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Manmohan Mishra 01:26 PM April 5th, 2012
I am going to take Food inspector exam in 2012 that’s why I want sample papers of the exam so please tell me from where I can download the sample papers. If you have the papers, please give me.

Swati Kumari.aa 02:01 PM September 14th, 2012
Tell me from where I can download the Food inspector exam previous sample papers, I need it bcoz I want to take part in the Food inspector exam, so please provide me the question paper?
Aakashd 01:53 PM December 21st, 2013
You are looking for the Food inspector Punjab question paper here is the attachment of the Food inspector Punjab question paper, some of them questions are listed below:

. The first lady of the Indian screen to have been nominated to the Rajya Sabha is :
(a) Nargis (b) Madhubala
(c) Hema Malini (d) Shobhana Bhartia

. What is the value of XC (Roman Number]?
(a) 100 (b) 40
(C) 110 (d) 90

. Who among the following was appointed new Prime Minister of France in May 2012‘?
(a) ' Marine Le Pen
b) Francois Bayrou
(c) Francois Hollande
(d) Jean-Marc Ayrault

The largest revenue in India is obtained from
(a) railways (b) excise duty
(c) sales tax (d) direct‘taxes

(a), Board (b) Bank
(c) Bureau ‘ (d) None of these ,

Which country will host. the Champions League '1\venty20 in October 2012?
(a) Australia (b) England
(0) Sri Lanka [(1) South Africa

Diabetes is caused by the dysfunctioning of
(a) liver (b) lung
(c) pancreas (d) kidney

India‘s first food bank has been established at:
(a) Mumbai (b) Chennai
[(3] New Delhi ((1) Kolkata

Which of the following Gulf country has granted Voting rights to woman recently?
(a) Bahrain - (b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Yemen (d) Qatar

For detailed paper here is attachment:
Attached: Food Inspector papers.pdf (510.0 KB) Food Inspector papers 1.pdf (528.7 KB) Food Inspector papers 2.pdf (517.5 KB) 
Unregistered 02:07 PM October 29th, 2014
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