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Default List of Non Accredited Universities in UK

I need the list of Non Accredited Universities in UK?
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Default Re: List of Non Accredited Universities in UK

I am providing you list of Non Accredited Universities In Uk

Stanley State University, Unknown
Ashington University, British Virgin Islands; Louisiana
Saint Stephen’s Educational Bible College, Los Angeles, California
University College for Advanced Studies, India, , F
Academy of Religious & Spiritual Studies, Unknown
Manhattan University, Hawaii, British Columbia, Closed by court order.
University of Honiara, Solomon Islands, May be operated from New Zealand
Geo-Metaphysical Institute, New York
Institute for Creative Process, Unknown
British West Indies Medical College (earlier known as West Indies College of Naturopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Honolulu USA, Thailand, Pakistan, , F
Western States University for Professional Studies, Missouri
Novus University (Diamondhead, Mississippi), Mississippi
InTech University, Liberia, , F
American Central University (Wyoming)
Zenith University, Hawaii, See also Pickering and Brighton., S
Cromwell College of IT and Management, Great Britain
St. Augustine University, location unknown
Information University of America, Hawaii
Wilson State University, Inc., Hawaii, New Jersey, Closed.
Pensacola Bible Institute
Raja Arabic University (Nagpur, India)
Pensacola Christian College
Irish International University, Malaysia, Switzerland, The Irish government has requested that Malaysia close this entity on grounds that it is neither Irish nor a university. It has obtained a business license in a Swiss canton, but is not a Swiss university., F
Capital American University, Liberia, , F
University of Dunham, Unknown
St. Lourdes University, Unknown
Campile University, UK and Belize
Blackstone University,
Laureate University, Probably UK or Canada, No evidence of authority to issue degrees. Not related to Laureate Education, Inc., which operates the regionally accredited Walden University., F
Almeda University, Florida, Idaho, Closed by legal action in Florida but may still be operating there.
City University of L.A., California
Pickering University, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
Azaliah, formerly New Mexico, Lost its US accreditation in . Also operates in S. Africa and Asia., F
Halifax University, Wyoming
École supérieure Robert de Sorbon (purportedly in France, but linked to diploma mills in Sarasota, Florida) (aka American Universities Admission Program)
University of New Castle, Oregon, Ireland, UK, Washington DC, south Pacific islands, AKA University of Newcastle. Operating illegally in Oregon.
Shepperton University, Unknown
Golden State School of Theology (Stockton, California)
Patriot Bible University (formerly Patriot University, Colorado; claims that its accreditation is by American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, which is an unrecognized agency deemed to be an accreditation mill)
Atlantic National University, California
Grandview International University, Missouri
Pacific National University and Theological Institute, Los Angeles, California
William Tucker University, Seborga (Italy), District of Columbia, Not on the District of Columbia's list of licensed schools.
Apostolic Prophetic Bible College & Theological Seminary, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Edenvale University, Texas, Great Britain, New York, Has no legal authority to issue degrees valid in Oregon.
Summit University, Louisiana, May also operate in Japan.
Clayton University (Hong Kong)
Eastern Caribbean University (Texas and St. Kitts)
Regent International University (not to be confused with Regent University), Australia, Switzerland, , F
LaSalle University (Louisiana) (not to be confused with La Salle University (Philadelphia), nor with The LaSalle Extension University (Chicago))
Kennedy-Western University
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education, Unknown
Advanced Learning Network, Vermont, Does not have Vermont authority to grant degrees. Appears to be a conduit for converting nonacademic work to academic credits.
Nations University, Monroe, Louisiana
Hawaii American University, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
Denmark College of Management and IT, Copenhagen, Denmark
London College of Technology, UK, See also: furtherinformation.html, F
Institute for Human Dynamics, Unknown
Pacific Basin University, Texas, Mexico, Micronesia
Van Ives University, Unknown
International University for Graduate Studies, St. Kitts, , F
Central State University, California, Canada, Not a state school. Canadian and other foreign "affiliates" do not have appropriate legal status as degree-granters.
Robert Kennedy University, Switzerland, This supplier no longer issues degrees under its own name. It is approved by a Swiss canton, but its degrees are not recognized for use at other Swiss universities. Degrees issued by the University of Wales based on work done at Robert Kennedy are acceptable., F
Promis University of London , UK and Belize
Open Institute of Law, Russia, Multiple entities in Russia use names similar to this; at least one may be legitimate. At least one lacks appropriate authority to issue degrees and is not recognized by Russian education officials. Contact Russian national officials or an appropriate international evaluation agency for more information.
Commonwealth Open University (Virgin Islands; not to be confused with Commonwealth Institute)
Newport Asia Pacific University, California, Merged with Lambert University of Hawaii according to State of California.
Port Rhode University, Unknown
Prescott College of Business and Leadership Studies, Hawaii, Closed by court order.
