registration.

Instructions for the Paper-setters and candidates :
(i) The theory question paper will be of 80 marks and 20 marks will be for internal assessment.
(ii) For private candidates, who have not been assessed earlier for internal assessment, the marks secured
by them in theory paper will proportionately be increased to maximum marks of the paper in lieu of
internal assessment.
The paper setter must put note (ii) in the question paper.

There shall be 9 questions in all. The first question is compulsory and shall be short answer type
containing 15 short questions spread over the whole syllabus to be answered in about 25 to 30 words each.
The candidates are required to attempt any 10 short answer type questions carrying 20 marks i.e. 2 marks of
each. Rest of the paper shall contain 4 units. Each unit shall have two questions and the candidates shall be
given internal choice of attempting one question from each Unit –4 in all. Each question will carry 15

Scope of Microeconomics. Methodology of economics as a positive science. Criteria for choosing among
alternative theories. Dynamic economic analysis and Cobweb theorem. Partial vs general equilibrium
analysis. Marshallian and Walrasian stability conditions.
Demand Analysis : Ordinal utility theory. Revealed preference theory. Market demand : Bandwagon and
Snob effects. Measures of consumer’s surplus. Markets and Asymmetric information : Quality uncertainty
and the market for lemons; Market Signaling : A simple model of job market signaling.
Neumann-Morgenstern method of measuring utility. Risk aversion and risk preference. Risk return

Production and Costs : Technology and production function. Cost minimising equilibrium and choice of
technique and scale. Effects of a change in factor price and elasticity of factor substitution. Expansion
path and derivation of long run cost curves. Homogeneous production functions and resultant shapes of
long run cost curves (a geometric exposition only). Sources of various economies and diseconomies of
scale. Economies of scope. Learning curve and production costs. Saucer shaped and L-shaped long run
average cost curves. Productivity curves of variable factors and derivation of short run cost curves.
Concept of idle capacity. Saucer shaped average variable cost curve. Relationship between short run and
long run cost curves. Multi-product firm equilibrium.

Perfect Competition : Welfare effects of price controls, price supports and production quotas. Classical
allocative efficiency due to perfect competition vs. production efficiency due to the emergence of important
scale economies.
Monopoly : Measurement, determinants and welfare effects of monopoly power. Price regulation. First,
second and third degree price discrimination. Inter-temporal price discrimination and peak load pricing.
Pricing under bilateral monopoly.
Monopolistic Competition : Group equilibrium. Selling costs equilibrium. Excess capacity and
Chamberlin’s answer.

Oligopoly : Definition and nature. Cournot’s model. Kinky demand curve model. Dominant firm and low
cost firm price leadership models. Stackelberg’s model. Collusion or Cartel model. Bain’s limit pricing
theory. Marginalism vs. Average cost pricing. Profit maximisation vs. Baumol’s sales maximisation

Game Theory : Definition, objectives and usefulness; Dominant strategy and Nash Equilibrium; Prisoner’s
Dilemma, Price and Non-price competition and Cartel Cheating; Repeated Games and Tit-for-Tat strategy.
Euler’s theorem. Inter-temporal consumption choice and Fisher’s theory of the rate of interest.
Welfare Economics : Pareto-optimality conditions in production, consumption and exchange. Efficiency of
perfect competition and inefficiency of imperfect competition. Market failure due to externalities in
production and Pigou’s solution of taxes and subsidies. Inter-personal comparisons of utility and the
compensation criteria. Utilitarian, Rawlsian and Bergson-Samuelson social welfare function and optimal
social welfare.
Attached: Panjab University MA Economics Syllabus.pdf (365.8 KB) 
Unregistered 12:35 PM November 11th, 2012
i need m.a economics notes part 2 from punjab uni kindly hlp me
nadia sehar 10:52 AM December 7th, 2012
sir kindly tell me about the result of m a economics part 1
jasdeep kaur 02:18 PM December 20th, 2012
i am m.a economic 3rd semester puchd. i want to notes.pls tell meg
anomia 10:29 PM December 29th, 2012
Infinitely to discuss it is impossible
Husama rajput 12:59 AM June 17th, 2014
[QUOTE=i also find out m.a. notes for 3rd semester
mily mittal 09:16 PM November 11th, 2014
[Sir I am a student of PUNJAB University MA Economics and my exam is so near and that’s why I am here searching for my course notes so please can you give me the M.A. Economics Parts I & II Examination, notes/ syllabus and tell me from where can I download the notes?
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