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Unregistered 04:21 PM August 30th, 2013
Please provide me with the sample Question paper for CMC Vellore MBBS Entrance Exam?

GaganD 11:00 AM August 31st, 2013
Here I am providing you with the sample question Paper for CMC Vellore MBBS Entrance Exam of CMCVEE Sample Paper 1 of Botany and Zoology:

Dominant gene for tallness is T and for yellow colouris Y. A plant heterozygous for both the traits is selfed,then the ratio of pure homozygous dwarf and green offspring would be
(1) 1/4 (2) 4/16
(3) 3/16 (4) 1/16

ABO blood grouping in humans is an example of
(1) Polygenic inheritance
(2) Multifactor inheritance
(3) Pleiotropic gene
(4) Multiple alleles

The ratio of phenotypes in F2 of a monohybrid cross is
(1) 3: 1 (2) 1: 2: 1
(3) 9: 3: 3: 1
(4) 1: 1

A man having R1, R1, R0, R0 genotype has 12 feet height, while a man with genotype r1, r1, r0, r0 has 2 feet height. What will be the height of a man having R1, R1, r0, r0 genotype ?
(1) 7 feet (2) 10 feet
(3) 8 feet (4) 12 feet

In genetics the test cross means
(1) The crossing of F1individual with homozygous recessive parents
(2) Crossing an F1 individual with either of the two parents
(3) Crossing F1 individual with another F1 individual
(4) Crossing F1 individual with that of F2

For farther detail please download the PDF File below:

Contact detail:-

Christian Medical College,
Vellore - 632 004

For appointment related issues: (+91) 0416 228 8000
For all other general inquiries: (+91) 0416 228 2040
Fax: 0416-2232305


Attached: CMC Vellore MBBS Entrance Exam of CMCVEE Sample Paper 1 of Botany and Zoology.pdf (321.1 KB) 
ANTONY THOMAS 11:20 PM December 30th, 2013
]Please provide me with the sample Question paper for CMC Vellore MBBS Entrance Exam2014
ruthvi 04:42 PM February 13th, 2014
please send me 2000 to 2013 mbbs entrance exam question papers with key
Sashwat 04:05 PM February 17th, 2014
Christian Medical College (CMC)-Vellore Medical Entrance Exam Syllabus:

The Questions and syllabus will be based on the 10+2 level. The questions will be as given below:

Biology - 60
Physics - 60
Chemistry - 60
General Ability 120

CMC-Vellore-MBBS-Entrance-Exam-Question Paper:

1. Prop roots are found in
(A) mango trees
(B) tamarind trees
(C) peepul trees
(D) neem trees
(E) banyan trees
2. The number of thoracic vertebrae in man is
(A) 7
(B) 9
(C) 10
(D) 12
(E) 15
3. The first modern theory of evolution was explained by
(A) Charles Darwin
(B) Lamarck
(C) Mendel
(D) T.Weevers
(E) Devries
4. Clear alternation of generation is seen in
(A) ferns
(B) monkeys
(C) mucor
(D) bacteria
(E) viruses22
5. Enzymes are made up of
(A) fats
(B) proteins
(C) vitamins
(D) starches
(E) nucleic acids
6. Hypogynous flowers are
(A) flowers with superior ovary
(B) flowers with inferior ovary
(C) flowers with semi-inferior ovary
(D) flowers without ovary
(E) bisexual flowers
7. Corpus callosum is present in the brain of
(A) fishes
(B) birds
(C) snails
(D) mammals
(E) cockroach
8. Absorption of food and water into the body is largely done by
(A) columnar epithelium
(B) connective tissue
(C) squamous epithelium
(D) adipose tissue
(E) hyaline cartilage
9. The flowers of the compositae is
(A) epigynous
(B) perigynous
(C) half perigynous
(D) hypogynous
(E) aromatic
10. Anaerobes are those that
(A) can live in the absence of oxygen
(B) do not utilise gaseous oxygen in their metabolism
(C) use free oxygen only occasionally
(D) prefer to live in darkness
(E) live in air
11. Pollination by snail and slug is known as

pollination by snail

a) Entomophilus
b) Ornithophilous
c) hydrophilous
d) malacophilous
e) hydrphilous