Western Michigan Bible Institute, Muskegon, Michigan
Trinity International University College, Wyoming, Delaware, France, Not the Trinity International University in Illinois
Clayton Theological Institute, California
American World University, Mississippi, California
Crown Church College & University, Unknown
European College of Medicine, UK, Division of unaccredited St Luke College of Medicine., F
University of Central Europe (Pascagoula, Mississippi)
Metropolitan Collegiate Institute (associated with the fake teaching hospital Sussex General Hospital, both purportedly in London)
Cosmopolitan Univ, location uncertain, Formerly in Missouri.
Information on Legality of Australian Colleges
Saint Martin’s College and Seminary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Kalinga University, India, Does not have degree authority from India. Not the same as the legitimate Kalinga of the Phillippines, F
Communion of Saints Seminary, Oregon , Operating illegally in Oregon, degrees invalid.
Greenwich University (Operated on Norfolk Island from to . Not to be confused with University of Greenwich, London, England), Formerly Hawaii, Norfolk Island, California., Closed by Australian govt.. See also
Cambridge State University (in Jackson, Mississippi) ("district officials discovered the school has an extensive criminal history and is nothing more than a diploma mill."), Hawaii, Mississippi, Not a state school.
Rochville University (not to be confused with La Rochville University, an accredited university in France)See also: furtherinformation.html
Sacramento International University, (also called San Francisco International University, and Bellington University)
Brethren Bible Institute, Pathanamthitta, India
Kennedy-Western University, Wyoming, also California, Changed name to Warren National University,
NACES Response to Question
American Global University , Wyoming
Generale University (also called Generale Polytechnic Institute)
Donsbach University (or Donsback University) , California
Century University, New Mexico
Georgia Christian University, Norcross, Georgia
Badaganvi Sarkar World Open University Education Society (Gokak, Belgaum, Karnataka, India)
Clayton College of Natural Health (same operator as Chadwick University) (in Alabama), Degree holders are ineligible for Oregon professional practice or licensure.
Sacramento Regent University, California, Has no legal authority to issue degrees in California.
St. Theresa Medical School, St. Kitts, , F
Colton University
St. Renoir University, Unknown
University of Sint Eustatius, Caribbean, Denied licensure by Florida. Note spelling, used in the official documents instead of "Saint."
University of Metaphysics, California, possibly Nevada
African Distributed University (AIDP), possibly Nigeria, Unrecognized. Connected to the World Information Distributed University.
Standford University, Florida, Texas, possibly offshore, No relation to Stanford University in California.
Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary, Washington (“The Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary is not accredited through the mainstream religious accrediting bodies because of the uniqueness of Pagan religions... Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary has been granted religious exemption by the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board Degree Authorization Agency as a college level degree granting institution of higher learning.”)
Medical College of London, UK, Montserrat, Montserrat approval is invalid without UK approval. See also: Further Information, F
Barber-Scotia College (lost accreditation in )
Burnell College, Great Britain
Calvin School
Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya
Virginia International University, Virginia
Edison University, Unknown, Note: not the same as the accredited Thomas Edison of New Jersey. See also LaSalle University.
Intercontinental University
Carrington University, Unknown
Greenleaf University, Missouri, Degrees banned for use in Sweden.
Trinity Southern University (See: Colby Nolan)
University of Health Science, Hawaii
Ambassador University Corporation
Vision International University
St. Thomas Institute, India, , F
Shaftsbury University,
Thornhill University, UK, , F
Canterbury University of the Seychelles
Calvary Chapel Bible College (This institution's website states: "We are not accredited, nor are we seeking accreditation, so as to be free from outside control and remain open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.")
Aristotle University, California, College of Law
Springfield Christian College and Theological Seminary
, formerly South Dakota, May have moved to Canada or Caribbean. Many institutions, some legitimate, use the name Trinity.
LaSalle University, Louisiana, Closed by court action. No connection to legitimate LaSalle of Pennsylvania.
Honolulu University of the Arts Sciences & Humanities, Hawaii, See Golden State University above.
Miami Christian University, Miami, Florida
Colony University, Liberia, , F
American International University, Belize
Hartley University, Great Britain, , F
Medical University of the Americas, Belize, Note: Not the same entity as Medical University of the Americas-Nevis, which has been approved by the State of New York., F
Mahila Gram Vidyapith (Prayag, Allahabad, India)
Institute of New Media & Technology, Unknown
Leibniz, New Mexico, Italy
The Gemini College, Great Britain
European Carolus Magnus University, Belgium, possibly elsewhere in Europe
University of Lamberhurst
Bronte International University , Unknown, probably Caribbean, New name for the entity formerly known as Trinity College and University. Also operated in Louisiana and maybe elsewhere., F
Christian Leadership University, New York
Bircham International University (formerly Oxford International University), UK, Spain, Bahamas, etc., , F
Robertstown University, Liberia, operated from Washington state, Idaho and Arizona., , F
Lincoln University, New Mexico, Italy, No connection to the legitimate Lincoln University in New Zealand or accredited institutions by that name elsewhere in the U.S.
University of NorthWest, Wyoming, Louisiana, Pakistan, India, New Jersey
Panama Canal University,
Hegel International University, California, Hawaii, Japan
Westbourne University, Great Britain, , F
American University in London , St. Kitts/Nevis, UK, Sri Lanka, , F
University of Newlands, New Zealand, Lacks authority to issue degrees.
