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Default Karnataka Board Question Papers of 10th State

Can you provide previous year question papers of Karnataka State Board of Secondary Education.
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Default Re: Karnataka Board Question Papers of 10th State

SSLC is conducted by Karnataka State Board for class 10 students affiliated to Karnataka Board.

Students have to score good marks in this exam in order to get admission in good Higher Secondary Schools of Karnataka.

The SSLC has various papers of which Maths is one of them.

Here I am providing you pdf file for previous year question paper.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Can you provide previous year question papers of Karnataka State Board of Secondary Education.
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File Type: pdf Previous year question paper 1 of SSLC.pdf (231.3 KB, 301 views)
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Default Re: Karnataka Board Question Papers of 10th State

here I am giving you question paper for the SSLC examination organized by the Karnataka SSLC Board in PDF files attached with it so you can get it easily..

some content of PDF is given below :

Which of the following is not a pre-requisite for a person to think freely ?
(A) Security (B) Ethics
(C) Leisure (D) Society.

2. We are considered civilized to the extent we can balance individual liberty and
(A) social justice
(B) social conduct
(C) social behaviour
(D) social responsibility.

3. Sudha felt very happy after the release of her films as
(A) people were inspired by her life story
(B) she was invited for shows all over the world
(C) her life took an interesting turn
(D) she was warmly welcomed as a talented dancer.

4. The Indian Navy supported Mihir Sen’s adventure by
(A) waiving travel regulations
(B) navigating the swim
(C) gathering comprehensive range of facts
(D) providing trained pilots.

5. Identify the example for exaggeration.
(A) Dr. Follicle used a magnifying glass to examine the patient’s face
(B) The shoe shine boy was left handed
(C) Dr. Follicle refused to be held responsible for the postponement of the shave
(D) Dr. Follicle waived aside the question of fees.

6. The ‘lonely cheer’ in the silent tarn is
(A) sounding blast
(B) spreading rainbow
(C) echoes of the raven’s croak
(D) leaping fish.

7. Autumn personified as a woman, is sound asleep on a half reaped furrow as she is
(A) tired gleaning the crop
(B) idle watching oozing cider
(C) drowsy with the fumes of poppies
(D) sitting careless on a granary floor.

8. The carriage passes by the school and moves towards the setting sun. This symbolises
(A) journey from childhood to old age
(B) eternal journey with death
(C) sights during the journey with death
(D) imaginary journey after death.

9. God will gain the love of man by
(A) blessing him (B) granting rest
(C) pouring riches (D) withholding rest.
10. The word in which ‘un’ is not a prefix is
(A) untidy (B) unclear
(C) unrest (D) understand.

11. “Truth sits upon the lips of dying men.”
The figure of speech used in this sentence is
(A) metaphor
(B) simile
(C) personification
(D) metonymy.

12. Cycling keeps Sandeep fit and strong, ………………… ?
Complete the statement with a suitable question tag.
(A) doesn’t it (B) does it
(C) does he (D) doesn’t he.

13. He was in ………………… Andamans for ………………… few years.
The correct articles to fill in the blanks are
(A) a, a (B) the, an
(C) the, a (D) a, the.

14. Arjuna aimed the arrow …………………… the eye of the fish.
Complete the sentence with a suitable preposition.
(A) to (B) in
(C) on (D) at.

15. Give a suitable synonym for the word ‘perilous’.
(A) pretentious (B) dangerous
(C) courageous (D) anxious.

16. Match the following names of authors in Column-A with their works in Column-B.
Write the correct answer in the space provided : 5 ∞ 1 = 5
Column-A Column-B
(a) A. L. Hendriks (i) Winsome Winnie
(b) A. G. Gardiner (ii) Dancing On
(c) Stephen Butler Leacock (iii) Guide to Modern Thought
(d) Shailaja Ganguly (iv) On This Mountain
(e) Percival Wilde (v) The Pride of Youth
(vi) The Tale of three Kings
(vii) Leaves in the Wind
(viii) Reach for the Sky.

Mathematics paper :
A and B are the two algebraic expressions, H and L are the H.C.F. and L.C.M. of
them, respectively. The correct relation among these is

(A) H Χ B = A Χ L (B) H + L = A + B
(C) H + B = A + L (D) H Χ L = A Χ B.

The Pythagorian triplets among the following is
(A) 8, 15, 17 (B) 5, 8, 17
(C) 5, 12, 17 (D) 3, 6, 9.

The circumference of the circular base of a cone is 50 cm. If the slant height of it
is 10 cm, the curved surface area of the cone is
(A) 125 sq.cm (B) 2500 sq.cm
(C) 500 sq.cm (D) 250 sq.cm.

Fill in the blanks with suitable answers : 10 Χ 1 = 10
21. The formula for finding n th term of an Arithmetic progression, where
a = first term, d = common difference is ………………………… .
Ans. :
22. If A, G, H are Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean
respectively, then AH = …………………………

23. If A and B are two matrices conformable for multiplication then ( AB ) l = ……… .
Ans. :
24. ( ) a 2 + b 2 + c 2 can be expressed using ∑ notation as …………………… .
Ans. :
25. The discriminant ( ∆ ) of a quadratic equation ax 2 + bx + c = 0 is …………… .
Ans. :
26. A quadratic equation in x whose roots are m and n is ………………… .
Ans. :
27. The H.C.F. of ( a + b ) and ( a – b ) is

Represent the following information in Venn diagram :
n ( U ) = Number of families of TV viewers in a village = 1000
n ( K ) = Number of families view Kannada programmes = 800
n ( E ) = Number of families view Hindi programmes = 400
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Default Re: Karnataka Board Question Papers of 10th State

I want Karnataka board sslc 2014 model question paper
Please send it to kirthanasnly21@gmail.com
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Default Re: Karnataka Board Question Papers of 10th State

i need state level quesion papers
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10th midterm exam quation papers tomaro maths exam
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Default Re: Karnataka Board Question Papers of 10th State

i want Karnataka state board question paper of 2015
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