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General Topics>Vinoba Bhave University Part-1 Syllbus
Unregistered 02:50 PM August 11th, 2013
Would you like to give me syllabus for Vinoba Bhave University Part-1?

Gunjan 07:44 PM August 13th, 2013
The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) granted primary membership to Vinoba Bhave University in December 1992

Programme FOR M.Sc.( IT) Ist Semester (Session 2011-2013) Syllabus

Parallel Computer Architecture

MCA 3rd sem syllabus.

Computer Graphics

Advance Database Mgt. System

Wireless Communication

Accounting and Financial Management

Artificial Intelligence
Unregistered 12:50 PM December 1st, 2014
Please give me the syllabus of B.Com part 1,finantial accounts.
Unregistered 10:26 AM February 18th, 2015
Can anybody please provide me the syllabus of M.Sc. Biotechnology Part 1 of Vinoba Bhave University?
Nilesh 10:29 AM February 18th, 2015
As per your requirement here I am sharing the syllabus of M.Sc. Biotechnology Part 1 of Vinoba Bhave University

First Semester
Paper: BT-M-101 Cell Biology
Unit I
Diversity of Cell size and shape, Cell theory, Structure of Prokaryotic and eukaryotic
cells, Isolation of cells, Principles of microscopy, light microscopy, resolving power of a
microscope, SEM and TEM, Freeze etch and image processing; Sub cellular fractionation
and criteria of function integrity, Cellular organelles

Unit II
Plasma membrane structure, function and transport mechanisms, mitochondria,
chloroplast, nucleus and other organelles and their structural organization; transport of
nutrients, ions and macromolecules across membranes, chromatin remodeling

Unit III
Cellular energy transactions- role of mitochondria and chloroplast; cell cycle- molecular
events and model systems; cellular responses to environmental signals in plants and
animals mechanisms of signal transduction, quorum sensing
Unit IV
Cell motility cilia and flagella of eukaryotes & prokaryotes; biology of cancer; Cellular
basis of differentiation and development mitosis, meiosis, gametogenesis and
fertilization, development in Drosophila and Arabidopsis; spatial and temporal regulation
of gene expression

Unit V
Biosynthesis of proteins in eukaryotic cell; co and post translational modifications,
protein localization, synthesis and secretion of membrane proteins, intracellular protein

For complete syllabus here is the attachment

Vinoba Bhave University M.Sc. Biotechnology syllabus

Contact Details:
Vinoba Bhave University
National Highway 33, Jharkhand ‎

Map location:

Attached: Vinoba Bhave University M.Sc. Biotechnology syllabus .pdf (108.5 KB) 
renu prasad 11:13 PM July 15th, 2015
vbu b.a. part 1 syllabus of 2015-2018
Unregistered 12:10 PM July 18th, 2015
[QUOTE=Unregistered;318178]Would you like to give me syllabus for Vinoba Bhave University Part-1 math hons syllabus 2015-16
tullu 06:58 PM July 22nd, 2015
dear sir i am students of vbu so please provide me B.A. part1 goegraphy syllabus
shankar kumar thukar 04:18 PM August 5th, 2015
Originally Posted by registered:
Please give me the syllabus of B.Com part 1,finantial accounts.
please give me the syllabus of b.com part1 ,cost accounts,bussiness low ,mil hindi
sonu kumar pandit 06:31 PM August 5th, 2015
Dear sir; i am a student of Vinoba Bhawe University SO please provide me BA part 1 economics syllabus
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