Midwestern University, Springfield, Missouri, NOTE: not the same as Midwestern U of Arizona or Illinois or Midwestern Baptist Seminary in Missouri
Lexington University, online, Nevada?
Intermountain Institute of Natural Health, Idaho
Adams and Washington University, King College of Professional Studies, England, , F
Lamberhurst University, United Kingdom, , F
Harrington University, Great Britain, Closed by the British government; furtherinformation.html See also: Diploma Mills, F
Kentucky Christian University, Ashland, Kentucky
Open University of America, Puerto Rico
Valde University, Illinois
Bennington University(not to be confused with Bennington College) United States, possibly elsewhere, Not the same as accredited Bennington College in Vermont. The unaccredited supplier sometimes uses a Vermont address, too.
Rushmore University, Cayman Is., Georgia USA
Oregon College of Ministry, Gresham, Oregon (Oregon’s Office of Degree Authorization lists this institution as unaccredited religious exempt school)
Crown College (Tennessee)
Logos Divinity School
Crescent City Christian College (Metairie, Louisiana) ("basically a coach's house — no campus, no facilities, no faculty, no library that anyone could discover")
International University of Ministry and Education (Grandview, Missouri)
PanAmerican University, Liberia, , F
Global Church Theological Seminary and Global Church University
World Information Distributed University, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Not a Belgian university. WIDU - Response from Belgian French Community MOE
Beloved Community Seminary, Oregon, Hawaii , Oregon, Hawaii, Not an Oregon degree-granting entity. Degrees issued in Oregon are not valid. Degrees issued in Hawaii are legal for use in Oregon with disclaimer.
Columbus University (Picayune, Mississippi) (Closed by state action in Louisiana).
American Liberty University, Alabama, California, Also operates in England, Greece, S. Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates, according to the entity's web site.
Kent College (Louisiana)
Portland Bible College Portland, Oregon (Oregon’s Office of Degree Authorization lists this institution as unaccredited religious exempt school)
Oaklands University, Unknown, contact is in UK, Appears to be a new version of the University Degree Program supposedly closed by the Federal Trade Commission. Website same as Glenndale, F
Institute of Global Education, Oregon, Has no legal authority to issue degrees or academic credit.
Pebble Hills University, Italy (Seborga), Australia (Hutt River Province), Claims authority to issue degrees from subnational entities in both Italy and Australia. Neither approval is recognized internationally and the entity should be viewed as not a degree-granting institution., F
Sutherland University,
Knoxville College (lost accreditation in )
Ashwood University , Unknown, No evidence that it exists.
European Graduate School, New York, Switzerland, This supplier appears to be approved by Swiss cantons, but its degrees are not recognized for use at other Swiss universities., F
University of the Holy Land, Israel
Southern Graduate Institute, Kentucky
South California Polytechnic University (Taiwan)
Friends International Christian University, Florida & California. Website states, “FICU is not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education.”
St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants, State of Georgia, online supplier.
Ashford University, United Kingdom; not to be confused with the accredited Ashford University in Iowa, The British entity has no degree-granting authority. NOTE: The Franciscan University of Iowa recently changed its name to Ashford University. This U.S. college is accredited by the North Central Association and is not a diploma mill., F
University Consulting, Inc.
World Pacific University, Guam address, Ascension Island domain registration, Does not have DETC accreditation as claimed on web site.
Romano Byzantine, Minnesota, Virginia, Appears to be reincarnation of former Colorado entityl Notre Dame de Lafayette.
California Pacific University, California
Johnson Daves University, Liberia, Also known as Johnson Davids University. Also claims to operate in the British Virgin Islands, United States and elsewhere.
Landsfield University, Seychelles, , F
Illinois Theological Seminary Online, also named In-Depth Theological Seminary, Independent Theological Seminary and Intercontinental Theological Seminary. School states: “ITS is not an accredited school with any accreditation board. ITS very much cherishes...the principle of separation between Church and State.”
St. Christopher's College of Medicine, Senegal, UK, Belize, Great Britain ceased accepting its degrees, March, . No Senegalese school issuing degrees under this name exists as of March, . Price, Waterhouse has taken over the entity's records (UK/Senegal) and students who want to get information must contact PWC. The phone number is +-., FSt. George University International, St. Kitts, Grenada, , F
California Miramar University, California, Formerly used the name Pacific Western University.
University of Berkley (in Erie County, Pennsylvania)
Universite de Wallis, Wallis and Fortuna Islands, South Pacific, Operates from London.
United Nations University (Delhi, India; not to be confused with United Nations University)
Bridgewater University, UK, Seychelles, , F
Glenndale University, UK, Website same as Oaklands University
Open University of Lincoln, Nebraska
Capital City Religious Institute, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Pacific Buddhist University, Hawaii, Japan
Ameritech University, Monrovia, , F
Chase University
International Graduate Center, Vermont, St. Croix USVI
Ames Christian University, Florida
South Atlantic University, Unknown
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