12. Which is the example of conditioned reflex?

a) Eye closed when anything enter into it
b) Your kneeing took up a stone than dog run away
c) Hand took up when piercing with needle
d) Digestive food goes forward in alimentary canal
e) None of these

13. Colchicine prevents the mitosis of cells at which of the following stage?

a) Anaphase
b) Leptotene
c) Zygotene
d) Interphase
e) Metaphase

14. Hydrolytic enzymes are found in

a) Lysosomes
b) Peroxisomes
c) Ribosomes
d) Centrosomes
e) Nucleus

15. The binomial name was accepted by all after the publication of the work by?

a) Darwin
b) Bentham
c) Darwin
d) Lamarck
e) Linnaeus

16. The pair of disease caused by virus is

a) Typhoid, tetanus
b) Cholera, tuberculosis
c) Rabies, mumps
d) AID, syphilis
e) Typhoid, TB

17. An angiosperm leaf carries 16 chromosomes. The number of chromosomes in its endosperm will be

a) 16
b) 24
c) 12
d) 8
e) 32

18. A chemical fertilizin is produced from

a) Polar bodies
b) Middle piece of sperm
c) Mature eggs
d) Sertoli cells
e) acrosome

19. Free living , aerobic , non photosynthetic nitrogen fixing bacterium is

a) Azotobacter
b) E.coli
c) Nostoc
d) Clostridum
e) Salmonella

20. Which of the following hormones stimulates the stomach to secrete gastric juice?

a) Gastrin
b) Enterokinase
c) Renin
d) Zymase
e) Secretin
21. Which one is related to urine concentration in mammals?

a) Testosterone hormone
b) Antidiuretic Hormone
c) Oxytocin hormone
d) Insulin
e) All of these

22. Adjacent epithelial cells are held together by means of

a) microsomes
b) liposomes
c) desmosomes
d) glyoxysomes
e) None of these

23. First carbon dioxide in C plants is

a) PEP
b) PGP
c) RuBP
d) Pyruvic acid
e) OAA

24. In the members of family Malvaceae anthers are described as

a) diadelphous and dithecous
b) diadelphous and monothecous
c) monodelphous and monothecous
d) monodelphous and monothecous
e) None of these

25. In the angiosperm ovule, central cell of the embryo sac, prior to the entry of pollen tube, contains

a) a single haploid nucleus
b) one diploid and one haploid nuclei
c) two haploid polar nuclei
d) one diploid secondary nucleus
e) two diploid polar nuclei

26. Which type of cells are absent in sponges

a) Trophocytes
b) Mycocytes
c) Archaeocytes
d) Cnidocytes
e) All of these

27. Which of the following is purely motor cranial nerve?

a) Optic
b) Olfactory
c) Vagus
d) Abducens
e) All of these

28. Which one of the following is correctly matched?

a) Body louse- Typhoid
b) House fly- Yellow fever
c) Anopheles-Malaria
d) Aedes- Plague
e) Leishmania- Syphilis

29. In earthworm self fertilization cannot occur due to

a) protogyny
b) protandry
c) epigyny
d) Hypogyny
e) None of these

30. Which of the following is an opiate narcotic?

a) Morphine
b) LSD
c) Amphetamines
d) Barbiturates
e) Both (a) and (d)
Unregistered 04:09 PM February 26th, 2014
can we get sample papers of chemistry and physics
hessa11 05:52 PM February 26th, 2014
These question papers are useful for the exams of MBBS.
hessa11 11:10 AM February 28th, 2014
These question papers are useful for the exams of MBBS. You can also prepare your exams with the help of these papers.
Tadar Nyedar 01:50 AM March 9th, 2014
Please send me the question papers of 2006-2013 with key.
ariyanayaki 04:10 PM March 28th, 2014
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Please provide me with the sample Question paper for CMC Vellore MBBS Entrance Exam?
please I request you to send me sample question papers from 2010 to 2013
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