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Unregistered 07:32 PM August 21st, 2013
Can you please provide me National Aptitude Test in Architecture sample papers?

GaganD 11:38 AM August 24th, 2013
As requested by you Iím providing here the National Aptitude Test in Architecture sample papers.

1.Inch equals.
a) 2.54 cm b) 5 cm c) 20 mm d) 15.67 mm
2. 6 motar represents.
a) 1 part of water 6 part of cement b) 1 part of cement, 6 part of water
c) 1 part of sant, 6 part of cement d) 1 part fo cement, 6 part of sand
3. How many A2 sheets can be cur from a A0 sheet of paper.
a) 5 b) 4 c) 16 d) 8
4. The city of Ahmedabad was designed by
a) Le Corbusier b) I M Pie
c) B V Doshi d) kanvinde
5. Floors X and Y are equal in in area, If X is 12 feet X 8 feet and the width of Y is 6 feet, what is the
length of Y?
a) 16 feet b) 12 feet c) 8 feet d) 15 feet

For detailed paper please see the attachment which is free to download

NO.11-A,N.S.N School St,
R.P.Road,Nehru Nagar,Chromepet,
Chennai, TN 600044 ‎


Attached: NATA Sample paper1 for Aesthetic Sensitivity 2.pdf (327.0 KB) NATA Sample paper1 for Aesthetic Sensitivity.pdf (346.1 KB) NATA Sample paper1 for Drawing Test.pdf (55.1 KB) NATA Sample paper2 for Drawing Test.pdf (42.0 KB) 
Unregistered 06:23 PM October 10th, 2015
I am interested in the field of architecture and for this I have decided to give the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) exam. Will you please provide me some NATA Aptitude Test Sample Papers so that I can do my NATA exam preparation well?
shabnams 06:26 PM October 10th, 2015
As per your request here I am providing you the details of NATA exam please check the below details.

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) exam is conducted in two parts that is:

Paper I: Drawing Test
Paper II: Aesthetic Sensitivity Test

For Aesthetic Sensitivity Test Prepare following:-

Analytical Reasoning
Architectural Awareness (General knowledge question about Architecture, famous building etc..)
Identifying commonly used material and objects based on their texture
Visualising three dimensional objects through two dimensional drawing
Visualising different sides of three dimensional objects
Mental ability
Imaginative comprehension and expression

For Drawing Test Prepare following:-

Learn to sketch given object proportionately and rendering in a visually appealing manner
Light and Shadow on object and its surrounding
Perspective Drawing
You should be able to combine three dimensional object to form stable structure and depict in sketching
Sense of Scale and Proportion
Colour composition, Sense of Colour
Memory Drawing
You should be able to sketch two dimensional composition using given shape and form

Please check the below attachment to get the NATA Aptitude sample papers:

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