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Unregistered 04:58 PM September 11th, 2013
Which Diploma Courses are offers after 10th class which offered in Ahmedabad by various institution please give the list?

Gunjan 03:39 PM September 12th, 2013
There are so many institution in Ahmedabad which offered various Diploma Courses which are offered after 10th class.

Some of the famous Diploma Courses are as follows:

Diploma in Multimedia Design
Advance Diploma in Animation Film Making (ADAFM)
Advanced Diploma in Visual Effects Film Making (ADVFM)
Diploma in Fashion Design
Diploma in 2D Animation Film Making (D2DFM)
Diploma in 3D Animation (D3DA)
Professional Jewelry Designer (CAD
Rough Diamond Grading Course
Diploma in Interior Design
Hotel Management
Diploma in Animation & VFX
Diploma in Game Design
Polished Diamond Long Distance Diploma
Diploma in Fine Arts
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Diploma in Software Engineering
Diploma in Mining Engineering
Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
Diploma in Mechatronics
Diploma in Textile Technology
Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
Diploma in lect. and Communication
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Diploma in Environmental Engineering
afzal aftab solanki 04:00 PM April 29th, 2014
I want to know about Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
and Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, eligibility, fees
and about entrance exam and one more thing after diploma admission in B.Tec in which year, my mail ID is - aftabsolanki2000@gmail.com
Unregistered 05:34 PM May 28th, 2015
What is the whole prosses enterance exams, fees nd all other things
jayna 06:38 PM August 6th, 2015
i want list of the collage.where these courses are running
jayna 06:39 PM August 6th, 2015
i want list of the collage.where these courses are running in ahemdabad
dwip desai 08:15 AM June 1st, 2017
i want to know diploma in film making and visual effect
so please give me the instroction of institute and study fees
dwip desai 08:18 AM June 1st, 2017
i want diploma in film making and visual effect in ahmedabad
so plese give me the list of institute and institute's number for inqiary
this is my email id
reply on this id
Unregistered 09:59 AM May 28th, 2018
Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
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